Dragon’s Prophet is coming back! We think …

The free-to-play MMORPG, which was published by Sony Online Entertainment/Daybreak Game Company and shut down two years ago appears to be making a return. Gamigo announced the new version of the game, under the name Savage Hunt, back in September, but were a little coy about actual launch dates.

That got a thread going on the DP Europe forums and yesterday, community manager Ildruin confirmed that the game would most definitely be released … tomorrow, Dec. 6. This news comes despite the website for the game not yet being operational and no official word from Gamigo.

DP was still active in Europe, so will Savage Hunt be operational in Europe only or also in the Americas? We’ve reached out to Gamigo for confirmation on … well, just about anything, and we’ll let you know when we learn more.


  1. SUCCESSOR should mean that previous thing was successful isn’t it? Dragon’s Prophet was a ducking disaster of a game. Still going to check this out, so if i’ll say that game is shit that will be confirmed by experience.

  2. Was this the game with the “gotta catch em all” theme and only having a limited storage space for them? The only way to increase space was with pay to win cash shop?


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