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About the game:
Title: Dragon’s Prophet
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Runewaker Entertainment
Publisher: SOE and Infernum

Dragon’s Prophet is a Free to Play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Runewaker Entertainment (creators of Runes of Magic). In Dragon’s Prophet players are tasked with taming over 300 different dragons each with their own unique skills and abilities. Once tamed, players will need to train and ride these dragons into battle. Depending on the dragon chosen a player’s role changes as well.

Taming one dragon may allow the player to better serve as a tank while another dragon may be better suited on the frontlines with the players character standing in the back and supporting his dragon and his allies with heals.

Beyond taming dragons for personal combat and mount use, players must also rely on their own combat skill utilizing the games action-based combat system. Dragon’s Prophet uses a unique auto-target and combo system in order to provide more realistic action gameplay.

Players are able to let their imagination run wild by constructing epic structures utilizing the extensive housing system.

Explosive Features:

  • Over 300 Collectible Dragons
  • Action Based Combat
  • Extensive Player Housing

Featured Video

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System Requirements

Dragon’s Prophet System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SPack 3, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Core 2 Duo processor with 2.4Ghz or higher
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of free Space
Video Card: nVidia 8600 GT or higher

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  1. Downloaded it. Couldn’t play it. It’s a lagfest. I set all my graphics settings to super low in an effort to make it work. Still Lagtacular.If you don’t have a top of the line gaming rig I wouldn’t bother. Though I’ve read that a ton of other people with really excellent systems couldn’t get it to stop lagging, either.

  2. I played this game when it was closed beta and im wondering if it got better at all? any new classes? did they fix the problems it had?

  3. for a free to play it will cost you lots to play it properly.game crashes all the time.the lack of quests at higher levels to level is ridiculous and you will spend weeks grinding boring pe,s dailies and rq,s just to go up 1 level and then there,s the lack of end content.good idea for a game but badly made,save your money and look elsewhere.

  4. Absolutely brilliant concept executed with some kindergarten kids with crayons and an etch-a-sketch. I played to level 96 I think. Stayed on board because I found a guild that made it fun despite the consistent bugs. Ah yes, the bugs. This game could be as I said, absolutely brilliant and ground breaking if it were not for the bugs. I was there for open beta ans when I left, there were still bugs that were never fixed. The graphical level seemed more like crayons then real artistry. The game now currently has much to keep one busy, only if you can tolerate coders that would not know the difference between a hole in the ground, and the hole in their a**.

  5. Dragons Prophet is an ok game its not difficult but not entertaining. taming a dragon is a peace of cake even at start of the game.

  6. Too much biased reviews and positive ratings. My impressions of the game is rather a disappointment. I will split them in points.

    1) Developers and Staff pays no attention in their forums, some game-breaking bugs posted are not being reviewed at all. I’m talking about a few months old of reports.

    2) As stated above, there are game-breaking bugs that made the game unplayable. From crashing on different areas of the map and buggy quests. Seen few reports that are ignored and not responded to in the forums.

    3) Game design is okay, capturing dragons is fun, but the game would be better if teamwork is actually encouraged.

    4) Combat, Skills, Abilities and generally everything lacks tutorials. Some features are there waiting for players to figure out themselves. I’ve seen smaller groups of Chinese developers explaining their game much better than this.

    5) Quests are boring and a chore. The quests are literally A to B and back to A. It’s being spoonfed too much, there’s no need to figure out and thinker.

    6) Map is horrible. Pointers could have been used to navigate like in the game PlanetSide 2.

    7) Game is very under-populated.

    There’s probably more that i couldn’t think off, but you get the point, they’re all negative.

      • eu servers are populated
        US are not bcs of sony publishare so all ppl play on eu servers
        active gms ,events,forums on eu servers

    • Confused with #4 and #5. In 4 you complain that things aren’t explained, in 5 you complain that things are spoonfed and you don’t have to figure anything out… Do you want to figure things out or do you want the game to hold your hand and teach you everything?

      Just wondering since it seems very contradicting and being a person who hasn’t played the game I don’t know to what extent things are not explain and to what extent other things are explained.

  7. Peter I agree it would be cool to catch and keep them all but the odds of using them all is slim so my thought is that it will have a function similar to a pokedex to record data and add more info for catching one even if you release it. Which is still cool since you most likely will never have a massive amount that you will use regularly. Maybe they’ll work that out. If they were to fix some of the lower quality features I mentioned like the voice acting and the cliche presentation in a lot of the cenematics I would be willing to pay $8-10 a month to unlock an unlimited storage feature and maybe a couple other perks like a free costume or something each month designed to go with the payed service. Hell I payed for lotro for aged even after it went free to play because they had some decent perks and I was a huge fan boy from the start. But not being able to keep every dragon on hand really isn’t game breaking. And so far it doesn’t seem like they are taking any sort of pay to win approach since anything but bank slots and dragon storage and all that can be purchased can be traded and I haven’t noticed them selling anything powerful on the cash shop. It looks to be stuff for convenience and some visual effects and costume stuff. I could be wrong but it really doesn’t look like they are using the same cash shop approach they used in RoM,even though I didn’t consider that pay to wind entirely since anything sold on it with a few items that really didn’t affect the strength of characters could be traded and you could convert in game currency to cash shop currency if what you wanted wasn’t being sold,though at an admittedly insane rate some times. So I think this one might turn out decent if they don’t get greedy.

  8. This game is quite good, Initially I was turned off by the rather cliche introduction to the game and poor voice acting and didn’t spend much time on it. I went back to it when I found myself bored later on and pushed past that and got into the meat of the game.
    The combat, while not as flashy as Guild Wars 2 or Tera is still impressive and fun as you start unlocking skills and have new dragons joining in. The graphics, while not well optimized yet in game are very nice and with a few tweaks(disabling in game fxaa, antialiasing,ambient occlosion and such and enabling them via hardware profilers help a lot with the performance of the game, especially for radeon users who can use radeonpro to set up lod and flip queueing to stabilize the frame rate without resorting to enabling vsync or having to park cores and run a timer resolve whenever you play.) The skills and mounted play are all nice with good mounted combat and good animation to make flying feel smooth and not mechanical(Sorry lotro but you did it wrong, fix it.) It is far from perfect but it has diverse content and does it all well enough that when they get the kinks worked out and hopefully revisit some of the troubled areas, like some of the cinematic sequences that don’t flow too well and I HOPE they will eventually revisit the older content and add better voice acting for npcs but I won’t hold my breath on that. It isn’t as immersive as rift or guild wars, and it isn’t as stylized or flashy but it does the important stuff good and has a nice balance of feautures that you will find in other games separately but rarely all in one place and not of the overall quality. So if you are like me and looking for one game with many features to keep you playing for a long time due to time constraints or lack of desire to jump between games I recommend this one. If you like collecting items, exploring, if you liked functions of capturing and training pets in games like pokemon and digimon world when you were younger(Or still do in my case, I’m just a big kid weather it is cool to admit it or not.) this game has a lot to offer and shouldn’t be written off like I started out doing. Give it a go and judge for your selves.

  9. Pfft… like u can expect from a studio that made shitty p2w runes of magic to make someth better next. It’s always same garbage thru and thru.

  10. This game is stupid… I mean, you can get dragons but you can’t get more than 4. This is because you can carry 2 for free (ok fine I guess), but you can only have 2 in your bank (called lair). So if you are thinking of collecting all dragons like I was, you can’t. You can unlock more slots by paying cash but even in that case you can’t catch them all. I mean… I was expecting a 3D Pokemon Dragon Game xD But no! If you put emphasis in getting dragons just let me collect them ok? The limit of dragons you can carry with you is Ok, and you can earn money by selling extra slots, but please let me deposit an unlimited number of dragons so that I can collect them and swap them as I like.

  11. This game is still in development, but when the game is developed it will be 10 years behind the rest.
    It’s boring, too easy, and crappy controls and play in general. All the dragons look a like, and aren’t really individually special at all. Infernum is a company that is concerned more about getting things pushed out the door, making a few quick bucks, then moving onto another “quick money scheme’.
    This game is, and will be a complete failure.
    It’s in Open Beta now, but you get bored of it after a week MAX of playing it.

    4/10 rating.

  12. This game upsets me. I really want to play it, because I love dragons. However, I can’t run this game on the lowest settings without serous lag, but i can run games like Hawken and Tribes Ascend on all high settings with no trouble. I really hope that they can optimize this game, otherwise there is no way i can play it. 🙁

    • The game is horribly optimized through the game engine, you can remedy a lot of it by dissabling features like antialiasing,smaa/fxaa,ambient occlossion, anything that can be set in your graphics contol pannels(nvidia control panel, catalyst control center, radeon pro or any third party app that allows hardware configuration for advanced graphics features.) and setting them with hardware instead of in game. If you can set queue flipping or lod this helped for me. You can also try parking processor cores and running a timer resolution which helps in a lot of cases. If you run windows vista or 7 also disable windows logging since it is pretty much useless unless you are using an app that doesn’t log data on it’s own which is rare anymore and it records everything your processor does, so intense applications with crappy optimization like this and gta4 and a few others which come to mind perform even worse with it enabled. Also ensure that you bios are configured to use HPET if your motherboard supports it(which i assume it does if you can run hawken on high without your computer melting and that game is horrible on old hardware.) As a last resort try disabling use of multiple cores via hardware and see if it helps, sometimes it does. These are the steps for troubleshooting performance in games that I can offer off the top of my head, you should google any tutorial or use a wiki to find more or if you don’t know how to do any of the things i mentioned since others are better suited to explaining the process than I am. I hope this helps at any rate.

  13. Umm. i was really excited about this game, but im having problems with it i cant see any of the menu icons at the begining can anyone help me?

    • Arniel, right click the game icon on desktop, the open file location, look for the config.ini file, scroll down til you see where it says windows and undernesth it has the screen resolution. Set the numbers to what your resolution is now. hit file (top right) save and close everything game included. when you restart the game it should be all good.

    • Yeah it is likely the resolution. It probably defaulted to one not suited for your monitor, just look at your desktops resolution and scroll down to the resolution setting in the config ini like swifty said and set it to the same as your desktop, then adjust it in game if you need it higher or lower since it will set the scaling to the appropriate aspect ration.

  14. hey everyone Dragons prophet it is a very good game good story good graphics awesome gameplay

    i can only say give it a try atleast

  15. To what I experience, the gameplay is not that bad but somehow the story-line or quest is way beyond accepted. I cant imagine its in open beta but I still see some translate issues on early 20-30s level which is not complete.

    About the start of the game-play, first you are lead to buy inventory slots, dragon slots and dragon lairs if you wanna to play it effectively and bank slots can be optional. (Although its not that expensive but its still in real cash) Unless you wanna to hold on 2 dragons + 2 in your lair and those materials that you hunt can kills you if you don’t have enough slots for sure.

    Economics wise is another issue base on 27th June 2013 which lead to a slow flow or even none when you going to sell your cheap stuffs as mostly huge guilds can craft or hunt themselves without even need to spend huge coin on auction house due the repair/enchant cost in endgame. (Those played to level 60 cap will understand what I mean)

    Leveling wise, you can be pretty good to go at low level 1-30 until you land on seeing your quest-line is way ahead couple of levels and end-up you will be doing 10 daily quest + public event each day. No joking the next day you come back its another same old public event and 10 daily quest and I can foreseen when they release cap till level 120 you will die of bore.

    No GM events till now as I seen as the chat-box community is quiet and sometimes its only less than 10 players is talking around.

    We know its F2P MMO but doesn’t mean it can wasted players times for not doing its well when it on open-beta, its can stay on close-beta or even alpha test and why move it so FAST.

    • Well I agree about the dailies, but you don’t really have to buy the stuff to do good, just join a good guild with active players like in any other mmo and play in parties more if you are struggling odds are you are playing alone a lot or joining public groups which tends to result in a poor experience no matter how good a game is. You can’t count on everyone to know what they are doing if you don’t know them. It really does help to have extra slots but you can still do fine without it. I can’t blame them for pushing it on people since it’s one of the few ways they are going to make money consistently. Most people won’t buy cosmetic stuff so they have to have at least something that will benefit your play experience or it will be shut down in no time. As for going into public beta so quick, they already had content lined up when they started and most bugs are worked out. Public betas are usually to resolve any bugs they might not have tested and to stress test the server. MMORPGS are ALWAYS a work in progress and as far as content there is a lot here for one without the production value of some of the former pay to play games these smaller ones have to contend with. I can’t really say you are wrong to have a negative opinion on it since everyone has things in games they like or dislike but some of what you said isn’t true unless you are playing with a handicap like mentioned above. Random public parties and soloing are frustrating in 99.9% of mmorpgs, even games as casual as world of warcraft have tons of content you simply will not find much enjoyment in if you try to go alone or with a bunch of no skill newbies who haven’t even grasped the basics of parties and raids. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed an online game I haven’t gone in on with a few friends in all honesty. If you want a similar styled game(action based combat with lots of pets and raiding) there are several options out there but most of them are in the same boat as this one. You either have to spend a lot on cash shops to get anywhere or you are limited without paying a premium. At least the cash shop here is cheap if you really feel you need it. They do need to add more quest chains and some more variety in dailies but I am sure that is in the works and gm events will take place a lot more after the game ends open beta. Most companies that waste time pushing a bunch of gm events and stuff in betas end up pushing out crappy games because they don’t put as much effort into making the game more enjoyable without them. And most of those events are to disguise the fact that they are promoting cash shop items anyway so I don’t really bother unless the event its self is enjoyable. Anyway I think I would recommend giving tera,raiderz or neverwinter a go if you are just into the action combat, they are really good ones for the combat. I’m not sure what to recommend if it is the pets you are into since most mmos really suck when it comes to that. Mounted combat the best one I can think of other than this is lotro but you’d need to save the points while playing to get the expansion to use it or just buy the expansion if you like the game,it’s not too expensive. If you don’t mind paying a one time fee and don’t care about mounts I still think Guild Wars 2 is an amazing game, just not as huge a community anymore even though it has improved a ton since launch. And last I would recommend rift if you are just in it for raids and party play. While the combat in it is tab targeting and not action combat it is done well, the rifts themselves are really cool in my opinion and it has a lot of nice party features. I found pvp rather lame in it though and the mounts could be better but overall a fun game for pve. Until Final Fantasy XI and XIV go free(If SE ever gets their heads out of their asses) or a one time purchase cost I am not sure of many other good free pve centered mmorpgs. If you don’t mind everything instanced DDO is really good but it isn’t exactly ‘massively’ multiplayer. It is similar to pso or psu, you form groups in hub towns and enter fully instanced zones for actual gameplay. I like it better than neverwinter honestly but they are both good. If you’ve tried all those and didn’t like them only advice i can offer is play what you previously enjoyed most and tide time to see if this improves or if any of the upcoming free to plays turn out good.

  16. Previous poster is right about the dragons. There are barely any that actually look like dragons… unless you’re into cow-dragons and bird-dragons and crocodile-dragons and the such.

    Combat is decent but it’s very reminiscent of traditional console games in that not only does it have a combo system (which isn’t bad) but there’s a lot of jumping and punting and joggling and being punted and joggled in return.

    One of the main problems is the particular F2P model Runewalker/SoE is using. It’s not that the prices are bad (they aren’t, with maybe a few exceptions), it’s that you’re basically forced to make a budget-related decision every step of the way. Everything can be better/faster/more if you just pay up, and conveniently here’s the button to do just that. Go ahead, click!

    Questing is extremely redundant, grindy, and overall poorly done. If there’s a story I couldn’t manage to care enough to understand it. You’ll be running about killing things to collect their guts/tails/hearts/etc, only to be sent back there to collect tails/hearts/guts right away again.

    A word about housing. First, the plots (which you need to buy separately from the house itself) are priced insanely high, and there’s daily rent. Let me repeat, DAILY rent. Second, the housing area also happens to be the game’s only open PvP area. There are already max lvl players camping it and ganking whoever they can get their hands on regardless of their level. So unless you’re willing to put up with that (or you could, of course, pay up and be transported there hassle free), pretend the housing in this game doesn’t exist.

    Lastly, the game’s all but dead. Occasionally you might see people here and there but don’t hope to find anyone in lowbe zones, don’t look for any talk in general chat, and certainly don’t expect to find groups or, god forbid, get help with anything.

    • The game being dead part is untrue. Zone chat and towns, even the newbie zones still have quite a bit of players. Not massive amounts, but still a medium population IMO.

      The game quests may be horribly redundant, but the game is still pretty interesting. It caters to the collector mindset in a lot of mmoers (myself included), and is fairly decently priced (with SC)

      I agree housing is highly priced, but there’s very limited slots, so I suppose that’s the reason for the pricing. Daily rent could stand to go to weekly rent tbh, but that’s about it. You can always rent an apartment if you don’t want PvP in your house. :p

      Overall, game is pretty fun. Worth playing, find a guild and have some fun- it’s worth your time if you like dragons/mmos/collecting.

      P.S. Beta is beta. This F2P is actually operating a bit like a beta.

  17. over 300 dragons!!!
    that means, the first to you encounter, bird like dragon and a elephant in dragon form type of dragon (you could call it a tanky one)

    second time you encounter bird like dragon type 2 (different collors and slightly different body)
    and of course you get another almost the same elephant looking dragon with little differences than the first one,

    until lvl 40 this go’s on and you can catch 3-4 different dragons of these 2 types (bird and elephant like)

    combat was a bit Meh…
    in my opinion weird spell keys, you get 1-0 and Q-E-R and a V
    its always trying to find your spell.

    But after the hours and hours of play time just to get to the new and exciting go and kill this mob quest, you get the hang of it!
    Really all the quest is Go kill this or a bring me this.
    mostly go kill this quests tho,
    very very boring but hey you got to keep ppl busy before they can get cool stuff right ?

    after playing 3-4 days and basically get annoyed by everything, i quit

  18. The games kinda fun so far lots of fun and challenging but since its no new it has horrible lag and unsmooth time changes but still fun

  19. Bought the Dragon Lord Pack. Totally worth it for 90 bucks. You gtet a big house, the best dragon, tons of cosmetics and in-game items.

  20. IF YOU Get to ride huge dragons i will surely play this without hesitation and i would kindly give over 100$ to get the best dragon

    • Planetside 2 is still great and this isn’t developed by sony, they are the publisher. If anyone screws it up it will be the ones who screwed up runes of magic. Not too shabby so far but they have plenty of time to rape and murder it with the cash shop. I hope they don’t though.

    • Well that not true, they coutn every dragon with a own skin as a own dragon, but looks at the wiki to find out how many there really are. Its a lot less, just a lot reskins.

      Also the game is massively pay to win. As they started in beta it was similar to RoM. a great concept great ideas. Then the Item sale greed striked and ruined the game. You can buy and push so much witht he item shop that “playing” the game merly has any sense. I mean I like playing the games not buying the games. Ther eisn’t much left of the great concept it had.

      But still, if you like havign dragons and do not care much about how extremely reptitive the game gets its a good choice.

  21. i simply adore dragons *drool-face*
    I can’t wait til this game becomes available to download/play in Aussie 😀
    Looks like an awesome game!!

    • may 30th? impossible…the amount of buggy nonsense and placeholders, they would need to revamp the whole game.Also trash engine, u can play Tera at max & overheat on this game which looks & plays severely dated

      PWE games are better.& thats really saying something wen PWE is garbage


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