Fans of the “Gotta catch’em all” gameplay of Runewaker’s free to play game Dragon’s Prophet got some great news today as the newest expansion, “Shadow of Betrayal” is now available. This expansion adds a new zone (Sitheran), two new adventure dungeons, one new raid dungeon, and (of course) a slew of new dragons to try and tame.

The name Sitheran stems from the Draconic word for “Entrance to Evil”, and never before has an Auratian region had a more fitting denotation. Here stands the counterpart to Thadrea’s Dimension Gate – the only intact access to the continent of Jagnoth, the Land of the Dead, where Kronos the Devourer is breeding his sinister armies. Content is this new zone is specifically tailored for players that have already reached level 102 and creatures in this area will help you hit the new level cap of 105.

You can check out the dragon MMORPG here.

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  1. Oh look na update in 3 years ! Did i mention it its a p2w game with bad npc acting and low graphic …oh and u cant Forget about lag tho !

  2. i did liked Dragon Prophet (eu version) but devs do noting to optimize game clinet
    since it EATS cpu and ram… but game have regular content updates and active staff members….


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