Dragon's Prophet Launches Sept. 18

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

EverQuest Next isn't the only game Sony Online Entertainment is promoting this weekend, as the company also announced that the official release of Dragon's Prophet in North America and Europe will be on Sept. 18.

So what's the difference between "launch" and "open beta"? How about the Frontier System, a cross-server PvP format that will be rolled out for next month's launch. According to the press release:

The Frontier System will allow players to partake in alliance siege matches featuring multiple guilds, as they fight for control of citadels in Auratia. Once they are in command, players will have to continuously upkeep their kingdom and defend the city walls from enemy guilds.

The launch will also coincide with the release of a bunch of new content, including a new leveling zone and four new dungeons, which we got to preview in a livestream a few weeks ago.

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Discussion (14)

Bishonen 10 years ago
Playd the Closed Beta for a Few days and i never thought that this game could be so bad , like already sayd , the Game is Dead before Launch , the Story is over used and honestly the animation or Rather who ever did the Character animation should be kicked in the balls , i mean the game could become quiet the success but the overall lack of Quality makes it just another 0815 game . Sad .

dasdfasfasdf 10 years ago
DO NOT BUY FOUNDERS PACK. This game is dead already before it even goes full launch.

Aures 10 years ago
I gotta say, I'm really disappointed in SOE and Runewaker. This game was not ready for an OB release when it went OB, and it is far from being ready for full release. Adding content to a game and fixing some translations does not mean a game is ready for full release.

There are still major performance bugs that need to be addressed by Runewaker before the game is ready for any form of release.

It really seems they are just hurrying to get this out before Everquest Next comes out and overshadows the game.

I could be wrong, and I really hope I am, but unless they do some major fixes between now and release, it's going to be a mehish release at best.

|BoW|Anubis 10 years ago
would be hella better if they wouldnt put a 4 day respawn timer on alot of the good dragons.......makes it almost impossible to cap one cuz someone else has already got it....

Bic Boi 10 years ago
Dragon's Nest.
Dragon's Prophet.
Dragon's Quest.
Dragon's Dildo Factory.
Dragon's Day Off.
Dragon's (insert word(s) here).

View 2 replies
Hardmaze 10 years ago
next shiny anime shit...
Rift is best free to play MMORPG

View 3 replies
iwasted 2 months on this crap 10 years ago
and alls i got was a game in alpha

Taurisaur 10 years ago

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