Dreadnought 4

Dreadnought is one of those games that wow-ed me when I first played it, but I haven’t gotten into in years, having lots of other stuff to keep me entertained. I even downloaded the game while it was in beta but never booted it up. Now, I can reclaim that space on my hard drive without remorse, because Six Foot and Grey Box have launched its game on PC exclusively on Steam.

The launch arrived alongside the Command the Colossal update, which made significant changes to the balance of officer briefings throughout the game. If you had the game installed on your PC before, you’ll need to re-download it via Steam, but don’t worry — you can link your existing account to make sure you preserve all the goodies you’ve acquired. Details on how to do that and more are available in an FAQ on the Dreadnought site.

And yes, there will be achievements and trading cards in the near future. Can’t have a Steam game without those!

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  1. As someone who has played this game, this game is quite fun. It’s like War Thunder with a bit of World of Tanks but instead of tanks/planes it’s ships. So far, the only negatives for me is the playerbase – the general playerbase can be quite toxic to new players. I suggest turning off voice chat/ignoring in-game chat for your first few games.


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