Shooter fans looking to add a little lift to their team-based combat now have something new to try. Blind Squirrel Entertainment’s Drifters Loot the Galaxy entered Early Access on Steam recently and is already available to play without any purchase needed — although a Founder’s Pack is available.

In addition to the standard combat most team shooter players are used to, Drifters adds some additional elements, specifically grappling hooks and jet packs (called Driftpacs) to add more movement to the game. The goals of the game are pretty simple: Fight the opposing team. upgrade your abilities, collect loot, and get the loot onto your ship. It’s just a normal day’s work, really.

As mentioned, a founder’s pack is available. The pack costs $30 and includes a digital artbook and OST, 5 epic skins, 5 rare skins, 5 emojis, 5 sprays, and $20-worth of the premium currency.


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