Bethesda is going in a different direction with The Elder Scrolls Legends. Developer Dire Wolf Digital will hand over the game to Dropzone maker Sparkypants Studio, a move that Bethesda VP Pete Hines stated wasn’t about any dissatisfaction with Dire Wolf but rather a desire to have “a singular focus” on the CCG and its future.

In an interview with IGN, Hines reiterates that Dire Wolf did a fine job creating the base game and that the change was “about laying the foundation for the future.” Sparkypants will create a new client “from the ground up,” which will let them “build on that foundation at a faster pace and allow the game room to grow and evolve with the community.” Hines promised to reveal more at E3.

As for Dire Wolf, while the loss of such a high-profile client is probably less than ideal, the company has other irons in the fire. It makes the Eternal CCG and is the developer behind the online version of the Pokémon TCG. Despite the “Digital” in the company’s title, it’s also got a number of physical games in its catalog, including the well-regarded deckbuilding game Clank!


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