HeroesGo from ESTsoft Inc. (the developers behind the MMORPG CABAL Online) wants you to know its action packed. I mean just look at the title, it has the word Go in it instantly letting you know it’s ready for you to leap into the fray at a moments notice. The press release describes HeroesGo as “a high-velocity fusion of classic dungeon-crawling adventure paired with unrelenting action-packed combat”. I am not quite sure what exactly a high-velocity fusion is and what makes it different from a regular-velocity fusion, but it certainly gets the point across, this game = fast paced.

The game will launch with four classes including the Blader, Breaker, Gunslinger, and Mage(r) with each class having access to a variety of skills and abilities which can be unlocked and upgraded through the traditional allocation of skill points. As players progress they will be able to diversify their class further by unlocking new sub-classes.

The trailer showcases some of the combat one would expect from any 2013 dungeon crawler with the exception of the camera, which seems to alternate between traditional side-scrolling and a third-person perspective.

Closed beta registration is now available and is said to begin this Friday, April 26th. You can sign up now by visiting the official site here.

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  1. Looks a lot like Rusty Hearts (chibier version)… side and up down scrolling type of game (no actual 360 degree camera movement, camera is most likely fixed position as you change “rooms”)

  2. Cabal Online was a really fun game as I recall so I’m looking forward to this and to all the cabal haters please shut up, you just look sad.

  3. So the CBT starts real soon, everyone who’s in, including me, please comment below what are your first impressions! 🙂

    • Well, played the first few levels with Mage and that ranged pirate class, both got owned hard, like I got 2-shot by normal monsters :/ but it’s worth a try. You get levels quick enough too, and it’s probably only fun if you have some friends to play it with. It’s probably going to be quite a grindfest as there were some costumes which needed 100 x item, which you got about 1-3 / level.

    • I played a mage up to level 14 so far….I didn’t find it hard you just need to know what skills to use and when.

      Playing it was fun, the skills are flashy and awesome and the graphics are ok.

      There aren’t too many skills or combo moves which is a little disappointing but there is a sub class you can change to later in the game.

      The music got annoying after the first dungeon which was also disappointing since its always fun to hack and slash to some great music….-like Rusty Hearts~-

      Graphics aren’t that pretty but Its allright because the gameplay is good.

      What really bothered me is the fact that classes are gender locked and your outfits don’t seem to change depending on the armour you wear which means you run into a lot of clones.

      Game reminds me of a cross between Dragons Nest and Elsword, though I have to say I like it much more than those two…
      ….now to try the PvP

  4. man, no healer no game. this will be just more one of those games you can go in dgs and solo the entire dang, aka grand chase. and cabaal is boring as dang, coz it hav eno healer and the partys are sooooo dumb.
    didnt get in for cbt was sad at first but now that i saw it has no healer, im glad i didnt get in. its cbt though lets hope they put a healer on it, theres a korean japanese or w.e game similar to this idea that came out that have healer, looks incredible.
    (atleast as far i looked in internet didnt find somenthing about a healing class in that game)

    • nvm my im wroing it won’t be beta keys i needed to pre-registred wich i don’t did :/

      Next time i chould read the text 😉

      • Don’t worry you aren’t missing on anything great. Classes are gender locked, the story so far isn’t anything special, it’s actually quite a cliche (but then again i didn’t come far yet).

        But overall I’m not really impressed by the game so far. Maybe it’ll get better as i get further in.

  5. Actually looks kinda interesting. Graphics and art similar to torchlight with controls that appear to be more like games like ddo than diablo. It’ll be interesting to see how that works out in a hack and slash.

    • At any rate I am just glad it’s not another moba, getting so tired of the flood of moba games right now that anything different would appeal to me.


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