Codex Of The Infinite Planes Comes To A Climax In Dungeons & Dragons Online's Vecna Unleashed Mini-Expansion

It's the end of the Codex of the Infinite Planes saga.

Troy Blackburn
By Troy Blackburn, News Editor Posted:

DDO Vecna unleashed

Dungeons & Dragons Online fans have something to look forward to starting today, as the Vecna Unleashed mini-expansion launched in the MMORPG.

In this update there's a new Epic Destiny, you can explore the halls of Morgrave University, face perilous new enemies, discover the new Monster Manual, and more. You can also face down the forces of The Codex and Vecna in a variety of CR 18 Heroic and 34 Legendary quests.

The new Epic Destiny gives you significant improvements to Electric, Sonic, and Repair while also allowing players to harness the power of Rune Arms.

Morgrave University is yours to explore as you venture into the offices of Lareth Hall, venture across the dizzying heights of The Bridge, and rely on your wits in the Grand Temple of Aureon.

There are three versions available to purchase. The Standard Edition is $19.99, the Collector's is $59.99, and the Ultimate Fan Bundle is $99.99.

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