Well, we now know why EA decided to pull their recent announcement concerning the Command & Conquer closed beta, the publisher wasn’t planning on a closed beta at all. Today on Command & Conquer’s official site, a spokesperson for Victory Games released a blog post which announced the developer would “cease production of this version of the game”.

The full blog post openly admits that based on player feedback during the alpha, the developers were “not making the game you want to play”. Originally intended to be a sequel to Command and Conquer: Generals, Command & Conquer was the 4th C&C related title to be canceled in the last decade.

The news worsens as EA confirmed with Polygon earlier today that “the team at Victory Games will be disbanded”. “Wherever possible, we are working to help these talented people find other opportunities within EA”, said the EA Spokesperson.

This obviously spells trouble for the future of Command & Conquer as Victory Games was suppose to be the studio devoted to expanding the Command & Conquer series. While the blog post does say the team has “already begun looking at a number of alternatives to get the game back on track”, those alternatives do not seem to include Victory Games.

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  1. With Age of Empire Online closing this was only game i have been waiting for… Why is RTS so unpopular these days? We have 1564521 mobas but not even one good RTS 🙁

  2. Was great free to play business model, just slow developement, and ea not popular and they dont wana spend more to make it better, same situation with end of nations, eon going to die 2nd time.

  3. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just make a F2P version of Generals, and just advance the story a bit and add in some progression mechanics and maybe something like a global campaign-type mechanic. They could’ve used the exact same Zero Hour engine as the original – it would be perfect. My dreams of my favorite RTS series C&C “Generals” getting a sequel have been dashed yet again.

  4. “Wherever possible, we are working to help these talented people find other opportunities within EA”,
    Hahahahahahahahaha, thanks, a good laugh is just what i needed. Like it ain’t obvious that something like this happened:

    EA: You guys at victory games will get 1 chance to prove that u can make a hit out of C&C, if by this and this time frame we won’t see positive feedback from the players, you’re canned.

      • Well, thats right. BUT.. sometimes it can be the sponsoring party problem, like not enough funding or someth else. Plus it ain’t exactly walk in the park to make a game that will be a hit, you know, its mostly a gamble.

      • That would be true but the details that EA dictated to Victory Games are the very reason why the game failed. EA makes liberal use of microtransactions in everything with no regard as to whether the players actually wanted it. To justify it EA will say some imaginary group of customers complained they couldn’t purchase shortcuts in their games that they already payed money for. Hint: There once was a time when we used something called ‘cheat codes’ when we wanted to skip a level or unlock everything instantly.

        • obviously there is a group of gamers out there that want shortcuts available to buy.look at EA’s sports titles like their nhl series.people were buying those shortcut packs they sell.If one thing is certain if it doesn’t make EA a profit they will scrap it.Now whether these people are just a very vocal minority.That unfortunately are a plague on gaming in general.So the only way to bypass that is for the silent majority to vote with their wallets.If EA’s current micro transaction policies stop being profitable they’ll change it.But the reality is most gamers have become complacent and will just go with the flow and keep revenue models like what EA use profitable.And since the ones speaking up are the idiots that want things like shortcuts shit won’t change anytime soon.

          Not a day goes by you don’t see someone saying they are going to boycott EA.And either they end up boycotting it alone and therefore accomplish nothing cause one or two people on the internet not buying from EA don’t put a dent in the profits.Or they end being hypocrites and claim they are boycotting EA but buy the newest battlefield or madden etc.

  5. Its sad really yet im pretty happy they did it , i liked how C&C was but when they said going F2P my hope for the game dropped as well as when they said commander cards i new it would be yet another generic F2P RTS game cause there is not very much of those , and every single RTS game has those elements – End Of Nations , Elements of war etc they all had it and go boring real fast

    this does not mean C&C is done forever oh no it will get picked up by people that will want to keep the series going the way it was meant to be


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