Are you a War Thunder fan who likes free tanks? Of course you are! To get them, you’ll have to do a little work — i.e., play the game — but that’s only “work” in the technical sense, right?

Details regarding operation S.U.M.M.E.R. can be found on the War Thunder website, but it basically works like this: Complete eight tasks by Aug. 5 to get a coupon for the T-34E. You can keep your T-34E or exchange it for one of three other tanks. In addition, you can complete 16 tasks before the 5th to get an IS-7 hull blueprint. Assemble the T-34E and you’ll also get an IS-7 turret blueprint. You’ll then need to fight battles in tiers IV-VI to get parts needed for the final construction of your IS-7.

That’s all a bit complex, so thankfully you can track your progress in-game via “Achievements” > “Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.” You can complete up to four tasks per day, and Gaijin Entertainment has helpfully reduced the first requirement for the T-34E, from 14 tasks to eight, meaning you could get it done in just two days.

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