Earn Special Rewards For Leveling In Champions Online


For a limited time — from today until April 19 — Champions Online players have a chance to earn themselves a new title, emote, and costume tokens. All they have to do is create a new character and level it to 40 before 11:59 Pacific time on the 19th.

This shouldn’t be too difficult for Champions fans.

If you’re curious about what the exact rewards are, the Title is “Overachiever,” while the emote is “Jazzercise”. The announcement only states that there are two costume tokens and that they are exclusive.


  1. If they are interested in increase de return of the users they should do a more serious content than just a short alert updates. People dont want lvl 40 if after 40 you just repeat same season events all the year and you do same cosmic battle 5 times each day. Champions online has a lot of good things a real free to play system, good graphics and high customization. Just have to think in create more serious updates with new areas, enemies and history.


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