It’s been a while since a new sports themed MMO made its way to western audiences and before you ask, no racing games do not count. This time we have a new officially licensed FIFA title called FIFA World which has just gone into a global open beta and is available in no less than 9 languages including English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish and Turkish. As with most officially licensed soccer games, this one also comes from EA who currently holds the publishing rights for most major sports franchises.

Based on FIFA 14, FIFA World boasts all the officially licensed leagues, 16,000 players and 45 national teams to choose from making it an authentic FIFA experience. Players may build their ultimate team by using the in-game transfer market to sell, swap or buy athletes in order to perfect the perfect roster. Once your team is complete you may choose to engage in both online and offline modes of play including League mode which has you battling against other community members to climb the ladder in search of fame and rewards.

In an effort to keep things continually social, FIFA World allows players to capture your “spectacular goals and beautiful moments” and then share them with friends through FIFA World’s own in-game Facebook equivalent social feed.

FIFA World isn’t the first FIFA related MMO EA’s helped develop. In 2010, EA launched FIFA Online which used the FIFA 10 engine, but the MMO was shutdown in 2011.

For more information on the FIFA World open beta be sure to check out the official site here.

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  1. This is maybe the best f2p football game but one of the worst FIFA games. There are alot of controls/moves/tricks that are not in the game. The speed feels to fast and the ball/player physics are crap.

    They should have taken the engine from FIFA 13 or 14 and we had a really nice football game.

    • Try Fifa Online 3. It’s much better than any of the latest games.
      Ultimate system sucks compared to players management ( upgrade players you want, trade, improve players by playing with them etc. ) The only problem is that the server are only in Asia and nowhere else.

  2. Not a bad game actually, for a football game. Beats paying £40 a year for the “new” FIFA. Check out my review on Youtube – HD32PLAY

    • Yeah that’s why “soccer” is the most popular sport in the world. It’s called actually Football for the rest of the world only stupid Americans call it soccer. Because it was invented way before american football and it is actually played with foot and ball….
      Very curious are americans and how they think they are the center of the world… Grow up and learn better…
      +Plus if you want a more manly sport go watch rugby not your football soft catch ball. Not enough manly enough this too? Then go do some boxing, k1 etc. And maybe a hit in the head will wake you up…

    • Yeah, EA should do a F2P Fight Night/MMA game, with custom boxers/fighters. Gyms instead of guilds, live fight tournaments and sell cosmetic stuff like tattoos, logos and ring entrances. Hell, they could even put real ads on the ring like they do on the console games to make money while keeping the core gameplay F2P.

  3. if you want a fun sport games play freestyle 2 published by gamekiss closed beta just ended today and about to anounce the open beta date

  4. I’ve played this on my tablet, it wasn’t that good, i’m not gonna say it was p2w, but it sure as hell wasn’t free. The game play was OK at best, not awful though.
    I’ve been playing EA’s FIFA games since the SNES, not saying my opinion is more important that anyone else’s, just saying I’m very familiar with the series, quite frankly since 2010 they been getting worst.

  5. actually this game isnt p2w at all you just have to get the right team with the right chemistry (which can be done for free but takes a while) and youll win almost any game

    • Yah. Need for Speed World started off as a game that wasn’t Pay to Win too. Give it a year… the second they find something that sells like hotcakes, they WILL take advantage of it. Just like they did with NFSW and OP nos cars.


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