“Echo of Soul is packed with enough PvP content that you could spend almost all your time duking it out with other players, without even touching PvE.”

That should come as welcome news to hardcore PvPers, and a new video from the EoS team shows off the different types of PvP available to players: battlefields, arenas, guild wars (not to be confused with Guild Wars), and duels.

There are two 15v15 battlefields, Tribulation’s Vale and Metal’s Theater. The first offers lane-based gameplay, while the second is more of a capture-point map, with five points that need to be held to ensure victory. Both battlefields offer XP and loot, the same as you would get in PvE, allowing bloodthirsty players to play exclusively PvP to advance, and you’ll be able to track your progress via leaderboards and achievements.

Arenas are simple 5v5 deathmatches in a closed-off area, while guild wars allow guilds to set themselves to “hostile” and engage any other hostile guild members in the open world and square off in Valhalla, which features an NPC boss that guilds will compete against each other to kill and loot. Whatever your PvP preference, Echo of Soul seems to have you covered!

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  1. People don’t want “something for everyone”. People want a game that is focused on one specific type of gameplay, that way they know what they’re playing, they’re not torn between PvP and PvE. I can’t speak for everyone, but in this case I’m just speaking out of a logical perspective. Most good games excel in one specific type of gameplay, that way the player knows what he’s getting and what to expect from the game when he/she buys it/downloads it.

    Either you make you’re MMORPG PvP focused or PvE focused. If you do both, then one or the other with overcloud the other one.

  2. gameplay is crap. rooted combat. you can’t jump on terrain. this is just bad. so fake. the graphics are not great ingame. all we ever see in these damn fake vids is well made cgi

    • You can use this key: AU-QNGK-VWLW-W5NJ-ETNJ

      If you get a message that says the key is in use, press button again and again. This work for me.

  3. “Ganking people while there questing is ever so satisfying” Lmfao more like being a huge douche bag. I’d love to have someone kill me while I’m in the middle of a boss fight *rolls eyes*


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