Elder Scrolls Online Outlines Vision For Game’s Combat And How To Make It Feel Elder Scroll-y

The devs want to better inform players following the combat Q&A.

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Elder Scrolls Online Combat

A new Deep Dive post is available from the Elder Scrolls Online development team who decided to take this time to inform players of their goals and core values for the combat system in the game. This post was inspired by a Q&A held by the dev team which caused them to realize they could improve how they communicate with their players on combat issues.

The post outlines four core values for the game’s combat. These include the following: Play the way you want, Active combat, Mastery, and Elder Scrolls inspired. “Play the way you want” addresses the developer’s desire to offer players freedom in how they play. This includes gear usage, deck building, and other systems that allow them to customize their play. “Active combat” is more or less how it sounds. This is the combat style that allows players to fight without being held back by things like cooldowns or being stuck in place. “Mastery” addresses offering players the ability to continuously be learning something while playing and improve over time. And, “Elder Scrolls inspired” should be pretty obvious. Those interested can read the full post on the ESO site.

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