Elder Scrolls Online's Updated 2023 Roadmap Details What's Coming With Necrom Chapter

The year is still full of Elder Scrolls Online goodness.

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elder scrolls online necrom 2023

The Elder Scrolls Online has updated its roadmap for 2023 to include the Necrom chapter. We've previously discussed how they've moved away from their typical yearly cadence to provide one big story update during the summer, and now we can see a bit more of what's ahead.

Spring 2023 will see the arrival of two new dungeons in the Scribes of Fate DLC: Bal Sunnar and Scrivener's Hall. Along with this comes eight new item sets, new collectibles, new furnishings, and new dyes, as well as new achievements and titles.

Update 37 to the base game brings with it a new house and furnishings, the chapter prologue quest, housing quality of life improvements, and a screen narration feature. This all launches March 13th for PC and March 28th for consoles.

eso spring 2023

Summer 2023 sees the brand new Necrom chapter added to The Elder Scrolls Online, featuring the Telvanni Peninsula and Apocrypha zones, up to 30 hours of new story content, the new Arcanist class, a new 12-player trial, two new companions, new world events, ten new items sets, four new mythic items, new collectibles, and new titles and achievements. The new Necrom chapter and update 38 launch June 5th for PC, and June 20th for consoles.

eso summer 2023

The latter part of the year still hasn't seen a ton of detail, with huge quality-of-life improvements slated for Fall 2023 and a new Endless Dungeon coming in the Winter.

Despite the change to the release cadence, it is so far still a packed year for The Elder Scrolls Online, and I for one am here for it.

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