On the tactical map, thousands of players can fight for control of 50 territories simultaneously. This results in a continual shift in the balance of power between the Russian and American forces.

A single player version of Elements of War was released in stores in April by Kalypso Media. Elements of War Online is very different from this version in a number of ways. The focus of beta testing will be on the localization of the game as well as community and multiplayer features. Since the units of each faction are different, balancing will also be a major focus of the tests.

One of the most important new additions to the online version is that troops gain experience in battle, thus becoming stronger and earning new skills. Players can see at any time on the dynamic map where any hot spots are so they can send their armies into the fray of the action.

Players can sign up to join beta testing on the game’s official website: http://elementsofwar.gamigo.com/



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