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Title: Elements of War Online
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORTS | Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ? GB
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: Playnatic and Lesta Studios

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What’s explosive about it:
Destroyable environment
31 unit types for each faction (infantry, vehicles, planes, helicopters)
Up to 8 players on one map (4-on-4)

Elements of War Online is free to play MMORTS (real-time strategy game) where players armies manipulate the forces of nature to rain down destruction on their foes, or gain tactical advantage by transforming the battlefield. Set on Earth in the not-so-distant future, Elements of War focuses on a conflict for the survival of humanity that ensues after a secret military weather control experiment sets in motion a near-complete global climate collapse. Two factions battle on American soil for control of fearsome weather-based weapons, granting them the power to use tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, torrential rains and other forces of nature as weapons of war.

The battle between the Russian and American armies stretches across the continent. Set up your units strategically and wage war against up to eight different players on 16 different maps.

A single player version of Elements of War was released in stores in April by Kalypso Media. Elements of War Online is very different from this version in a number of ways.

Elements of War Online system requirements:

OS: ?
RAM: ? | HDD: ?
CPU: ?
Graphics Card: ?
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5 User Reviews

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  1. ahmed on July 14, 2018

    this is the goodest program

  2. ugurano on July 22, 2013

    shutdown game

  3. DinoLove on July 11, 2013

    Was cool.. Till the game vanished.

  4. androme on June 19, 2012

    fantastic game

  5. X ANGELO X on May 25, 2011

    wooooowww coool i want to join in

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