As announced last week, the open beta phase of Frogster’s new MMORPG Eligium – The Chosen One will start today at 4 pm (CET). The open beta is planned to run for the next few weeks during which Frogster will count on player activity and bug reporting. Special rewards for the most active open beta testers will be announced soon.

During the open beta phase and at the moment of its official release, Eligium – The Chosen One will only be available in English. Thereafter, the game will also be released in German, Polish and French. The text awaiting translation is the equivalent of four times the entire trilogy of “Lord of the Rings” and double the amount translated for other popular Frogster games.

As promised, no created characters will be wiped following the open beta phase. Furthermore, Eligium’s Community Managers have planned numerous events and competitions during the open beta phase.To take part in the open beta test, register on Eligium’s official website


  1. the graphics and the idea of the game arent that bad BUT the controls are …and the combat is kind of bad, too. It´s as if they didnt know whether they wanted to do a point-to-click or a WASD-Game .. and if you dont know what you want, you just choose both….and then you create shit like that, and this shit is actually Eligium.

  2. The graphics are interesting:Characters have interesting designs and outfits,the textures and effects seem decent and aren’t super demanding on system specs.
    The combat is really slow paced for some classes but dps do rather well, the controls aren’t ideal and feel somewhat awkward compared to other modern games.
    The audio is mediocre, you’ll likely find it annoying quickly but it’s your standard fair.
    The art direction isn’t too bad in all but some of the mobs seem rather bland in design.
    It’s worth your time if you are bored and don’t want to pay for a subscription. There are much better games out there but this one is worth a shot. The biggest qualm I have is gender locked classes which isn’t as bad on here since both genders have similar style classes, the differences are mainly cosmetic.

  3. you´re speaking of a game still in beta as if it was a final release…
    In my humble opinion the game is not so bad, i liked, i mean the game had some translations troubles and many other errors, but instead of just complain why don´t you offer to help?

  4. why i can’t open official site?there is always a warning error TPYPO3
    and and I’ve downloaded the CBT but there is no server option ..please help me dude..

  5. after seeing the review, about the attacks, the quest, the interface, what I think is

    -Absolutely a WoW like

    *PvE interactions- Mobs spawned everywhere, looks like too obvious to attack you but no aggro??? -please replace it with porings or rabbits please-

    *Skills and normal attack
    ~*too boring
    you guys should follow Blade and soul/Tera and im sure your servers will crash due to overload

    *Class lock?
    – I say SACK THE DEVS ( if you will just make a game, MAKE A GAME that is actually what we call a game! )

    Game definition in my points of view:
    Game is made to make people happy not bored.

    what more can I say, its not like i am complaining about this game or im in the wrong board.
    but hope this game will last and not gonna go down fast like FAXION.

  6. mmmm it dose not look all that interesting I’ll give it a shot but it looks like one of those games that will only keep my interest till like never 20 before it gets redundant

  7. I was invited to CBT and gave it a try. i said to myself “holy crap text are almost unreadable, monsters are running everywhere before attacking you, this game still needs some work”. Now it’s OBT… Nothing changed… Oh yeah! there is so much players that couldn’t keep waiting for the game to be better. I totally felt like playing RoM (which i hated) but with different worlds and unreadable quests speechs. Plus, the voice isn’t translated. Please someone attack their servers so this games goes down and saves so much gamers lives.

  8. the game lucks nice, but it is so easy to play, you almoust dont need to do eanithing, just pres the name of a mob or a npc tu go to it and its done. skill seestem ir horible, onley a few skills. but you are leveling them up by using them, that must be a good thing
    so the game has its good and bad sides. if you are lasy so this is a game fot you

  9. Definatly on my top 10 “New game that needs to fail and be shut down”. Greedy devs threw away Mythos just to make space for this garbage. That is how much they care about games and gamers.

    • “OMG before u comment on other pls fix ur spelling first thank you”

      The irony is strong with this one.

      Allow me to correct that for you;

      Oh my God! Before you (guys) comment on other(s) (posts), please fix your spelling first. Thank You.

      Stupid hurts, try to avoid it.

  10. You really tryed to play?, becouse your words are of a person who dont played it and dont know what the differents things the game can offer to a player vs other games, I was thinking like you till I tryed the game, then I totally changed my mind about this game, seriously

    • The game is just a copy of another game, that copyed another game, etc…And i played the game, dint liked at all, just the same questing of kill x of these and bring their magical tail ¬¬.Just play another game and you gonna see what iam talking…Play Runes of Magic, its from Frogster (the most epic fail company EVER), their servers are empty and is somewhat like WoW, cause you cant play if you not pay (Cash Shop), i really would like the game if it was from another company, but Frogster know how to make a game suck badly.If you like the game, ok, but when you see that you HAVE to pay to stand a chance, you will see the true Frogster.

  11. you guys played and try it? is an amazing game, with tons of things to do, very different to the rest of games I seen, so before talk, try to know what are you talking about…

    • The ONLY thing i have saw different are pandas, but Perfect World have Pandas and World of Warcraft will gonna have it too, and Frogster?C’mon, it gonna be another Runes of Magic with pandas, full of bugs, lots of nothing to do if you not pay, HUGE 100 players playerbase…This is the last game in the world iam going to play…Ok, the second, because i dont wanna play Tibia after saw some gameplays…

    • Well writen. Ppl that make negative comments simply dont test enough the games they play. Just because they dont appeal at the 1st mins of gameplay doesnt mean the game sucks, Just give it a try and you will see it has a bit of every aspect an mmorpg should have.
      Bug testing and elimination comes with gameplay so no game is perfect just give it some time to get better.


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