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Title: Eligium – The Chosen One
Status: Shut Down
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 3,5 GB
Publisher: Frogster
Developer: Shanda Games
User Rating:
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Whatโ€™s explosive about it:
Challenging group instances and dungeons as well as open world opponents
Mount-hatching system and pets that aid players
High degree of customisation through special skill system

Eligium – The Chosen One is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Frogster. Eligium challenges players to see if they have what it takes to be the Chosen One and free the world from the invading demonic hordes. The game features four races – Human, Silvia, Elf and Panda โ€“ as well as five classes: Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Fighter and Druid.

Choose a faction and test your mettle amongst hundreds of players on massive battlefields. Raise your own pets, train them to be mighty mounts and ride in style. And discover an enormous world, explore countless gloomy instances and face powerful boss monsters in tactical battles.

But Eligium offers far more than dungeons and group instances seething with hostile monsters. This free-to-play MMO stands out from the crowd with its exceptionally captivating gameplay, customisation through special skill system, mount-hatching system, pets that aid players and a collection of features encompassing a range of genres. Be the chosen one, unite the people and banish evil once and for all!

Eligium – The Chosen One system requirements:

OS: Windows
RAM: 1GB | HDD: 4 GB free space
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.8G and above
Graphics Card: GeForce 7600 or equivalent
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  1. Hey guys im trying to download the game but I get the same msj everytime “Oops! Google Chrome could not find download.frogster-online.com” and I tried with mozilla but its still not working… help? thnx

    • Having just canceled my Champions and Aion ssnucriptiobs for approximately the same reasons you list above, I can’t disagree much.I think it’s partially a problem of expectations, though. I expected Champions to be a step up from CoH/CoV, since it was made by the people who had the experience of making those games. Instead, it had awful writing, lousy balance, and bizarre gameplay that depended heavily on choosing the right fighting skills, (choosing the wrong skills made your character all but unplayable) but rewarded you for avoiding combat as much as possible.I expected Aion to be gorgeous and grindy, (I was in the North American closed beta from the beginning) but I didn’t realize that I’d only experienced a tenth of the grind in beta, and that there was very little to the rest of the game *except* grind. I also hadn’t realized their North American CS team was going to consist of about ten people at launch. NCSoft knows better I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they assumed the game wouldn’t instantly attract botters and RMT.Both games just weren’t the products I expected experienced teams to make.Oddly, the new game I *am* still playing is a maiden effort, much less polished than either Aion or CO. Fallen Earth has clunky combat and UI mechanics, mediocre graphics, bugs everywhere I look, and plenty of grind of its own but it’s a sandbox world with complex PvP and crafting systems, quirky voice acting, engaging quests and story lines, and HUGE areas for exploration. I didn’t expect much from it, but somehow I’m happier with it than the other new games from 2009.Maybe I’d be happier with Aion and CO if I’d gone in expecting them to suck?

      • I as well was in closed beta from the very beginning. And let me just say, as an avid player of MMOs, this game is NOT what it was hyped up to be. AT ALL. I was so disappointed when I got in game and began to play. There is nothing to this game… There is no character customization, the localization and mechanics are all screwed. Plus there is so much work that needed to be done! Things weren’t even fully translated, letters cut off. (this is all back from when I stopped playing, if they changed things then good. it needed done badly) This game was a HUGE let down for me. seriously. bad game. nothing but a HUGE grind.
        honestly, my advise to anyone, invest the $60 it takes and get GW2 (say whatever you will. its all opinions) thats it its $60. no sub, ever. you’ll probably be much happier with it then this game.

        • it improved alot for us who didnt bear the ob-part on their back,but its mostly party based and yes slow exp on higher lvls.Lot of fun tho shame its closing

  2. i dont really like the controls i mean i cant jump and the controls are a little wierd you know?
    and when i attack its automatic …
    i dont know how is the pvp

  3. Hey i love you man everytime you make a rewive you chose and talk and make desicions i would be intrested off thats what i love most off this site and that for the first look i realy liked it and just started the game my self and what i can say is that it is realy good.

  4. This is not were you type in for Beta key it other page XD

    to all that play i know there is a NDA but can someone make vids alot are out there i just lookin for PVP vids dat all XD

  5. im in CB and so far its pretty good i dont like the controls and camera in the game it starts to annory you the combat is action based the combat audio sucks i can hear someone elses fight better than mine and there still some minor things to be fixed and improved but so far its turned out nicely!

  6. Since it is not posted yet here, these are the specs!

    What you need to make it work ^_^

    CPU 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4
    RAM 512MB
    GPU nVidia gForce 7300GT(Or Equivalent)
    HDD 5GB
    DirectX Direct X9.0c

    CPU 2.0 GHz Dual Core
    RAM 1GB
    GPU nVidia gForce 8600GT(Or Equivalent)
    HDD 5GB
    DirectX Direct X9.0c

  7. I’m really excited for this game. I hope it turns out as great as I’m thinking. I’d like to find a cool guild to join as well. =D

    Here’s hoping I get a CB key! And good luck guys above meh ^

    • I highly encourage you to take part in the forums (if you aren’t already) and follow on fb, twitter, etc. There are many opportunities to snag CB keys, if that is some thing that is of interest to you! Plus the English forum could use a boost!



  8. I’m in closed beta and CANT WAIT! The forum community is starting to really come together! Some of us (myself included) have already started to gather together and get our guilds ready (I lead the Iron Heart Guild on the forums– and soon to be in game)
    So much excitement for a VERY promising MMO!


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