Steven Seagal was just the beginning. Now any of your World of Warships commanders can be elite, just like Steven, earning XP beyond the maximum rank and applying that XP to your other commanders.

Commander skills are now arranged into four tiers — each with two skills — and four groups, for a total of 32 skills. All skill points have been reset, so players can try new combinations. Commanders with the maximum of 19 skill points will be classified as “Elite,” and earn Elite XP that can be spent on retraining other commanders or redistributing their skill points without paying real money.

Clan support has also finally arrived in World of Warships. For 2,500 doubloons, you can form your own clan and invite up to 29 friends to join. Clan membership carries with it typical benefits of being in an MMO guild, such as a chat channel and ranks. You can also compare your stats to other members of the clan or combine everyone’s stats to see how your clan holds up against others.

There’s a lot more to Update 0.6.0, including the ability to play without a Wargaming account and some map tweaks. Full patch notes can be found on the World of Warships site.

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  1. If you are a new player I recommend this World of Warships over the other two: World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, because of its atmosphere. It is not pay to win but more like pay to level up faster, but honestly, unless you want to own all the ships, the low level matches are more intense because of the low life of the ships. The servers are always very populated and you don’t wait long for a match to start. Plus, if you are defeated, you are not forced to watch the match in spectator mode, but you can simply leave the battle and still get the points after the match is finished. In the meantime you can start another match with anther ship.
    There is also a PvE mode where you are fighting bots while in co-op with other players. You are given 4 starter ships from 4 nations – which you can sell, by the way – plus a few more free slots.


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