We all snickered a little bit when Wargaming announced that aging action star Steven Seagal would serve as the game’s “Heroic Battle Advisor” a few months ago. That partnership is finally bearing fruit in the game, as players now have the opportunity to earn Seagal as a commander.

From now until Dec. 14, players earning more than 70,000 XP in PvP battles will receive Seagal, a six-point commander for American ships, along with 100 “Hotel Zulu” signal flags. And even if you don’t play, you can enjoy a humorous video, which makes everything better, right?

Get full details on the World of Warships site.

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  1. It all ready is with the ARP ships added. Once you advance to a Tier 5 ship you are placed in matches with up to Tier 7 ships. Paid hacks still exist in game, shooting over 2 mountains and hitting you with every volley as you move right or left. Match Making is crap, most games its overloaded with Battleships so Cruisers have no chance. Alot of my friends and myself have left this craphole game and moved on.


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