The anime-inspired triple-action hack ‘n’ slash MMO ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance enters open beta testing today. The beta will allow players to test the game up to level 30, and introduce a new dungeon — the “Mud Swamp Floor”.

In addition to the dungeon, players will also be able to test the free-to-play game’s PvP system in both the “Blood Battlefield” and “Honor Battlefield” PvP areas. Both battlefields will be available at specific times and have their own unique rule-set. Those interested in small scale PvP (1v1 to 4v4) will want to take part in the Blood Battlefield. For PvP with more participants (6v6 to 12v12), you’ll need to check out the Honor Battlefield.

There will also be several in-game events for players to participate in between the 17th and the 30th of November. These will include a level-up event and an attendance check event.

Players with a WEBZEN account can download the ELOA game client on the official website.

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  1. BAYAG on November 26, 2015

    hmmm.. Inspirit online i pressume!

  2. NopnopanNOP on November 18, 2015

    I can see why this game failed the first time around and it will fail a second time. Not to sound harsh but its just isn’t anything good.

  3. *Sigh* on November 17, 2015

    Game Guard Error: Uninstalled.
    Crap F2P Bugs alert.

  4. meww on November 17, 2015

    Is this that dumb game where you spam skills, then switch weapon stance, then spam more skills?

    • Cawan on November 17, 2015

      you need to spam a lot lot lot lot lot of mp/hp potion too

    • devilr on November 18, 2015

      You know what it make me think when you say that ? It make think you talk about GW2 . (but no potion here)

  5. wootz91 on November 17, 2015

    Are there any big changes in gameplay if you compare it with Inspirit Online? I kinda got bored that one after 15 lvl.

    • dark20xx on November 17, 2015

      Sadly, it’s the same. Not a single change noticed during the ELOA closed beta test ( compared to Inspirit ), pretty much the same spam fest. Hm, probably the only difference was that the monsters and the bosses were buffed a bit so players can feel at least a bit challenged while leveling up. Not much of a difference tho.

      • fadedxlich on November 17, 2015

        You’re an idiot there are huge differences. Inspirit online was an illegal ALPHA version of the game. Plenty has changed from skill balances, feel, opitimization, a class that wasn’t in Inspirit, better customization (though only a bit.), etc, etc, etc. Stop bad mouthing a game you don’t know shit about.

        also if you just spam skills you’re going to get fucking rekt lol. Proper skill combination is required to do well and you have to actually put some thought into the combat past level 10.

        • dark20xx on November 17, 2015

          You seem pretty desperate do defend a game that has nothing new or worth mentioning to add to the table. Oh, yeah, three classes combined. Right. Was 1 level away from max level in Inspirit, hit the level cap in cbt, and i’m pretty sure “both” games felt the same. A new class won’t change a thing when the core game mechanics are in pretty much the same state they were few months ago, pirate or not. “B-b-b-but muh balance changes ” – don’t seem to change any of the main features of the game that we’ve been presented with in it’s current state..

  6. adasdas on November 17, 2015