Elsword Gets Serious Quality Of Life Updates


KOG Games pushed a big update filled with all kinds of quality of life changes for Elsword today. The update improves everything from class progression to shopping and even adds a special dungeon.

While there’s a good bit to unpack in this update, a few highlights were pointed out in the most recent press release. These include improving the 2nd Job progression and item drop rates, as well as adding additional secret and heroic dungeons that will make it easier for players to increase power and earn rewards.

Consumables and crafting have also received some love and now players can regain health and mana faster thanks in part to potion cooldowns being cut in half. They can also make their lives in battle easier by crafting even more items. New NPC and profession items have been added for all levels, and craft requirements have been reduced.

For those of you fighting with your storage, here’s some good news. A second equipment page has been added, making even more room for costumes and gear. Navigation of gear pages has been tweaked as well.

Details on this update’s changes are available on the Elsword site. There’s also a handy video you can watch and maybe see some pandas and stuff before they go over the update and the improvements it contains.


  1. what they dont tell you is that it costs money for your second class skill tree to be able to use your first classes along with it. hell you cant even class change without spending money. >.> why i quit


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