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About the game:
Title: Elsword Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: KOG Games
Publisher: KOG Games

Elsword is a free to play 3D non-stop side-scrolling MMORPG set in a colorful comic book style world with anime-style graphics and RPG elements. Experienced gamers as well as casual players can immediately jump into the game and pick-up the intuitive controls to defeat enemies or string together combos to deal devastating damage. Players can watch and hear their chosen character mature as their look evolves, fighting style progresses and voice changes.

Elsword Online features player versus player (PvP) battles with a strong focus on offensive combos. This pvp is not limited to one on one, and group pvp is available. With powerups and mayhem abound, this is one action packed fighter not to be missed. Either fighting solo or banding together in a party of up to four players, gamers are tasked with weathering fierce dungeon battles to defeat bosses and level up.

Explosive Features:

  • Spiritual sequel of Grand Chase
  • Anime style graphics
  • Fast and easy arcade action

Featured Video

System Requirements

Elsword Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: P3 800HZ
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1.3GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce MX400(32M)

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  1. Pros:Great graphics
    Awesome gameplay
    Free to roam around
    Cons:Nobody says anything
    The chat is basically useless
    It by default mutes the entire sound
    Conclusion:This should not be an online game at all

  2. The In-Game Currency have been exploited in 2014 making the game become completely useless nowadays. (Do not play a MMO Game if the players start exploiting the system.)

  3. The Elsword Community has rotten to the core. You will get permanent banned by random player who don’t like certain character in the game plus there a lot of bad players in Elsword who will disrespect you like a trash can in this game. (Avoid This Gaming Community)
    There was a lot of good player who got false permanent banned for no reason at all. The player base itself has been damage badly by Kog decision on getting rid of there big supporters.
    I do not recommended this game at all. (This Game is Deserted) Stay Away

  4. Elsword has had its Ups and Downs, it has been declared dead years ago but somehow it’s still going. You will not have fun playing this game without finding a guild/loose friends, because although teamwork is rarely required, it will get very boring when you play alone 24/7.
    The number of players is not high but steady.
    If you are more of a PvP-Player this game won’t be for you though, there is no skill required anymore, just irl-money to buy weapons to oneshot enemies.
    PvE is still fun, for maybe 1-2 hours a day.
    Investing real money is not worth it, most of the stuff you can buy is a gamble.

  5. Kog Games Company is in deep hot-water since most of there PC Games has shut down and they only have Elsword left on PC Game and Mobile game. (The Last Game Title from Kog)

  6. You know…in 2012, this game used to be really fun. I used to be pretty engaged into it despite not investing many hours into it. The playerbase back then was a lot larger and you could do anything, especially if you had a party with you. Nowadays I’ve been hearing that the game has gone downhill and when I played it again, it really did kinda suck.
    So it is saddening to see the good old elsword wave us goodbye (it isn’t closing, it has just gotten really bad). They may as well shut down that game the very second it stops making profit.

  7. (Last Update Review)
    + 3 Original Character Classes and New Character
    + Costumes
    + Pets
    + Guild House
    + Fishing (only in Korea)
    + Challenge Dungeons
    + Mounts
    + Good Storyline
    + No jobs change require to progress the storyline
    – Weak Point Pvp
    – Unfriendly players
    – Exploiters
    – Bugs and glitch
    – Hacker can ruin the fun
    – Repeated dungeon
    – Gamble Ice Burner box
    The Recommended Character to play: Elsword, Aisha, Rena
    Star Rate: 4/5 (Cool)

  8. I do not recommend playing this game, game really went downhill after Season 3 renewals.

    Vet that has spent thousands and mad time and I regret it all.

  9. This game was fun back in 2011 when there used to be more people playing elsword but since Kog Games pretty much permanent ban most of the good supporter in 2014. The Player base has gone down a lot nowadays and it will not get better only worse. Do not play this game period.
    (Not Recommended)

  10. I’ve been playing Elsword since the release of Eve in PH. Elsword now is improving from trash to gold, honestly back in 2015 the sucked because of Hackers, Salty PVP players and few freebies to players, now hackers are constantly hiding from non-hackers because of their report system, GM’s reply fast and banning them as soon as possible.

    For me Elsword is semi Pay – to – win game why? Because you can grind the costumes in their new Event dungeons. Well if you don’t like grinding your item then this game is not for you :p

    • Hmm… Elsword is a okay game to play for a couple minutes not a hour though as it is not worth the effort. The Community has pretty much went kindly less social nowadays in-game same on the forum.
      The Market Board is completely trash since people have exploiter the Game Money in 2014.

  11. (Elsword)
    + 12 Character
    + Classes
    + Pets
    + Mounts
    + Instanced Lobby
    + Guild House
    + Good Storyline
    + Challenge Dungeon
    + Training Room
    – Gold Seller
    – Bots
    – Scammer
    – Exploiter
    – Unfriendly Community
    – Stamina System
    – Unbalance Cash Shop
    – Hacker can ruin the fun
    – Broken Game Economy
    – Bugs

  12. Elsword was a fun beta game back in 2010. This Game is completely full with bots,Hacker, Gold Spammer in elsword. The Economy has been turn into a trash can with Very high Prices on the board for in-game Money. The corruption is so big now in elsword community.
    This game has become total Garbage now.

  13. I’ve been active with this game for 3 years and it has improved greatly over that time. It’s a solid game with simple game play yet lots of creativity and action put into the game. To me, it’s a great game for starters as the controls are not simple but clear enough for newbie players. My only problems have to be the lack of customization and the not so amazing graphics, but compared other games it’s a worthwhile play. Even though you have to buy customization and such, it doesn’t break the game play, just makes you a little bit stronger than before, and that’s not saying much. And even though it’s a bit of a bummer that classes are specific to gender for being based on a character, it gives the game itself an original style. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  14. (Topic Post)
    (Elsword Online)
    Elsword is a 2D side-scroller game. it is a casual fun game to play with friends and guild buddy in elsword online.
    Elsword has evolved more over the year with each weekend patch update bring more to the story line to the Elsword Team.
    There are 12 character now in elsword over the few years ago.All character have different game play style from multiple classes path
    and some character are easyer and some character harder to master. you will need knowledge to know what to do in elsword online.
    This game is focus on PVE content mostly not pvp. Pvp is the weak point for elsword online. PVE story line is the strong point.
    if you looking a for pvp game then this is the wrong one buddy.
    Elsword Community is not healthy at all.This community complain day and night without any rest to the topic on the forum and
    in-game. This community will make you go insane hearing the same stuff about the characters in elsword online plus they call you
    a Noob for playing any character that they don’t like in the game.it really became a nightmare now to social with player who
    won’t attack you out of the shadow also too player like to be disrespectful mostly to new player and veteran player in elsword.
    I see Community elsword video on YouTube showing very bad behavior where player call you a hacker for winning a game with skill
    and they even take it too far where they false report you for no reason at all with no real proof.Many good skill player no longer
    play this game anymore to the bad player who only ruin the fun for other player in elsword online. I recommended to try find some
    friends with play and avoid the chaos community on the forum and in-game as well.

  15. These MMO Games are 90% pay to win nowadays. Do not bother with these games.
    It any genre Games on the market making itself a Quick cash grab.

    • True I wish I knew this 2 years ago I could of used my cash for better things and saved hundreds of dollars. People are likely to make the same mistakes us past MMO gamers did as long as the MMO industry is this messed up. But it’s up to the people to change it but most people don’t really care they just make a quick half ass paid 2 win game that isn’t even fully functional by launch day yet and just want the money. Single player games are lonely as heck but your wallet will be safe from the greedy MMO devs

  16. Elsword is personally a long time favorite of mine after grand chase ended people saying its P2W no its not. you can only spend money on cosmetics and items that don’t enchance pvp everything that can be used in PvP gets nerfed when put into a pvp setting. all gear can be farmed for if not trying to spend money to have other players do it for you the stamina is unlimited every weekend and all the time due to holiday events, and on the occassion its not then stamina potions are given out during events and ALL PLAYERS have the limit you cant pay to remove any limit or anything the game is sorta linear situation wise but elsword is honestly one of my favorite games! so please dont listen to any of these P2W comments your biggest issue will be lag

      • Sir please tell me the fact that you can get any of those Magic Amulets from dungeons ED or from Enchantment method. also +13 non existant. so please use a statement that makes sense! the best you can get to it being p2w is the fact that most costumes can only be aquired via KC. your really trash!

          • Also, Elsword already removed the P2P function of the game. If used advanced tools and sniff it P2P Function is already removed which is the greatest system in the game to fix the lag issue, but what KoG does? The Shitty company removed it.

  17. Elsword is the closest I’ve seen to graphics over gameplay after Visual Novels.
    The gameplay is dumbed down to the lowest level by having combat being a linear button mashing of skills and attacks in which defense is pretty much inexistent and enemies either do nothing or prevent you from doing anything. It is a “my turn, your turn” fighting game.
    It couldn’t be more frustrating to now that this is supposedly the sequel of Grand Chase which had one of the best, if not the best 2d side-scroller MMO fighter gameplay I’ve ever seen.
    I can only feel sadness about this game, nothing else. Recommended to teenagers that just wanna see things flashing on the screen.

    • That is a Dangerous game. it is a bad game fill with None skilled player who spend the most money to become a power hungry player. Developer do not care about their Community at all. Player-base is declined heavily due to being pay for power. PVE and PVP are deserted like crap in matchmaking.

  18. Elsword is a 2D MMORPG with Amine Character in the manga series. it a fun game to play for a bit but it is a (Limited Free to play). I will not Recommended to play this game also it your choice to spend money on elsword.

  19. MMO-Bomb Comment Guest
    (To Community Gamer and Normal Player)
    These games that they call free to play are not free at all. They put a stamina system on you to keep going any further on PVE Content. You can limit yourself from playing online games also it another way to make the game a Cash cow. The people are so less knowledge about a game that the developer can take a huge of advantage of them in the long run.
    I mean play a real MMORPG game like LA Tale or Luna online Reborn for a example.
    Those are real RPG games that put no sting behind you as it is Free to play. The Game that are complete Garbage are Elsword, Dragon nest, Dungeon fighter Online, Sky forge those game have a Stamina system that put your Experience Down the drain.
    I know the people are going defend this problem but they soon learn the hard way if not then they
    are Complete mindless Zombie to the developer. Don’t waste your Money on limit Progress game.
    (Play a Real game that will bring experience to you as a Gamer or Normal Player.)

    • Please put the Pro and Con for this game. it just boring hearing the same thing from other people who put nothing but Pay to win In there sentence.

  20. (+Pro)
    + 11 Amine Character
    + Mounts
    + Pets
    + Costume
    + English Voice Actor
    + Guild House System
    + Fishing
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Expensive Cash Shop
    – Limit Progressive
    – Bugs
    – No Class Roles
    – Gender Locked
    – Less Challenging Dungeon
    – Repeated Dungeon Can get boring
    – Broken Auction Market
    – Certain Animation Skill can low fps
    – Hacker can Ruin the game
    – Lack of Social
    – Megaphone Spam
    – Gold Seller
    – Botter
    Final Rate: 4/5 The Game is fun to play as Causal or Hardcore with Friends Only in Elsword.

  21. can you do it in 3d. please. its just because i dont like playing it in a one side. so please do it in 3d that can walk around. thanks

      • Since the websites not letting me make a review im just gonna make it in this reply section, Everyone complaining about hacking, stamina, op characters, society, and money usage just need to stop because

        STAMINA is their for you not to get addicted to the game, or for you not to get bored, most games without this system tend to make you play alot and when you play for a really long time your eventually going to get bored with it, the developers dont want that

        HACKING is a crime if the devlopers dont do anything go to the police about it, its not considered something that is useless to go to the police for, hacking is really dangerous and really shouldnt be done, theres a reason its a law and there is a reason to go to the police for it.

        OP CHARACTERS: look i know this is an issue, i too am fairly annoyed with it. BUT if a character is op make up with it for skill, and some characters arent OP until the person operating it truly understands how the character works, so its not fully the developers fault, half of it is just skill, considering that i use Lu/Ciel (which everyone complains is OP) and fairly suck at PVP since i just started also consider that Lu/Ciel is a 2 in 1 duo so one character is mainly defense while the other is attack, so while one may be OP it has barely any defense.

        MONEY USAGE do i even need to explain this, look if you ask for a refund cause you spent your money on something and its not working fully, its partially your own fault, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SPENDING MONEY ON A GAME.

        SOCIETY just be a loner, dont really care bout the other people online why waste your time

        • Sorry dude Kog don’t do refund read there rule. you get can banned for your account if you get refunded from a company that you pay for by mistake.

  22. (Warning Sign)
    Avoid Certain Company Puslisher
    9.R2 Games
    10.JC Planet
    (Stay Away from them Completely or you will get what coming to you)

  23. Pros:
    -Lots of Character Choices
    -Lots of Class Choices
    -Unique game play
    -Interesting characters
    -Cool weapons
    -Paying for certain items (*cough*Ice Burners*cough*)
    -Salty PVP players.
    -Overpowered characters (Add and Luciel)
    -Grinding (I’ve been grinding for a week ;-;)
    -Occasional glitches in trying to log it. (Won’t connect to server, game closes)

    Okay so I’ve been playing Elsword off and on over the last two years and it is a good game but all games come with some…issues. One of the major issues I find (and it’s highly annoying) is when you’re playing PVE and you’re in a dungeon with a Luciel or a Add, THEY ARE OVERPOWERED. Now I’ve never done a play of a Luciel/Add all the way to the level my main is at (which at the moment is level 48) but every dungeon I have played with a Luciel/Add I haven’t even had a chance to get a hit in on the enemy before they are all dead. Which is really annoying.
    Next thing, the random number generator for item drops. I spent a whole day running a dungeon almost forty times just trying to get a single item to get to Code Nemesis. It is really annoying but what can you do? RNG just freaking sucks in general.

  24. Instead of just giving everyone an opinion, I think I’ll give you all a small guide so that you can enjoy this game a bit better. I’ve experienced most of what people consider abhorrent when talking about Elsword so I hope my knowledge will give any new players the means to meander through the torrent of chaos this gaming experience will bring.

    To condense Elsword into a single term, Elsword is hype. The gaming community and actual game play are dominated by it. “What’s new” or “What’s popular” will generally determines how the general populace behave; from market pricing, to what classes to play in PVP or PVE, or even how people speak. But this is nothing new to the MMO scene, Elsword is different in one aspect: the depravity players will sink to for their own gains whether it be fame, honor, or just plain old greed. So the first advice is to take everything you read from announcements and word of mouth with a grain of salt and not be so influenced by peers.

    Well let’s tackle the first problem many people are having with and that is just getting to end game. Unlike WoW or similar MMO that gives player a level X jump whenever they purchase an expansion, Elsword players have to grind through all 80-85 levels (depending on your server). Compounded with a stamina system and this will seem like a daunting task. It’s not. KoG throws a bone at players every few server events with experience boost and drop rate boost days. There are also experience medals that can be purchased for either in game or real money and the NA server have infinite stamina weekends. On average with 2 hours of play a day, you can max out a character level in a week and two weekends.

    Some players dislike all the grinding and prefer the Arena for “instant” action. I can safely say this is one of the largest problem with the Elsword gaming community. When you take a largely novice player base with little to no assets in game and give them an unstable PVP environment with imbalanced characters and players (with and sometimes without the appropriate gear), you can bet there is a lot of grievances for everyone due to the fault of developers and largely the players as well. I know a lot of people won’t take the high road and stick with the orthodox method of raising skill and gaining gears. Thus, if a player decides to take the easy path for a cheap dopamine fix and act like a pile of feces whenever anything goes wrong (losing) because the gaming experience isn’t what he or she envisioned, that’s the complete fault of said player don’t you think? Besides just playing through the game content with a nominal pace will net you money.

    The economy in Elsword is hyper-inflated, and it has teetered on the brink of collapse for a time, but it has somewhat stabilized. I think one of the reason why so many players turned to PVP is because there’s little to no monetary investment required for PVP. To clear up some misinformation, the economy is hyper-inflated in terms of scaling, but a non paying player can buy end game contents or cash only items with only in game currency that they can accumulate through PVE game play at a reasonable pace. This is because the end game dungeons and raid dungeons give millions of the in game money as rewards so pricing for the simplest crafting material will often scale to match the market’s wealth.

    Because there is no significant gold sink in Elsword, the total amount of money in exchange is constantly rising. (Yes there is a tax system for player to player sales but it can be circumvented with a cash item so the tax system is nonexistent due to skewed wealth distribution of the in game community). To compound this design flaw, the game’s currency limit is 2 billion per character, and free market trades are capped at 700 million so we ended up with a situation where anything that’s valuable beyond the currency cap ended up being in a state of price flux. When pricing isn’t clear and fair on the free market, shit happens like scamming, thieving, real money trade, black market for real money trade, banning, loss of account, lost of email account associated with game account, compromised personal and credit information, criminals who feel empowered and victims who feel wounded, and the development of a cut throat gaming community that’s more concerned with gouging the very last few cents a player has instead of going out to “play” the game (and I don’t mean just KoG). Alas this is nothing new to MMO, just don’t do business with shady people and steer clear of offers that are too good to be true. Customer support will NOW resolve some instances of foul play between players but you need to provide video evidence (there’s an in game recorder and bandicam is free).

    Next up is the connection problem. Elsword NA is opened to every IP address in the world so you’ll be faced with various delay in connection and synchronization throughout the day. This also brings in conflicts between differing culture and ideology but that’s the next paragraph. Short version, if you don’t want laggy connections, just play when the people in your country are most active. It is not guaranteed.

    And now the elephant. Many players claim that the Elsword community is cancerous or toxic but I want you all to take a step back and just look at this with reason for a moment. Life sucks no matter where you are (in game or in real life) and not everything will go your way. Your gaming experience is what you make it to be. So for instance, coming into a game with a pre conceived notion from a review that describes a synopsis experience at best will limit your expectations. Or joining on a whim or following a hyped information release only to find your expectations dashed. That being said, there is a baseline for what we humans find deplorable and there plenty of exchanges in Elsword that’s inappropriate for all ages.

    The first thing I tell new players is to ignore Megaphones. These are server wide announcements used by players or GMs. Players have to pay cash for them. Sometimes you wonder how a person can spend all day using money to be able to chat for 256 characters intervals in a game. Well obviously some of them are using hacks and others really do have money to throw away. Question is do you really want to spend time being distracted by that? The GMs do their jobs at advertising the game and only their job. That’s all, do not expect anything helpful out of them. However, you cannot turn off Megaphones unfortunately. And like I said before, a lot of the common exchanges between people are just trash so what can you do in light of this while avoiding being anti social? Well, limit your social contact to mostly your friends, your guild mates, and people you can trust. I use a 3rd party chat program to talk to the few people I have business exchange or information exchange with. You can disable all chats and the user interface by pressing the delete button. You’ll be effectively be playing the game blind but it’s really not that hard to and you can turn the display back on when needed. It’s a bit drastic but it will block most of the rubbish talk. Next, don’t go into sparring for any reason unless you’re meeting up with someone privately. Sparring is populated by pedophiles (yeah, really!) and scammers so don’t expect any decent conversation or any trade to be reasonable. The forums are equally as bad; you’ll have to sort through a ton of shit to find any viable information. If you need help with information for the game, search Google for El Wiki or ask an experienced player in game (someone with a high rank on the pve/pvp ranking boards who is geared and not level 1). Don’t get excited by conflicting release information on the forums or join in their stupid discussions. They only get befuddled and derailed by trolls and general idiocy. The last thing I want to say is that meeting the right people really matters so if you find someone you don’t like, don’t linger and mope about it.

  25. _______________________________________________________
    :Pros: (+)
    – high quality anime artwork
    – intense action (as the character)
    – creative abilities
    – detailed special effects
    – detailed costumes and other avatar accessories
    – unique weapon designs
    – 3 seperate story arcs per character (or, so you call, job paths)
    :Cons: (-)
    – game boot up glitches
    – cliche main story (Spoiler: Demons want to revive their demon god and take over El. This goes on once you reach Feita and will not change.)
    – immature, sad, angry, and/or repulsive PvP community
    – unbalanced with underpowered and overpowered characters (in resemblance to PvE and PvP community)
    – terrible economic community (or, sales involving ED)
    – overpriced avatar costume parts ($6.00 = 1 piece $36.00 = full set [hair, top, leg guards, gloves, shoes, and weapon])
    – easily hacked game
    – poor forums
    – no refunds from KoG
    – (for Japanese and North American servers…-) repetitive, non-stop grinding for EXP and ED (money)
    – never listens to the players’ suggestions
    – Uses fanservice and extra female characters to escape the demands from angry gamers
    – Moderators can easily abuse their power and ban anyone they do not like
    – Some items from the Item Mall will not spawn in your inventory, forcing you to pay it again (note: no refund either… I think I went over that. :/ )
    I have been a player for Elsword for quite some time now (7 years). I have seen this game grow as I grew.
    Though, in the mist of its development, KoG did add job paths, new characters, and additional story arcs over time. And through that time, a once simple PvP became slightly unbalanced with the arrival of Chung Seiker. And thus, that began the era of ragers or (in common case for Elsword) salty players.
    And as time flew by, the story arc was lengthened with a returning character from Grand Chase; the return of the Red Knight, Elesis… And thus, Elesis single-handedly stole away Elsword’s (younger brother of Elesis) title of main character. Players grew an admiration to the returning character, to the point where some players proposed a new name for Elsword. Their proposed name was, Elesis Online.
    As time flew by again, the story arc has been lengthened again with a new village,… Sander. And the main story never changed. It still has the same element to the plot like the last chapters. “Demon-army-wants-to-rule-the-world; heroes-defends-the-world-and-stops-the-demons” cliche. …A once classic, to now, boring and unoriginal plot that has been copy&pasted in anime and video games for decades…
    Oh, there is also another character that was added into the game. The one who has dawned PvP and his very essence either triggers a shiver or a deep hatred within… This character’s name… is Add. The deffinition of overpowered in the game.
    With him and his job classes, players were easily able to rule the PvP community, at a cost of their sense of dedication to reaching to the top with with hardship… and pride…(including his 3rd job path, Diablic Esper)
    Now, here we are, with a level cap of 85 (in South Korean server). Story has not changed much. 3 new characters have been created, Lu&Ceil (2-in-1 playable character) and Rose (another pretty-faced character from an entirely different video game added in to silence angry players while KoG does nothing to improve the number of glitches and hackers their game has). Characters are still unbalanced and broken, some of the wrong characters were nerfed (Infinity Sword and Reckless Fist, for example)….
    KoG still refuses to give players, who have lost all their character data due to game-breaking glitches, their respected refunds…
    And “fun”, well, you can get that from broken characters, but it all dies out eventually…
    Don’t become like me, or the rest of the Elsword gamers…
    You still have a path, a future where your money is spent on more “meaningful” things…
    A path where you don’t have to slave yourself over pixels…
    But I am not one to force any path on you.
    In the end, the choice is yours and yours alone…
    :Final Verdict:

  26. i used to like this, but i stopped because of hackers, WAY to many
    10 pvp battles, 4 spammers, 2 script hackers and 3 health/damage hackers, i hate this game now, i would NOT recommend this
    rating: thumbs down

  27. I have played Elsword since the raven hype, so for a while now. I don’t know about any hackers, most people say things like this or cheaters even when bugs, lag, and glitches happen. I met some jerks here and there, but there are many good people who still play the game. The GMs do there best to be involved with the community as well. The game is only pay to win if you don’t know what you are doing. I have gotten many items free from events and also for being a player of Elsword for so long. Plus they are changing a lot of things on Elsword. Right now is the big Elsword and Rena renewal, both have english voice actors now as well as a new skill tree. Soon the other characters will get their renewals and english voices as well. PvP is changing a little bit too. I recommend for people to try it, and if you don’t like it then leave. It’s hard to enjoy a great game when people like talking bad about it.

    • PVP is not Fun anymore nowadays on most MMORPG. it very rare find to Good player to have fun in games. There is a hack tool out there that give player unlimited ED and K-Ching

  28. Elsword
    +10 different character amine
    + many different class path
    + many costume style
    + Pets and monuts variety
    + Good storyline
    + Great customization
    – Heavy grinding
    – Pay to win
    – Dark Toxic Community
    – Bad market business
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – Bugs and exploit
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Anti-Virus issue
    – Korea lanaguge only (North America)
    – Botter
    – Gold buyer botter
    – Mega Spammer

    • I will fight you on the pay to win part. I’m assuming you mean with real money and with that you don’t actually have to pay any real money to be good at the game.

  29. (Update)
    System Requirement
    OS: Window 7 or Higher
    Cpu: Intel/AMD 2.7 GHZ or higher
    Memory: Above 2GB
    Graphic Card: NVidia GeForce 7 Series
    DirectX Version: 11 or higher
    Hard Disk: 4 GB Space on Hard disk
    Window XP have been discontinue on April 19 2014.

  30. Elsword
    + 10 Character
    + Pets
    + Mounts
    + Profession system
    + Costume
    + Classes Character path
    + Good Storyline
    – Not Friendly Community
    – Very Negative Bad Community (including the forum too.)
    – Very Bad Economy
    – Unbalance PVP
    – Pay to Progress
    – Server issue
    – Gold Spammer
    – Hacker can the ruin the game
    – Exploit
    – Bugs
    – Auto Matchmaking
    – Connection Global Issue
    – Rank system problem

    • Have you ever look for the nice people mad you are sad. Who cares about the economy. Skill>Level>Gear. Pay to Progress? this isn’t wizard 101. Server issue??? what u talkin about. Gold spammer its called grinding for ed. I have never seen a Hacker for years. what bugs. whats wrong with auto match making it gives u an oppenent that is better or at ur skill in pvp, IT’S ONLY FOR USA PARTS CAUSE ITS AN NORTH AMERICA SERVER. no problem there ur just bad at this game

  31. (System Requirement )
    Version: Window 7 or higher
    System: Intel/AMD 2.7 GHZ or higher
    Graphic cards: NVidia
    Connection network: broadband

  32. Elsword
    +10 different character amine
    + many different class path
    + many costume style
    + Pets and monuts variety
    + Good storyline
    – No English Voice actor for the character
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – Very Negative Community
    – Pay to look good
    – Very Childish forum
    – Item mall issue
    – Unbalance pvp (base on weapon and armor)
    – Enchantment rate is low
    – Bad Economy Business

    • K ima solve ur cons. Get gPatcher if u want the voices to be english. There not many hackers out there but if they are video them and contact support. It’s not our fault that we salty af. Niqqa regular armor can make u look fabulous. Not our fault u cant handle our funny community. Updated so whats the issue. It is Skill > Level > Gear its ur fault ur bad at this game. who buys stuff with ed lol.

  33. Elsword
    +10 different character amine
    + many different class path
    + many costume style
    + Pets and monuts variety
    + Good storyline
    – No English Voice actor for the character
    – A lot of hacker on NA 24/7
    – Very Bad Community
    – Combo System Broken
    – Peer to Peer player (bad connection in PVP)
    – Pay Event
    – Pay to look good or Pay to win
    – Easy to exploit

    Elsword is not a good game. why? because there many hacker who are crawling themselves on the Henir ranking board to look good when all they do show off with hack skill in elsword. I really must say that this game has become the next sudden attack hack paradise for them. it is no longer a fun game anymore for elsword fan and there more stuff behind the dark wall in this company and the corrupt no good Community playerbase. (Bad game and bad Community and Kog)
    Warning sign!
    (like I always say once a good game become Corrupted it turn into a Trash can.)
    Rate: Thumb down

  34. Welcome!
    Review: (Elsword)

    Community: 1/5 star (Poor)
    Economy: 1/5 star (Poor) Useless Market System
    Kog Host: 3/5 star (good)

    Truth fact: Elsword is a good game but it is easily fill with hacker left and right in PVP, PVE mode
    that they can make this game a breeze without dying in dungeon plus there many glitcher and Gold spammer running this game down the hole real deep. I tell you stay away from this game as it is no longer good since it becoming corrupted with greedy, troll, dispectful people in gaming community for elsword. if you want to continue to play this game then go ahead be a hard headed person. It really really sad that this game community has completely gone to trash since player do not help or listen to your improvement or idea on the forum. it is a very toxic community that left itself a bad impression for the veteran player and new player as well. I think most gaming community are just really bad as seem to get worse over the month and year behind each game they play or hear about it on the internet. (I’m done with this review for elsword)

    Thank you for reading this review for your time and money.

  35. i dont know if this game is already for android but if it isnt can u make it for android i really want this game but i cant download it so plz make this for android f it isnt

  36. Elsword is a 2.5D side scrolling beat em up style MMORPG, this game has intense action and constant addictive fun beginner and veterans and take on at their own pace. Elsword however is not the same as it was in 2013 they have made many rebalances,and added a ton of new content. Elsword is however not for the weak of heart it by far has the worst community ever made while LoL and WoW pose more threat to your personal safety with things like swatting. Elsword will test your sanity to it’s limits with constant whining,flaming,and the kind of hostile chat that is not friendly for any age,there is no way to get away from it so the only way you can enjoy this game is to ignore people and be as anti social as you can survive. Now community aside my opinion they actually have done well with gameplay mechanics in dungeons(except being too routine and repetitive and pvp aside you suffer in arena with bugs that cause permanent super armor. The economy while the community blindly complains about is actually pretty well balanced it. End game in elsword needs alot more work on its too routine and sucks the fun out of whats left of the game while waiting for more content they really need to take lessons on how to do end game crafting or at least shake it up so its more fun in dungeon so its not the same thing everytime for months.

    My over all rating for Elsword is 5 out of 10 for 2015 the game has alot of potential but things really need cleaned up if they didn’t take the step to add nGuard and remove xtrap to stop hackers and boost client performance I would of given it a 3.

    • I kind of agree with your review, although I’d give it a higher score. The community is honestly pretty messed up, I’ve read some things I won’t forget in there xD
      The gameplay is fun and fast paced, the characters all feel unique and there’s a lot of a little thing I love in games called “choices”. I haven’t capped any character yet, so I can’t really speak about the end-endgame myself, but I imagine I’ll probably spend most of my time in PvP since PvE would get boring up on those levels.

  37. I played Elsword for a year and a half and I love it. there are different characters and many job class to choose from, each having their unique style of battle. This is the best MMORPG game I ever played, it’s first on my list and I really recommend people to try it :3

  38. been playing this for few years , and i have to say all characters have 3 paths to take with 2 advancements (jobs) so that is like 3 final outcome per character as like 1 =3 characters , and every class comes with its own unique system , yes people are greedy but in NA (server i play) most of it left for void or something else so its going back down , i play all male jobs and so on. for costumes my tip is wait til black friday (around november) when all costumes are 50% off accesories 30% off and expansions 20% off , i also do k ching give away so apply for the guild chilvary . it also has QUICK customer service , cobo tickets on the page , responds in a few min and so on , GM events and updates every week along with time when they give out free costumes , sometimes amulets and b slot and so on its addicting and ever character (even add whos know as a spamer) has cool combos , just need to learn how to use your character.

  39. Some many server Elsword, this linked page NA.
    More other Server Mundalist Asia: KR, JP, CN, PH, ID, IN; Europe Gameforge: UK, ES-LA, FR, IT, PL, DE.
    America: KOG America NA, Level Up BR.
    Server pirates: Void got more stuff amulet +8 +9, break 0%, Unlimited Stamina, All skills free casher, Slot B; exp double, double drop rate. Thanks for Nice Fun

  40. (Elsword)
    + Costume variety
    + Challenge dungeon
    + Good combat system
    + 9 Character playable
    + Pet, mount, (fishing- not in any other server only korea got it.)
    + Skill variety class and different classes build
    – Hacker, Exploiter, Glitches can ruin the gameplay and in-game money system
    – Limited content
    – Stamina system for dungeon (PVE only)
    – No English voice actor
    – Unbalance classes
    – Immature Community and Bad Community
    – Suggestion forum is useless ( no opinion from player ever get heard on different server)
    – Patch error and Xtrap problem with window
    – The Gameplay can be destroyed on character by the player behavior.
    – Game master and moderator can abuse their Power by ban hammer random player (Warning!)
    – Some item may not work in item mall (Warning!)
    Rate 3/5 star (good)
    it would be better if the stamina system was taken off and add more stuff to do if you don’t like combat only

    • some class is way overpowered some of it can even stay up at the air without using energy or whatever it called. if you want to ply this game dont pick the weak class.

        • Elsword’s a great/fun game!
          But it has so much potential to be something Top Notch.
          They could make some heavy dough off of a high budget redesign.~
          (It’s a one-of-a-kind MMO at the moment, Seeing as how they shut GrandChase down)

    • The Stamina system is their so people dont get addicted to the game, though i do believe that they should change it so that people can only play for a certain amount of time, where instead of only playing for 3 hours cause of grinding and a lot of dungeons. you can play for a good half a day, therefore you dont play all day or for a too small amount of time, but you can play too the amount where youre satisfied and not addicted. But if you dont like the stamina system that much just make another account. the amount of stamina youve wasted is only for that one character

  41. elsword is a good game but I’m afraid this mmo game has a stamina system that destroy your freedom of really enjoying the game plus you won’t be able to find the bug since that another problem with mmo that have a stamina system leading to more flawed system.

    • Dude, the stamina system is there for a reason. You only run out of stamina if you play like over 5 hours non stop, and that’s only of the early levels. If you play so much, you get bored of the game quickly, and the game developers don’t want that (and neither do you, deep inside). So, of all the things there are wrong with this game, you complain about that?

      • a flaw game is still flawed in many way and now there trying to put a stamina game on a video game online. a lot of people are very blind to not see there a problem behind it.

    • The Stamina system is their so people dont get addicted to the game, though i do believe that they should change it so that people can only play for a certain amount of time. i also agree with skip on this if you play too long your bound too get bored with it.

    • Have you seen the list of servers in the wiki? If none of them works, you could always try Void Elsword, since it’s international, even if you might have a bit of lag.

  42. Don’t play this game. I got an email recently from them saying that I was permanently banned because I hacked one of the dungeons. I have not played it in at least 6 months and I don’t even know how to hack games. I sent a message to them saying that I haven’t played the game in at least 6 months and that I don’t know how to hack games. I then said I think someone hacked me and asked if something could be done. They replied saying that it was my own fault. How is it my fault that I got hacked? It’s like them saying that it’s the hackees fault not the hacker. They care more about their game being hacked than the peoples accounts being hacked.

  43. I live in America but I’m from Japan. I don’t see how it’s a bug deal. Because I searched on the Wiki and I found that here is many server. You can still play it but you just have to know the language. Change the server and you can play Elsword on any continent. Go on Elsword Wiki and click Updates. Scroll all the way down and you”ll see different server that leads you to different sites. For instance, if you click Korea server, it’ll lead you to Korea’s Elsword Home Page. I hope this help a bit.

  44. this game is fun to play but the downline is the economy has gone to worse now since player want you to pay 80million ed in game money or higher like 700million for a costume in the game which is just complete greed on this game. the community has gone really bad now since there a new system called arena for pvp and most of the time there are player who are very toxic like hell if you play a certain class that they don’t like in elsword then they will start report with false info to try to get you into trouble and then end up losing your account by getting permanent banned account by some random player in elsword. (please stay away from game) do not spend any money on this game because customer support will no longer help people anymore nowdays if the item don’t work at all in the game.

  45. After playing this game and purchasing “K ching” (Cashshop money.) I am very disappointed that an item that me and my boyfriend purchased did not work. (Couple’s Ring.) After reporting it to Tech Support, they would not refund. Do not waste your money on this game, because there is a chance the items won’t work, and they WILL NOT refund. I have not been so disappointed in a Technical Support in a MMO for so long.

  46. i have a problem when i click the play for free now button it says this webpage isnt available ,
    does this game work in Asia (middle-east-gulf)
    can someone help me pl z

  47. I love this game. I’ve had a Void Princess and Dimension Witch (both Aisha), but deleted them and now have a Code Battle Seraph (Eve) and a Wind Sneaker (Rena), and in 9 hours I’ll get the new character Ara. I will say the girl characters seem to die faster though, but they have really good skills and great combos.

    • i have a problem when i click the play for free now button it says this webpage isnt available ,
      does this game work in Asia (middle-east-gulf)

  48. Why the faq is there only 3 classes here in the Phil.?? I’d really want to try out raven, chung, ara, and the others..! ytf?? I’d really want to know if they are even going to release the other classes here in the Philippines..! Reply pls.. it is because it would be such a waste if they don’t, i mean many of my friends (me too) love this game even if it’s 2D or whatever.. FAQ!!!

  49. I really like this game over Grand Chase and its just a great and very fun sidescrolling MMO.I find this game very awesome and its awesome that they updated it and its just great :3

  50. This game looks TOO MUCH like Grand Chase. The colours and even the classes look like the begin classes of Grand Chase! Its even a side-scrolling game.

  51. Game is good other than the energy system, which prevents you from playing on weekdays for a certain amount of runs you do in game.

    • As I said before, I’m really glad that system exists. It prevents you from playing to much at early levels (later on you won’t even notice it) so you don’t get burnt out and leave the game quickly.

  52. guys can anyone tell me how can i obtain night watcher infinity sword etc evolution through buying. my friend is asking me is that possible cuz he is totally different type unlike me i lowe to play games. so can some1 tell me is that possible to buy night watcher grand archer etc final ewolutions so u dont hawe to finish those quests and if u can buy them can u do that at start of the game lvl1?

    • It is possible to buy them but you have to be at least level 35 to buy the second job change for any char. It is not possible to buy them before then and if your friend doesn’t like that then tell him how easy it is to get to level 35.

      • Also,when you get any character to lv.35 you accept a usually difficult job quest (crimson avenger is the hardest job change quest ;-;)

  53. Great game. and it’s not pay to win! To look nice all you need is to pay. And even without these cash items you can still look nice because of character hairstyles and poses. Unlocked skills can be unlocked with effort. PVPalso requires skill and not necessarily high stats. Game is 3d the graphics are good. There are many classes you will probably love and the skills are flashy and cool. The community is not very social, which makes it boring unless you help oth players are chAt at Camilla’s sparring. You should play with some friends. overall there are rarely any hackers but the players only offend you if you if your doing something wrong. You only require effort and skill to be successful in this game. it’s not very addicting and there is a stamina system to limit your time to play dungeons.

  54. I freaken love this game! It’s very easy to lvl up and kinda addicting xD I just love how other people can join you in dougens and help you out. Really cool game, but sadly I already finish the game. The limit is lvl 60 >.< I cant stop at 60! =A= and i dont want to play as another avatar with a different story T^T

  55. “non-stop” is a lie. Stamina makes it limit play. Played for less than an hour today and I couldn’t do anymore. So you guys may like that but I definitely do not.

    • Err, I think they were referring to the side-scrolling as non-stop o.o; And if it’s stam you’re angry about then there is unlimited stam on weekends, and they also have something called “stamina potions” which restores 30% of your stam. I have 7 of them XD Too bad it isn’t tradable o3o

    • As well as the unlimited stam on weekends and the stamina potions you lose less stamina when you party with more people. I’ve turned your hour a day into 5-6 hours just by partying with randoms and doing the dungeons. As well as this there is the arena which can also give you exp. So you can always gain exp.

  56. Really love the game, im still enjoying, just wish i could play on the NA one, somehow i enjoy playing games, with english voices, rather then my country’s voices, but still pretty good.

  57. im indonesian, i hate playing elsword from my country server, i wanted the global 🙁
    i cant play this game, and opened the web too

  58. if you want to play in usa then use an ip address changer google it, also when you sign up duh…I play dragon ball z online and i’m in the usa and guess what i used an ip address changer

  59. This game is very fun it has hours of fun and enjoyment
    The art style is colorful and Epic so you wont feel depressed while going through the dungeons
    It does take a bit of time to get stuff but overall its a fun game

  60. Outdated info now there are 6 classes and job advancements first and second ones too the classes are eve, rena, elsword, chung, raven, and aisha

  61. im playing elsword atm and still waiting for infinity sword ^^; but you need to be fast at combos and quick to catch your opponent before they hit the ground to be the king of pvp >:3 (you need good skills too) basically all i know ’till now. have fun (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  62. Absolutly LOVE this game!!!….had my friend not convinced me to try it i probly wouldnt be playing it but now im addicted to it and same with the rest of my friends ive tried all the characters and job classes so far eve CN is my fav.

  63. Elsword Online has 7 character with different job
    Elsword >>Sword Knight/ Magic Knight/ Sheath Knight >>Lord Kniht/ Rune Slayer/ Infinity Sword
    Aisha >>Dark Magician/ High Magician/ Battle Magician >>Void Princess/ Elemental Master/ Dimension Witch
    Rena >>Combat Ranger/ Sniping Ranger/ Trapping Ranger >>Wind Sneaker/ Grand Archer/ Night Watcher
    Raven >>Sword Taker/ Over Taker/ Weapon Taker >>Blade Master/ Reckless Fist/ Veteran Commander
    Eve >> Code:Exotic/ Code:Architecture/ Code:Electra >>Code:Nemesis/ Code:Empress/ Code:Battle Seraph
    Chung >>Fury Guardian/ Shooting Guardian/ Shelling Guardian >> Iron Paladin/ Deadly Chaser/ Tactical Trooper
    and Ara >> ?

    so that’s Elsword Online job ^^

    • Now there is three more
      Ara>>Little Hsien,Little Devil,Little Specter>>Sakra Denavam,Yama Raja,Asura.
      Elesis>>Saber Kight,Pyro Knight,Dark Knight>>Grand Master,Blazing Heart,Crimson Avenger
      Add>>Psychic Tracer,Arc Tracer,Time Tracer>>Lunatic Psyker,Master Mind,Diabolic Esper
      (comming soon to the U.S. and a few other countries)
      Lu/Ciel>>Chiliarch(Lu),Royal Guard(Ciel)>>Dreadlord (Ciel),Noblesse (lu)

  64. Pointless p2w game, the cosmetics from the itemshop have a truckload of stats on them and let’s not even get into gear enhancing and other wonderful features that make the games itemshop a must pay factor. Why the hell is it even in the steam greenlight is beyond me.

    • Lol. The items from the cash shop, if you’re talking about costumes, have NO stats on then untill you go and enchant them, then they become OP. There are TONS of items that help more than cash shop items. This game is sort of a PTW, trust me, there are TONS more games that are worse in there Item mall/ Cash shop factor. If you look beyond the cash shop which i bet you didint,
      there are way better things about elsword that makes you forget about the cash shop. I bet you just
      logged on and whent to the cash shop before anything else.

  65. There is now a EU version, but not english yet. Thankfully I speak French so I am DL right now…and sadly, it is offered by GAMEFORGE, BLEHHHHHHHHH they can burn in a firey death.

  66. aww this sucks im from the UK and i really wanted to play this game but of course just like most mmorpg game you have to be from america this seriously suck 🙁

  67. new update for Korea and Japan elsword! (if you didn’t know) the new 2nd job change for sheath knight (elsword) infinity sword has been released! plus the other 2nd job changes for the other characters other job changes have been named: Rena trapping ranger>night watcher comes aug 9.Aisha battle magician>dimension witch comes jul 26. Raven weapon taker>veteran commander comes aug 23. Eve code electra>code battle seraph comes sept 6 and last but not least chung shelling guardian>tactical trooper comes sept 20!

  68. We should be getting the 2nd jobs for Chung(Iron Paladin and Deadly Chaser) on the 27th and we got the locked skills on 11th.

      • i hate you guys RS is such a spamming dip shit and its annoying asf when you guys spam that weird burning circle thing andyou guys should learn how to do a real combo, Deadly Chaser for the win A’holes

  69. Too bad Chung is WAY too overpowered in PvP right now. I can’t even play the game because I do PvP 90% of the time, but there’s no point when every game has 2 Chungs and you can be the same level but Chung will win damn near every time. Last fight I was in, I had a level 26 Eve vs a Level 22 Chung and I barely did 1/4 his health and I was beating his ass. Needless to say, I lost.

    • Chung’s already out and Ara is coming out next. She should be here after Chung’s transformation (evolution) to Tactical Trooper. In some time after the update, they should release Ara. Ara uses a spear to attack and is known for her high attack speed.

  70. Lol,youcan only change your classes 2 times per character and there is only one path you choose to play and you can’t turn back. 😛
    This game has 6 towns now, 😀
    And this game was made from KOG and Kill3rcombo,kog who also created Granchase.
    I quitted gc so I can play elsword more often c:

  71. 12 WORDS ”GAME IS EPIC YOU MUST PLAY NOT WASTE OFF TIME VERY ENTERTAINING” btw there is double jump but not all characters can do it

    • Here are the character’s specialties:
      Elsword (Elboy): Way of the Sword. He has two auras, Destruction and Vitality. Destruction gives you a chance to reflect attacks back at the opponent and it also increases your attack power, while Vitality enhances your attack speed and lessens the amount of MP consumed for the Vitality type skills.

      Aisha: Levitation. She becomes lighter so she doesn’t land very quickly, basically, she just floats around leaving sparkles everywhere. *^*

      Rena: Double jump.

      Raven: After getting three awakening orbs, he gets access to his “core” which gives him something like an electric field zapping any mob within the field range. He also has this core that comes out and it grows the more you attack and it can protect you while you’re being attacked.

      Eve: Double jump and Glide. As you know, Eve is the nasod queen and uses two “Drones” to attack. To double jump, she jumps normally then jumps on her drones to jump again (*cough* drone abuse *cough*) And to “Glide” she jumps and has her drones push her in the air for a certain amount of time. FUN FACT: Eve doesn’t run, her drones push her.

      Chung: Berserk mode ….Double jump? After getting three awakening orbs, Chung can go into berserk mode which gives him a helmet or something and he gets infinite ammo (cannonballs). Chung’s “Double Jump” is a bit different from Rena’s and Eve’s, You do not press the jump button twice but you use >>^x (Dash, jump, X) After dashing then jumping, Chung will shoot a cannonball downwards, pushing himself up. It was meant to be an attack but it is similar to double jump since it makes you jump higher, therefore, we call it double jump o3o FUN FACT: Even if your promotion costume expires, you still get it back during the time period where you go Berserk.

      • A few corrections to your post, Elswords Destruction aura causes you to “stoic” or not take knock back from monsters or other people in PvP. And Chung’s “double jump” is a basic attack that you can do from the start. And Raven’s core activates any time you awaken, though you only get the aura when you activate awakening with 3 awakening beads. And that aura does damage to the enemies around you. And Aisha and Rena both can also recharge their mana at a faster rate then any other char by standing still, however because Aisha is a mage class her mana recharges faster.

  72. wow, reading messages from may of last year.this game has gone a long way.. theres about to be 5 hero’s today. all together . raven, eve,aisha,rena,elsword, and chung comes out today. there’s now 2 job classes. on new patch will be 3 job classes. other then that its a great game. been a gamer for 20 years. its worth checking out. elsword.com

    • It’s in Korea, Europe, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil currently.
      Also NA has no region block

      • Why I love this game is because of it being mostly free for example no pay for heros. You do need to purchase some cash though for inventory, costume or locked skills. But all those are pretty cheap. This game doesn’t require you to do quests to get other characters like some game I know. The characters are all there for you to choose. All you have to do is level them and to put skills. And then when you get to lvl15 you can already get your 1st class change, then when you get to lvl35 or so you can get 2nd class change. There is stamina and when you your stamina reaches 0 you can’t do dungeons, but I like the fact that there’s stamina because then you can go to the marketplace and sell things, or do pvp. Or do your homework when your stamina reaches 0 xD. Oh and then you can do henir time and space when you have no stamina because henir doesn’t require stamina yay. Oh the PVP is great!

        • You forgot the stamina potions :v Once consumed, you can regain 30% of your stam. The purchase with cash is called KChing, you can get your locked skills through quests, if you’re lazy then you can just buy them o3o The equipment you buy from the Cash Shop are called “Costume” and give you additional stats. They are worn over your actual equipment c: After the field update, there are now places between “Towns” and “Resting Areas” and they are the “Fields”. Fields have level limits too so don’t even think about farming in the low level areas, you will not get any exp >.>; Fields are filled with monsters that are just slightly different from the monsters in the dungeons, and Fields are NOT channel based so you don’t have to worry about changing channels to find a friend there.

  73. This game is more based off the older game, Grand Chase. The first three characters are the same anyways, but this has a better character develpoment system/talent tree that beats out Grand Chase.

    Definately worth a try for you arcade/sidescrolling go-getters

  74. My only complaint is that for some reason the graphics in the town area are really messed up. There’s no loading period going between town zones, so you get plopped into a grey featureless area until the graphics load, if they do at all, and other players never seem to pop up no matter how much I fiddle with the graphics. Other than that, the gameplay is insanely fun, if it’s hard to get into a party, and it’s a great little time waster.

  75. WHY?!?!?
    The ultimate epic games are never allowed for Brazil!
    Dude this make me want to break so much things as i can.

  76. This game is really fun there are only 3 classes so far but it is still in beta. They just updated the game too so now you can get your first job advancement 😀

    • There are much mor classes now 6 characters and 3 first jobs for each some havent come out in plces yet tho also now u can get a second job adv and theres much more towns/cities it would be great if u updated it i think it would be in the top 10 2d/2.5d list

      • Well now all of the third first jobs are out and we’re heading for the second one o3o Infinity Sword for elboy is out and Ara Han (the seventh character) should be out after the Tactical Trooper (Chung) update.

        • We still have a long way to go until Ara Haan.

          After Tactical Trooper we get a ton of character revamps, re balances, the item mall overhauls, a few other changes (I believe the Wedding and Mount systems), the Sander fields / dungeons and then Ara Haan. Then we’ll probably have to wait 2 months for her 1st job path to be released since it took the JP server about a month and they’re much faster at content updates than the NA server.

          At the best we’ll get Ara Haan around December or Early January if KC doesn’t keep pushing back important content. :c


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