Elsword Launches Its Newest Character, Noah, The Boy Who Walks On Moonlight


Elsword has gone live with its newest character, Noah, KOG Games announced today. Born over 500 years ago — and looking remarkably good for his age — Noah was sealed away and recently freed from his prison. He wields a sickle and uses powers derived from Moon and Darkness in battle.

Players who log into Elsword and take Noah for a spin can embark on the Boy Who Walks on Moonlight event, which gives a Noah Diorama Light and Harque Ebalon Voice Speaker accessories, and the Noah 1st Path Update event, which hands out Inventory Expansion Cubes, EXP Boost Medals, and more. For the next two Saturdays, January 16 and 23, you can earn rewards such as the Noah Special Support Cube and Event Recovery Potions.

Players can also participate in the Invitation to the Moonlight Gala event, which lets them progress along a game board as they complete quests and earn rewards.

The Noah launch celebration runs from now until January 26. Learn more about it, and all the various events adjacent to it, on the Elsword site.


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