Elsword Offers Returning Players +9 Void Weapon And Other Goodies


If you’ve been away from Elsword for a while and have considered returning, KOG Games has a special event ready to help you get all caught up. From now until August 27, players are encouraged to create new characters — preferably Elsword – Ain or Laby.

Creating and playing either of these characters during this event will earn players special rewards for clearing quests from each village — or in the case of Laby, per Level. Among the rewards for completing all the villages are a +9 Apocalypse type-Void weapon cube and a +9 Elrinode armor cube. Of course, that’s not everything that players will earn during this event. There are also potions, mounts, and a wide variety of other items to be had. A full list can be found on the Elsword site.


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