Manga-inspired online beat-‘em-up, Elsword, introduced a bold new melee fighter to its free-to-play online game today. Raven, a human fighter reborn with Nasod improvements, slices and dices his enemies with giant metal claws and finishes them off with swift blade skills, all in an effort to protect the people of Velder.

Raven is quiet, cold and distant. A heinous betrayal by the Kingdom of Velder, Raven worked hard to become Head Captain of the Mercenary Knights. Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he has caused jealousy among the nobles, who then conspired to frame him. His friends, colleagues and fiancée lost their lives in a failed attempt to rescue him from prison. With a scarred body and wounded soul, Raven was prepared to meet the afterlife. Then the Nasod King’s messenger relayed an offer he couldn’t refuse – a rebirth with new powers and a mission. It was to rebel against Velder Kingdom and the very people that took away everything he loved. Reborn with a Nasod arm and a blade on the right hand, he fought to destroy the last thing that had meaning to him. That is until he met a crew of young ambitious heroes that reminded him of his duty to protect the people to whom he once pledged his allegiance. He decides to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure to find the El.

Raven joins his friends Elsword, a master swordsman; Aisha, a mage; and Rena, a trained marksman on an adventure to find the legendary El. More information can be found at


  1. wow jealous much? how about intesad of being an ass hole you actually congradulate the person? not like there was any way to cheat. I wonder if you did any better or if you even bothered to submit a video AT ALL? lol. fail. btw nice entry. i liked it ^^

    • Aeria Games has just begun its closed beta phase of dvpoleement. The beta is open to everyone and there are no key giveaways Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the beta is open and there are no key giveaways, it’s not a closed beta, it’s well an open beta A beta in general simply implies an NDA and an agreement to help test and improve the game and report bugs/give feedback (though few actually do this well). The closed or open part just tells you how it is you have to get in.If it’s closed you usually have to apply or be lucky enough to get a key some other way (belonging to this site maybe? )If it’s open you just have to create an account, download the game, and log in. Open betas usually don’t even have keys but if they do, they are freely given when signing up.So yea it’s an Open Closed Beta?


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