A good portion of Elsword’s updates over the past year have been focused on adding new job classes for the existing six playable characters. However, Kill3rCombo wanted to end 2013 with a bang and to do that the publisher released Ara Haan, Elsword’s seventh unique character.

Surprisingly, despite being a game filled with acrobatic combos and gravity defying maneuvers, Elsword has yet to have a character based on the skilled martial artists from times long past. Wielding a spear, Ara Haan blends both traditional and unconventional martial arts techniques into a flurry of close-quarter combos.

Kill3rcombo says players who master Ara Haan can expect to be able to chain combo after combo, through the help of both “Energy Absorption” which drains the enemies mana and Ara’s special secondary resource “spirit orbs”. Spirit orbs are needed for some of her more advance moves and to unlock her Eun mode, turning her into the fabled nine-tailed fox.

All players can now try out Ara and Kill3rcombo is even sweetening the deal by giving players who try her out special Ara specific rewards. More information regarding those gifts can be found on the official Elsword post here.

Will you be giving Ara a try?

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