Hot on the heels of the game becoming available through Perfect World Entertainment’s Arc platform, Elsword is continuing to enhance the job paths of many of their players’ favorite characters. Today’s unveiling is Add’s newest job path, the Time Tracer.

One huge advantage Add has over every other character in Elsword is that he effectively has two MP bars and the Time Tracer Job takes Add to a whole new level. Thanks to the Time Tracer Job’s Passive Skill “Nasod Armor Mode – Overlimit”, Add is able to toggle between two combat modes: Configuration Mode and Dissolution Mode. Configuration Mode allows Add to use DP instead of MP when using skills. Dissolution Mode enables Add to use MP instead of DP. This passive also has an added bonus: every time a player uses a skill, it will refund back a set amount of MP or DP by factoring what mode they are in and what skills were used. Thanks to this, Time Tracer can cast way more skills than any other class can ever hope to achieve!

If you need to do some catch up, check out the Add level boost available now.

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  1. If they’d remove the stamina system, I’d play it. It’s a decently fun game, I love the unique characters, and it’s literally just Grand Chase remade to a higher standard. Now if they’d just fix what’s god awful about the game, and give me freedom to enjoy the game, I’d actually play it…

  2. Elsword is such a bs pay 2 win game with crappy level scaling and it gets boring after a while because the dungeons are the same, no randomization. The PvP what every loves so much but it is mainly spam, hack, lag etc.
    So… want to get past level 50? Buy exp boosts!
    Wanna get skills easier without the annoying quest? Pay for it!
    Want to get to your next class change without the annoying quest? Cash shop.
    Want a mount? Cha-ching
    Want a good pet? Money~
    Want to look good? $$$

    • Just ignore him,if its pay 2 win,how comes my fresh lvl 39 2nd job char could beat a 50+ and my char didnt had any good-looking equipment,just the pvp set…Besides,Elsword NA may be crappy,but KR has many giveaways,where u get 20$ item sets or 25$ mounts,permanent 0.0 So shut your trap and learn to play the game.

      • I didn’t really find the game pay 2 win but I do agree with him about it being horribly boring the almost near identical dungeon format they use couldn’t keep my interest past the 20’s before I found myself logging in one day saying. “Why am I playing this?” Then stopped seems like the whole game is just a race to PvP which I’ve never much cared for in the first place.

      • Excuse you, but I reached level 55 and it was the most painful and boring experience. I’m happy you like the game and whatever, but don’t praise the game by mentioning the KOREAN version. That’s a whole different story. So shut your whore trap and stop talking like you know everything.


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