In Elvenar, the free to play strategy game from Innogames, one of the first choices you’ll make is which race to play; Humans or Elves. Today’s announcement would be easy to read as “we’re adding a new race” and while that is technically true, it isn’t in the way you would think. You will still only have to choose between Humans and Elves when starting the game, but depending on your city’s development you may be able to invite the first “guest race” to your city.

During your city’s growth, you may find yourself able to build a Dwarven Portal. This is the key to inviting the Dwarves to become part of your advancement. Build the portal and the first Dwarves show up immediately but they aren’t quite what you would expect. It’s up to players to help them find new resources and advance the Dwarven technology that will assist your city with improved resource production and new building and unit types. Dwarves will not be the only guest race to be added to the title as more are planned for future updates.

Check out the full announcement for more details.

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