If you’re wondering what Krafton/Bluehole/Kakao Games’s upcoming MMORPG Elyon has in store for you, the official Twitter account posted a new trailer today, along with a few highlights of what to expect. The trailer is in Korean and the action looks … well, typically Korean, with little hint of the lofty combat and steampunk elements that we glimpsed in previous images and trailers for then-named Ascent: Infinite Realm. Yay?

What you can look forward to when Elyon finally launches are in-depth character skill customization, full action combat, including faction vs. faction and guild vs. guild, focusing on the battle between the game’s two factions, Ontari or Vulpin. Normally, we’d say “visit the website for more information,” but there isn’t any there, though a follow-up press release confirmed that the game will launch in Korea on Dec. 10.

So I guess the only thing to go on right now is that the game will look pretty. In 2020, maybe that’s all we can hope for.


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