Elyon Update Adds Halloween Goodies As Twitter Account Shares Adult Beverages

But it mostly makes general changes.

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Elyon Halloween Update

Elyon just launched, so it’s unlikely players should expect a whole lot out of it as far as Halloween events go. That said, they are trying and today’s update gets some of that spooky spirit rolling. According to the patch notes, six regions have been decorated for the holiday – that’s three regions for each faction. If you want to see the decorations you’ll need to head to Reclaimed Honor, Crescent Molar Foothold, or Seas of Ruins Foothold if you’re Vulpin, or Gray Mountains, Sunmane Foothold, or Red Carriage Foothold if you’re Ontari.

The patch notes also indicate that Halloween-related furniture and landscape items have been added, but do not specify what they are, nor does it tell players how to obtain these items, directing them to keep an eye on the game’s social media accounts to obtain that information at a later time. That said, we do know that some Halloween goodies have been added to the Ruby Shop. Specifically, there are two costume sets, a broom mount, and a zombie-themed move and idle.

On another festive note, the Elyon social media team did share a recipe for a cocktail on Twitter. Obviously, this is intended for adults.

Another, somewhat interesting, tidbit in the notes is that the term “hosti” is no longer included in the list of prohibited words, which will probably be helpful for people wanting to use words like “hostile”.

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