Ember Sword Q&A Stream Set For Tomorrow


It seems that Bright Star Studios has been receiving requests that that do some live Q&A sessions for their cross-platform fantasy MMO Ember Sword. Tomorrow, people are going to get what they’ve been asking for. The game’s first Q&A stream will take place at 7pm CET and be hosted by Founder and Chief Technical Officer Joris Huijbregts and Executive Producer Loren Roosendaal.

The announcement didn’t specify what topics would be covered during this stream — probably because it is a Q&A session — but we do know it will take place on Twitch.

In addition to the live stream, the Ember Sword team also announced some changes to the game’s land system. Now, it features 160,000 plots of land available in three sizes: 1×1 Plots, 5×5 Estates, and 20×20 Regions. What was previously known as regions are now Nations.


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