En Masse Entertainment’s shooter playground, Zombie Monsters Robots, will no longer be playable after October 31. The company announced the closure of the game on its site, stating that at present, there are no plans to continue the game in any other way.

For those players who have EMP left on their account, it can be carried over to any of En Masse’s other games. Anyone who played the game between July 18 and September 18 of this year will definitely have EMP to use, as they’ll be sent 1,000 when the game shutters. And anyone who already had some sitting around should have theirs left over as well because most items in the game’s store are available for free until the closure.

Details on the closure — including an FAQ — are available on the ZMR site.

Thanks to MMOBomber Joe Dow!

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  1. i had lots of fun with this game i played a lot this game since it came out back in 2012/2013(if im not mistaken) it was a hell of fun the game itself is awesome the ideia is badass they had potential to make things gorgeous to add more awesome content its the first TPS online game with quality using unreal engine that i saw out there where reminds us a bit of resident evil,dead space,silent hill…but yea at the beggining was everything ok without drone or epic weapons everyone was newbie but unfortunately the game fell into pay2win shit and to get things worse they added the drones and the epic/purple weapons and platinum bullets that was a f* mistake people who had epic weapons and epic drones was too op in nightmare modes they were one man army killing everything and the other guys who doesnt had the epic stuff got low ammount of points not to mention later on people started to make AFK squads with their full OP epic drones the people who had more money was obsolete in this game was soo frustating not to mention you can pay to see the rewards behind the shot gallery too its like total no sense really its like all they wanted was our money it was only a matter of time for this to happen but mark my words like happened to some games some company will happen to reopen this game later just wait

  2. Well with hackers and certain pay to win items being released that gave PAYERS literally power to kill everything in pve on a nightmare level map would turn anyone away.. Yes this item was for people who spent a decent penny to get the pack and there are other packs too that also increased dmg to a crazy level. People coming in there looking to play a decent game only to be left with 1 guy be the only person to get all the points taking all the high up rewards and leaving you with nothing. It was only matter of time till the whales got washed ashore.

  3. This game hasn’t had an update in years. So I’m literally not surprised at all. Was pretty fun but they just collected money off of it and that was it. Kind of like how Snail Games did Black Gold Online.


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