Enad Global 7 Confirms Marvel MMO From Daybreak Studio Dimensional Ink Is In The Works

Daybreak accounted for 75% of game revenue in Q3 2021.

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Enad Global 7, owner of Daybreak Game Company and Standing Stone Games, among others, released its Q3 2021 financial report over the weekend, and the big takeaway that most people have been reporting on is news that isn't really news, because we've know about it for almost a year now. But still, it's nice to have some official confirmation of the Marvel MMO that I said I was "ready to declare announced" back in July.

On page 6 of the investor presentation, you can see Marvel listed among the company's "Games and Brands," and on page 19, under "near to long-term" projects, there's "AAA – New MMO utilizing Marvel IP."

Page 17 offers a few more details on the project. The "Unannounced AAA MMORPG" is a "Marvel IP based massively multiplayer online game" that's being developed by Daybreak's Dimensional Ink Studios in Austin, Texas and being headed up by former City of Heroes lead, and current DC Universe Online head honcho Jack Emmert.

Again, none of this should be news to long-time readers of MMOBomb.com, even if Emmert's name is now officially attached. We knew Dimensional Ink was developing the game, thanks to those earlier job listings, and Emmert is the head of Dimensional Ink. Hopefully, there will be a proper press release and more concrete info about the game in the near future.

Other long-term projects for EG7's holdings include a pair of titles from Antimatter Games: IGI Origins, a "single-player tactical FPS," and 83, a "Combined arms, first person tactical, military shooter" that offers "Large-scale combat with80+ players." There's also still talk of a "major revamp to upgrade the visuals, modernize the experience and release on consoles" for The Lord of the Rings Online, but we've already dug into that and think the console release, in particular, to be a red herring.

As for EG7's financials, the company is still touting its "complete transformation" over the past year-plus, which saw it snatch up Daybreak, Piranha Games, and others -- and replace its CEO with Daybreak's CEO. It bills Q3 as the "completion of a successful 'recalibration'" and net revenue was up over 500% year-over-year. Daybreak, by far, was the greatest contributor to the company's $25 million game segment revenue in Q3, accounting for nearly 75% of the total.

For Q4, EG7 is looking forward to EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions to boost sales, as well as the recently released Fate of Gundabad expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online. And yes, mergers and acquisitions will still be a "key part of the strategy" for the company going forward, though the company is also "re-balancing" its growth strategy, with more effort to be placed on investing in its current products and assets.

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goobert 2 years ago
Finally a new cape mmorpg, about time. Such an unexploited genre, not just in mmos but in general.

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