Today Cryptic Studios announced the launch of the first module, aka expansion, for the free-to-play D&D MMO Neverwinter. The module, Fury of the Feywild, expands on the world of Neverwinter by adding new lore, personal instances, a new dungeon, foundry items, and more.

Set in the enchanted woods of Sharandar, players fight to protect the Elven Outpost from an invasion of Fomorian Giants. Players will be able to play as the new Sun and Moon Elves sub races, collect new weapons and items influenced by the unique aesthetic of the Feywild, earn new rewards, encounter new creatures of the Underdark, all while battling King Malabog and his forces.

If you’d like to learn more about Fury of the Feywild, you can check it out here.

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  1. You all hate on the game but it has 2 million people playing it as we speak, it is obviously doing something right, and with all the exploits and bugs, not every game is perfect, especially after launch, so the characters are not balanced, give them time to fix it, you lot expect a game to be damn near perfect when you put your expectations way too high, take it as it is and play it for what it is, if all you do is complain about games then you will never enjoy anything, i personally just casual play different mmo’s free to play basis, the only one i am subbed to is CO because of it’s customization, other than that unless it really hooks me, then i won’t just plow money into a game, the game definitely needs balancing i agree, but it is not a bad game, not even the worst, it is pretty good so far imho.

  2. GamingMaster you make no sense on the trickster rouge lvl 10 being able to kill a lvl 50 GWF. You can’t pvp with that many lvls different. Please don’t talk unless you’ve actually played the game. But I agree with you on classes not being balanced.

  3. I agree with you GamingMaster. Sadly I preordered the game and only played it for a few weeks. I quit due to the classes being immensly unbalanced and with all the game changing bugs. As many know in the first few weeks there was a glitched quest which if you repeated the quest you could be max level in 2 hours. And with the occuring major exploits and such it seems i made the right choice to quit before it got worse.

  4. Neverwinter was the MMORPG I was looking foward to but after launch like Dkuang said people exploit way to make diamonds and get it messed up the whole exchange of the game…

    Also Classes are not balanced … Trickster rogue lvl 10 can kill a Great weapon fighter lvl 50 with basic gear…

    Neverwinter sucks .. don’t bother with playing it…

  5. Yeah too bad for around 45 mins after it went live, people basically used a known bug to get epic mounts from locked chests, which required keys(they cost around a little over $1 for one) to open. Then they had to shut down servers and well…yeah, Cryptic..way to go. Wasn’t as bad as the AD exploit at launch but really sorta made the people that paid real money to buy keys feel shafted when some spent 20-30 dollars and still didnt’ get the epic mount, but this bug made it like 50% drop rate from opening the chests after this patch went live.

    Thank goodness I’ve not spent a dime on this, I’d feel angry all the time lol.


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