Apparently Transformers Universe was less than met the eye… or the wallet.

Jagex today announced plans to shutter the pseudo-MOBA title at 10 a.m. GMT on Jan. 31. Players are already getting refunds for their purchases, including their Founder’s Packs — the most expensive of which, if you’ll recall, went for an astounding $449.

In their farewell message, Jagex calls it a “challenging time” and says that Jagex and Hasbro are making this move to “realign their plans and focuses for 2015.

The game never made it out of beta, but I thought it was reasonably enjoyable for what it was. A “Transformers MMO” had been talked about for years, but I think the notion of being able to make your own Autobot or Decepticon, complete with a unique transformation and the kind of individuality you see in character creation in MMOs, was something of a pipe dream that could never be executed, no matter how badly people wanted it.

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  1. The game was doom the moment they change from mmorpg to moba early in alpha. They then see lots of people angry at them for trying to make a moba and decided to go back to a mmo.

    But in reality they should have done a mmorpg and that is it. Not a mmo but a mmorpg. The way they design this one currently is like a mmofps and that is not want people want there is so much of them on the market and they are all the same, only new graphic and a few tweaks to the maps , etc.

    If the would have got out of the lobby system also people would have like it even more. I can play lobby games on console or go into way better fps games then this even free one’s.

  2. It was ok, but I wanted more. What ultimately put me off was how long it would take to get a new bot and it wasn’t that optimized for a game that looks like…..that.

  3. As a kid, Transformers was the shit!
    Then the movies came, which were ok at the best (sure, visualy stunning but lacking ALOT)
    But then, then i saw the game concept and some of it’s visuals… which left me largely dissapointed.

    I am not suprised that this got canceled, no true (80’/90’s) Transformer fan would be excited about this. They should have made it as big as the Transformers brand was, and not feel like something that could be easily made money from.

    Bad choices lead to bad games.

  4. This wasn’t an awful game, it just fell short for a Transformers game, not the say they pretty much changed the game from MMO to TPS/MOBA-ish. The game looked pretty flat in the end.

  5. This was not any kind of moba in the traditional scense. It was arena based but it was just an objective based shooter at most. Run of the mill rubbish.


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