Darkflow Software is pushing update after update for Enlisted, sending one to the front yesterday while preparing for a new surge in the near future.

The May 13 update added more missions in the Moscow and Normandy campaigns — or, more specifically, re-enabled one mission for Moscow and flipped the sides in a Normandy mission. Special weapons, like the engineer’s hammer, can no longer be dropped, and AI soldiers became a little less aware of quiet enemy movements.

Probably the biggest change in the patch related to the economy and changes how you acquire bronze orders. You now receive them for every 3,000 campaign XP, rather than getting them from missions, which now only serve the purpose of progressing your battle pass. Speaking of which, you can now pay gold to skip battle pass levels, with the cost increasing as you get further through the pass.

You can read about all the changes, including bug fixes and more, in the patch notes on the Enlisted site. Note that while the header says “Xbox, Playstation,” I can confirm that the changes have gone live on the PC version of the game, as well.

There’s more to come soon. Darkflow talked today about the changes coming in the next patch, which includes totally new maps for all three campaigns. On one of them, the Normandy Airfield map, the attackers will have a secondary objective to complete, as destroying barrage balloons will grant additional reinforcement points.

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