A game with ninjas (even space ones) should always pay homage to the things that make ninjas, well ninjas. This includes things like throwing knives, near superhuman reflexes, katana skills, and a place to train. For ninjas, that place is a Dojo, a formal training place for martial art students and the birthplace of a ninja. Warframe’s latest update simply titled “Update 8”, completes this with the addition of Clan Dojos.

Now players can build a Dojo for their clamates (and themselves) by contributing resources to be spent on hallways, junctions and special rooms. The Clan’s architect has total control over the layout but, clan members will vote with their resources in order to decide which area should be completed next. I guess this prevents the player in charge from going wild and creating endless hallways and dead ends. Some of the special rooms provide technology research options which can grant clans exclusive access to new weapons. Other rooms provide a place for players to challenge other clan members to friendly 1v1 duels which can be spectated by others.

In the end, this is just the alpha version of the Dojo with undoubtedly more rooms and features to be added. Personally I hope they add dance floors for when I want to get down with my deadly self, or maybe a bar for me to visit and wind down after a long day of mercilessly slicing cyber soldiers into finely minced meat.

Update 8 also adds two new location sets including rusted space-submarines and mysterious void fortresses hidden within a dimensional fold. In total, 22 new weapons, 9 mods, a new trap oriented Warframe, along with tons of bug fixes were also all added to the expansion making this Warframe’s largest update to date. You can check out the official update highlight reel above for more information or click here to see the full list of changes (though you will need to login).

The devs plan on hosting a livestream event tomorrow starting at 2 p.m. EDT where they will be answering community questions and providing a walkthrough of the update.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. this game is already awesome . with the dojo its epic awesomeness .. pvp in thsi game would be lame . pvp players who come to warframe and asking for pvp sucks big time . this is a solid coop pve game . why spoiled it with pvp . go play other games .

  2. good game but if you want to progress in this game and get good weapons to be able to keep up with your team you need to pay cash.

    so basicly I would not recommend this game

    I would recommend Star Trek Online if you are into sci fi + end game content is huge

    • “keep up with your team”, in a PvE game, I doubt anyone cares. If they do, they’re trying too hard, this game is CLEARLY meant to be played casually.

      And recommending Star Trek Online was a pretty funny troll… Or at least I hope it was a troll, since you said warframe is pay to win, then star trek online is ultra mega pay to win.

  3. Warframe is a great game. Dojo is a nice addition, but i don’t think they should do more to pvp then what it is now, maybe just team pvp. But trying to balance pvp now would just ruin pve imo. I love the game for it’s pve, so i think they should just keep adding pve stuff.

  4. This is actually a great game rather it has PvP or not. Great graphics,good movement and well team based action. But you can also go solo and adding a dojo was smart. But the dojo is nothing more than a place to train no more. And if your not a fan of PvE than you shouldn’t download the game. And to me this game reminds me of halo not caring about the 3rd person view. Overall its a great game.

  5. “Awesome. And now it’s time for lunch!” *epic music sets in*

    Only game developers get to have a lunch like that.

    • There will never be pvp in this game lol. They promised us this and if they bow to ppls fakeness then they will be liers. sooooooo no pvp ever =)

        • Yes you can pvp in your dojo which is something new. the suits are far to unbalanced for pvp and it would ruin the game. If you want pvp go play Planet side 2 or Call of Dookie. Quit coming to pve game that was made for the rest of us and Troll it with your ” We need pvp and in that pvp some pvp on top some pvp”.

    • Actually there is pvp in this game, you can build pvp room in dojo.
      But like devs said pvp will never be more than this, they are not going to do balances because of pvp.

      “Not like we need pvp gamers in our awesome community”


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