Summer has officially arrived and MindArk is celebrating in Entropia Universe with the return of the annual Summer Mayhem event. During this event, players are tasked with protecting Planet Calypso from the Ascended Mulmun created by the use of Eomon pheromones during seasonal rituals.

In order to do this, players will enter the ritual area and destroy as many Ascended Mulmun as possible. The catch is that the whole thing is timed, but the players who manage to do the best will receive some major rewards.

In addition, players can take part in Mayhem Annihilation, where they will kill creatures summoned by activating a pile of skulls near the entrance.

In order to participate in any of the Summer events, players just need to enlist via the Global Events List from any planet, as well as the Mayhem Assault Training and Practice Annihilation areas. If you’re interested in what kinds of prizes are available for participating in the events, you can find information on that on the Entropia Universe events page.

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  1. Sorry not chasing for sweat because that’s only way to play free.
    Its a stupid game based on sweat chasers, If you think about it its a slavery game with gambling in it and the odds of you actually getting anywhere is a loss to a gain after loss from a loss and maybe a gain with loss.
    The only mark this game has is on my logs of games played passed, it was one of first beta tests I did on the pc on the day of beta trials on May 20, 2002. In its bare bones it was still a extremely hard game to play but it had elements of fun in it for that time! It of course was one of the first ones out there to be in run up for beta tests on the PC, beta testing rolled out fully thereafter and it was great to be a tester for all those lovely games. 🙂 To the game today it sucks unless you like looking for …SWEAT! 🙂


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