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About the game:
Title: Planet Calypso
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Mindark
Publisher: Mindark

Planet Calypso is a free 3D Sci-Fi sandbox MMORPG with a real economy and social features, developed by Mindark. Player assumes the role of a human colonist on a distant alien planet. Explore an open ended virtual world that’s over 1,500 square kilometers in size, developing more than two-hundred unique skills, as you follow your own story with others from around the world.

The PED currency used on Calypso has a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED = 1$ with the US dollar allowing you to deposit and withdraw real money during your adventures on Calypso.

Explosive Features:

  • Players can earn real world cash
  • Sandbox gameplay
  • Achieved with Cryengine (Crysis)

Featured Video

System Requirements

Planet Calypso Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8g hz or AMD Athlon 64 Series
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 Series or better / ATI Radeon 1900

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  1. Alot of cry-baby kids here in comments 😀 Thats why this game is so good – only mature and patient players keep playing and like it. Its really not f2p. where you grind like other games, loot here have real money value afther all, so you can cash out to bank account. If you are kid and want to play f2p game, stay away and find another game that fits you, but if u are mature and are ok to pay 15$ month, its best game you ever can find! You can play free too, but its not really playing but youre mostly slave or walk around doing nothing.

  2. game is a ponzi scheme just look at their financial reports listed on (MindArk) investors relations game is pure trash, a shame that RCE=Criminal Gambling instead of a actual real cash economy

  3. This is a difficult game. It takes hundreds of hours to understand the basics.

    What I like is the real cash economy. Setbacks hurt for real. But sucesses give the sweetest feelings I have ever had from a MMORPG. Not everyone can afford good gear and high level skills. So diversity among players is the most I have ever seen and I like it. Not a bunch of anonymous clones that are maxed level with epics. The community is mature, I cherish the intelligent discussions I have with my friends and society. The l33t loudmouths are absent. I feel peace and at home. When I enter Entropia it is like an oasis from which I can drink and rest.

    • The fact that YOU did not manage to make any peds does in no way make the game a fraud. I played it since 2003 and cashed out more than 50k dollars in profit. And I do make profit regularly on a monthly basis.
      I love the game. Be warned though making cash wont be easy. it takes dedication, skill, investment or luck.

      The game is free to try out though and you can play for as little as you wish if you want to. It may be boring though doing so.
      I WILL recommend it if you are a grinder by nature.

      • That is the thing. If you started playing 10+ years ago, then you can reap the benefits of all the new players duped into believing they can make money by playing.
        Every few months, Mindark will make raise the bar to make it more difficult (read expensive) for newer players to pay and grind their way to a level where they can actually start making money.
        The only way for a new player to make money is buying different kind of “shares” that will give the a dividend from new players loosing money. Btw, the share you buy represent real world cash, but if you read the small text then the share is worth absolutely zero and you will only get your money back if you can sell it to another player. It is a sophisticated ponzi scheme.
        As a new player, who wants to make money to be a crafter, you will need to spend uncountable hours grinding and buy tools and crap for more than $1,500 (that you pay to players who have played for a long time).
        All the players like SBI who tell you that they are making money started playing when it was relatively easy (read much less expensive) to grind to a level where you can sell crafted stuff for money.
        The graphichs and gameplay is cool though, but do not think this is an investment of time or money that will give you a return in any way. It is a sophisticated scam.

  4. You can be a great SLAVE for “real money spending” players. Let me explain.

    Recieveing a hit reduce your armor durability, firing your weapon reduce weapon durabilitiy, healing yourself reduce Healing device power and searching for mine removes one of mine probe from your inventory.

    There is no problem for now, these are acceptale things but problem is their replenish/repair cost. It is huge compered to game money you receive from things you do in P-Cal.

    Let me give an example to compere the difference between gain and spend.

    You have to work 3 days(shorter if you can play 24 hours a day) to gether 1000 animal soul to sell it ~1(may be a little more) game money. Do you want to repair your armor? Its cost 50 game money.

    If you are a hardcore player and play P-Cal for hours and hours and hours without boring then you just have to work ~1 month to repair your armor and weapon. And you can hunt if you want… for few hours before your weapon and armor become useless again. So you need to work like a slave for ~1 month againt to repair your weapon and armor.

    I tried it approximately 2 weeks and played as a hunter for few hours than started to farm animal souls to repair my armor and weapon… whole game.

    If you want to do something in P-Cal, you have to spend real money or you can be a great SLAVE and everyone accept you to their ranks as long as you stay as their slave.

    Have Fun

  5. The problem with the real cash economy is that by design, there have to be losers for there to be gainers. And since the game developers have to take out money to pay themselves and maintain the game, a larger percentage of people lose than win.

    There are ways to transform the game into something worth playing though, while making it possible for more people to make money. This would require a major overhaul of the game, but it would make the game more playable for more people, and ultimately bring in more money for the developers.

    1. Create two types of game currency. One is worth real world money, and the other is not. The game currency that is not worth real money cannot be converted into real money. For the purposes of this example, we will call the one that can be converted into real money gold, and we will call the in-game credits with no cash value credits.

    2. Players can acquire skills, weapons, gear, etc. using either currency. So they can grind and earn an unlimited amount of credits, or they can purchase some gold, both of which can be used to advance in the game. And like many games with dual currencies (like SWTOR), the currency paid for with real money give you more bang for the buck.

    3. Players could setup a store front (which they may have to purchase with credits or gold). Weapons, gear and items that are acquired via credits cannot be sold back to the game for gold, however, they can be sold to other players for gold. The game takes a percentage as a transaction fee (similar to how payment processing companies take 2% to 3% of every transaction made). This way, even free to play players can grind, find some rare items, and sell it to other players, making both the game and the player some money. And the purchaser gets something they want for their gold. It also adds an interesting market economy effect to the game as well.

    4. Items that are acquired with gold can be sold back to the game for gold.

    5. Players could buy land deeds, and other players can setup stores and apartments on that land. The land owner gets a portion of the credits or gold used to purchase the store or apartment. The landlord could also be given a small percentage from goods sold from any stores located in his property. This would provide an income source for virtual land owners, while creating a “city” of apartments and stores people can visit. You could even allow land owners to sell their land to other players, and people could pimp out their store or apartment and sell those to other players, at a profit.

    5a. If you wanted, you could even go so far as allowing land owners to draw roads and divide their land into plots, which other players could actually buy for apartments or stores. Someone could purchase a store, plop in on an available plot, and then pay gold or credits to upgrade their store with signs, its look and design, its color, its size, etc.

    6. Hunting, mining and other activities drop both credits and gold. Credits are based on how hard the activity is, while gold would be dropped randomly based on real gold available in the system. (As I mentioned earlier, if gold is based on real money, then the game can’t realistically give out more than it earns.) The game could designate a certain percentage of its income towards random drops to players.

    But, unfortunately, this is not how the game works. If it did, it would be much more enjoyable and would keep people loyal longer, and even make the developers more money in the long run.

    If someone actually makes such a game, this is a game I would play. It has the best of both worlds. I way to play without needing money from the start, a way to spend money to advance faster, and a way to actually make money in the game.

    • You made some good points there. I have been playing this for 9+ years, off and on. The game was good back in the start and on, but after implementation of cryengine, money grubbing started. So as an old time player I can tell you that without 200$ weekly you cannot get a decent gameplay(yeah this is the real cost). If you prefer to sweat or run around and pick fruit/dung, then your better of on some pay per click site, because you will definitely earn more. So when you start, 50$ should do, but later on your gonna need better armor, better gun, better mining finder or whatever is your perk, and if your not extremely lucky and get that big hof or ath or whatever, your gains will be 70%-75% at best. This is the real cost of the “free-play” project entropia-entropia-planet calypso free to play game.

  6. Haha! those votes were definately botted.. because this game surely isn’t worth the hype.. this is project entropia with a new name don’t be fooled

  7. Planet Calypso? How many times will they rename this game! I remember playing this game during beta in the early 2000s. It was called Project Entropia. It was the most advanced game I’d ever seen back then and there was only 1 large city and an endless wild. I was playing on an old 500 MHZ back then and could never get near the city so I had to live in the wilds always being hunted and getting killed by the wildlife since all you could do is punch things as a pleb with no money.

    Then they renamed it to Entropia Universe, with very advanced character design, lots of new areas (that I never experienced myself). But of you are a pure F2P player who is new and just trying it out. You can’t do -ANYTHING- but run around, collect sweat, and die. You can’t do combat. You have to become a sweatshop worker collecting sweat from things to sell to players for small numbers of PEDs.. You grind hard and long enough, maybe you can buy a weapon that will break sooner or later. The game requires real investment to enjoy. Be it time or real money. No joke about it. This isn’t for the casual free player. I had to use one of those GetPaidTo sites that are tailored for this game where you view ads and surveys and the people who run the site will login and pay you PEDs for it. I did that for a week and earned enough for a cheap gun and some ammo (shocked that site was even legit). Killed a few things then gave up on the game after i ran low on ammo.

    This game looked great back in the day, but by today’s standards it’s lacking a lot.

  8. Well I decided to play this game and ended up leaving it played for about a month as well.

    As a free to play guy this game can look innocent at first, but after a few days of playing you will come to the realization that you do need to put in some cash to get a better start from what I can tell its about $200 bucks and up.

    Here are some pros about the game though.
    1) The planets and open worlds are amazing, space is good too.
    2) Very nice graphics
    3) Easy controls
    4) Most items in this game look nice and well detailed.

    Cons however are pretty high for me.
    1) Game will have you restricted for years as a pure free to play the grind will be even more longer than your life will be even if you start at age 18.
    2) You almost have to put $200 dollars down at all to even get a remote chance.
    3) Game is pretty boring after taking in all the sites and as a free player your ability to move around is pretty limited unless you’re okay with running hours on end while trying to keep away from 1 hit mobs.
    4) There is no story to this game at all and missions are lacking you will spend most of your time sweating anyway.
    5) You are pretty much alone in most cases and sometimes its better to be alone than in a group.
    6) Hunting will get you no where and it will lose you ped in any form the way it works is understanding how to be eco with your weapons and to get the best return that isn’t the worse.
    7) Game content and updates are very little and minor and spread out vastly in time.
    8) Have to read a lot guides to get an understand of this game and researching almost as if you have to go to school just to learn how to play this game.

    For me this game isn’t a game at all to me and honestly it shouldn’t be listed as free to play. Its nice if you got some money to put down $1,000 if you really want to play this game, but be ready and know what your doing even that $1,000 dollars could disappear in the matter of seconds. I wouldn’t recommend this game though and the player base is thinning out “most are bots and not players”. I don’t see this game lasting for long and if another one like it comes out with a better marketing tactic I am sure this one will be forgotten quick.

  9. I have put in a month into this game so far as complete free to play and I must say this game is great if you know what to do… But the full enjoyment is only obtained by at least spending a minimum of $200 dollars at the least to get the full game out to a more of a starting point (its to buy skills mostly). Even then I had some help from other seasoned players to get a better head start at gaining skills, but the only way as a free to play user to gain any ped is by swunting and many months of grinding mobs with less than 100 hp within a few years you should be able to start earning small amounts of ped as extra income to spend its not much though…

    )Ya great game if you can get a head start going for yourself but don’t expect to be high level kitted out as a free to play player any time soon. Unless you pay your way you will be doing boring things for a while.

    )My other beef with this game is the lack of any story or missions with lure every game I play has to have at least something to do. Considering this is a game heavily impacted by real currency it feels it takes away some of the games charm.

    )Controls are a bit awkward sometimes and there is no way to have auto target function without having your mouse pointer on it in order to target.

    )When you first play the game at the start it will make a innocence imagine of the game with its mission structured perfectly. This will all change within a few days of playing when you find out just how hard it will be to get anywhere. (seems like a nasty marketing move).

    )The is beautiful to say in the least you can explore everywhere go to new planets/space its a game that gives you endless places to go and see.. (just wish they didn’t lock so much behind a pay wall really/but its understandable.)

    )The community is absolutely amazing even though I didn’t spend a single dime many people did come to my aid and help explain things fully.

    )You get a car at the start :).

    SO ya that is what I have gotten out of this game so far. I feel if they didn’t go the route of second life economy maybe thought of other ways to get this game going it would have got a few more things going for it as a free to play game. As of now I would say the game is stable but I feel like its not going anywhere honestly I feel this game may die at some point and be forgotten as there are already few people on at any time on certain planets (other words population is getting somewhat thin for how large the game is). I am sure if another game like it pops up with a more friendly system Mindspark will have a hard time.

  10. This Gmae is good. but dont play. dont download. the game cost real money. you wont see it till your free items decay. Its a Trap and evil way to make you pay.

  11. Planet Calypso…more like Planet CashIsGone. The former name Entropia Project. Took us 5 minutes to figure out the couple guys standing next to us at the newcomers limon stand entrance were targeting any new players to show up, scammers. Just 1 minute to uninstall this garbage afterwards. “Planet Calypso” was created for the sole purpose of making sure you lose no matter what you do in this “beautiful” world, worse than any real casinos where your dealt hand’s a certain losing streak. Hell in disguise. Shall we take you there?

  12. Beautiful, but pay for gameplay hours :/ bought shogun parts for 12$, advanced gun for 10$ and few ammos for 5$ its like costs 2$ for repair and ammos to kill a 1$ mob is really big loss, the free world, economics, mature people and not “selfish” pros are just my taste, i feel my wallet go skinny every mont but dont know what game that gets me free game play with mature people and beautiful world, i’d pay for virtual stuffs, but i wont pay for the “guaranteed” loss gameplay. the game costs like 2$ a month including ammos and repairs 25$ to begin with good gear but that does not count as free. reply this comment for the game that fits my taste with a point of gameplay, i really need suggestion for a new game with free gameplay that burn my money for better point

    • “i really need suggestion for a new game with free gameplay that burn my money for better point ”

      From your post and statements, this game is far from free. In fact, from what you have stated this game costs MORE than a standard monthly fee based MMO does to play!

      I’m glad I read these reviews first. I’d love to play a sci-fi MMO… but I would rather play Anarchy Online or Guild Wars II than pay for… what? Pay to shoot stuff in a “free game” ??

      • Well the honestly is he didn’t spend his money in the correct way (as intended). When you first start and want to add money you need to have skills in order to get any where and if you don’t have the proper skill to use those fancy guns you will notice a huge loss of 50-60% Most hunting is designed to make you lose at the start but understanding eco friendly guns at your level will give you a much more less noticeable loss around at max %90 if not sweating. The idea at making profit while hunting is to swunt which makes a small profit.

        • But to do that you will have to spend at least $200 bucks on skills alone. Their are places that have swunting groups but to get anywhere you need a high level sweating skill and high level gun skill…

    • after all the money u put in this “free2play” game to get even a normal start, u would have been better off with buying a game of your choice, thats not free 2 play but really the game u were looking for… so if u like sci-fi games i would suggest empyrion – galactic survival on steam, although this is still in development its allready better than this money grabbing game of mindark. and by the way in empyrion u can craft a spaceship and fly to other planets, u can build bases an other stuff. it is also (limited) multiplayer on different servers and singleplayer. and real good free2play game that just released is heroes & generals, online shooter with setting in ww2 where every content could be played free without spending money, only advantage u get with money is saving time to progress with your soldier…

  13. Been playing this game for quite some time..
    you can play somewhat free if you dont deposit ur pritty much dulled out since the pay atm is around 2 ped per hour at most.. this is hard work, remember doh u wont kill anything big with 2 peds.

    After alot of reading and research however you can turn the tables and auctully start gaining remember doh this will only sustain you, ofcourse you can get lucky but this is very rare, anyone below 18 should not play this game cause you need a Grown up mind and the knowledge that this game is not a game its a casino in its purest form..

    My tip start, Trading is the only way of making money play the AT(Auchtions) or like me start to loose money.. lots of money.. this game is worst then vegas but still i come back for more at times. make sure to start on ARKADIA and hunt the puns there they drop weps now.. also a new space VU is comming down the line.. we will see guys.

  14. Obviously from the lack of actual game they show you on the advertisement video here should tell us something, the game probably sucks.. I come to see a video on the game and spend 2/3’s of the video zooming through some planets, then they show you 2 seconds of actualy gameplay.. And just the way these morons try tpo describe the game, sounding like they are trying to sell you some snake oil or something… You know when people are trying this hard to sell you something something is up.. The posts i read about people being scammed out of some money sound about right to me, i knew the game sounded iffy from the obvious lack of gameplay they are willing to show you, and yeah, the graphics and gameplay look like shit

  15. yeah…pretty much like a casino…..the graphics are amazing…futuristic world…..a lot of options…
    …at first u get addicted to the game ….but later u are going to realize that when u run out of guns or ammo….u have to either pay real American dollars or abandon the game…….well , if u want to spend ur free time …probably for few weeks…and want to see how a futuristic world looks like…great game for time pass….it doesnt work out for a long term…….if u want a long term game..go for the best mmorpg of the world(currently) of warcraft…it paid…$14/month…but its totally worth it….its the best game to get addicted to for a long run

    • if you think WOW is best game ever? you have not played the recent expansion, they have killed the game.. I started with wow in beta vanilla. this new expansion has killed everything and is why I am sitting here looking for a new game.

        • have you found a nice mmorpg yet? most of the good ones are either in development or is in closed beta….. I really want to play a decent mmorpg… im bored with MOBA’s and FPS already…

          • go guildwars 2 its awesome. sure its more about character customization and storyline’s but i am having alot of fun with it. that bëing said i only play as a pass time and i have only put real money into that game twice now because im trying to keep my expense’s under control since im living of of a social service’s inkome

    • World of Warcraft really isn’t the best MMORPG out there…

      The only reason players think so it’s because it’s extremely popular in the online gaming world…

  16. Uninstalled after 1-day playing.
    Spending a lot of money for merely graphical computer cosmetics is quite… well, “not me”.

  17. As mentioned on a lot of the other reviews, this game gets expensive real quick.

    If you don’t mind sweating the animals for free sweat for hours a day, then trying to sell that sweat for a pea shooter of a gun, then shooting Level 1 animals for a few hours, then gathering sweat again this game is for you.

    If you want to fly around in spaceships, shooting large animals, and wearing nice clothes, be prepared to spend at least $500 real money in game.

    I used to play this game before they adopted the CryEngine, and it was a heck of a lot better.

    If you are rich, go for it. If you never pay money to play online games, don’t bother.

  18. Its like “Star Trek Online” the games model anyway, its advertised as free to play but at some point you realize its a totalitarian society which shadows the pay to win scheme. The only difference here is that they allow game currency to be traded for real world currency. Typical of mmos like this, you will at some point run into a wall as the only way to progress further requires upfront real world money. And secondly mmos of this model tend to limit how much you can either spend extract from your virtual bank in limbo land.

  19. Played this game for 9 months back in 05-06 made 3 grand a month playing 7-9 hours a day. This game is not for kids. If you want to make money you do not need money you need an intricate understanding of the games history, present state and potential future. You need a brain. If you do not understand the game or have knowledge you should talk to others, sweat, trade, learn about the other players as through social interaction is how you profit.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to ask either because I tried that and got scamed out of $50 bucks so ya don’t ask others for anything

      But rather than that ya you need a brain and to know not to trust anything anyone has to tell you when it comes to using real money you will get scamed well before you realize it.

    • Ya your best comment is from 10 years ago when this game was actually good… I’ve also played for 10+ years and this money grubbing stuff started after they became planet calypso (changed engine to cryengine)…So if you don’t have any recent comments, better not comment at all. Ah yeah, back in 05-06 you didn’t need a brain, because it was easy to hof….

    • This comments comes from a player who played back in “05-06″… So, obviously it was a decent game back then(sigh). So it’s best to post a comment about the “current” state of the game…

  20. My avatar name is young axander alexander. So what is the game really like?

    I have had so much fun, so much real combat & learning experience & so many puzzles that I reckon it is worth the price (& price there is). The scenery is gorgeous – altho an old bloke like me may appreciate such things rather more than others.

    I like nothing more than Munting (mining & hunting) – well you see it’s like this. Mining sounds a bit dull – you prospect or whatever & then find a claim & sit on it & mine – yawn?? Noooo!

    Think exploring in fabulous terrain, dropping a probe (Ka-Boom) Ding a claim to the SE 40m but look out the Mob is nearby, how to extract that claim? How to fight the Mob off (what tf is a Mob – wat EU calls – stuff to kill & wat will kill you) moving 100m in a precise pattern you repeat. Mining necessitates Hunting – & you better be good at both.

    I hope that I have given you a small flavour of what is required. Point – skills are accumulated by doing stuff. Hunting, Mining, Sweating (shudder – actually great fun, if you only do it occasionally), Crafting, Trading etc.

    However, the great thing about skills is that you actually acquire them yourself – ie. yes you get skill points but – well let me give an example. This is from an em I wrote to my Tutor – Dirk Tomlin a Colonel in The Knights of Entropia great society that you may join.

    “The reason I couldn’t hit the target during our first hunt was that I didn’t have my cross hairs up. Was in Aim mode ok but thort the diamond was the same as the Xhairs. Also holding down both Ctrl & Shift doesn’t make for a smooth takeoff for a VTOL. From that I realised should have taken the mission at HMBay – so went back & completed them. Wound up at Cape Corinth with Burkin’s Knife & CDF FaceGuard. Then went to Camp Icarus did a few missions and discovered the large training ground that it is. After a bit of fun with the Stampede I decided to try Knifefighting out – not my usual thing you see – the D&D being all dice & tables and a long time ago.

    So I systematically massacred trainloads of puny & built my skills having got a Castorian Survivor from TT. Determined to reach Lv3 so as to use the Burkin. Also explored widely east beyond OilF & S to beaches, hunting all the time. Then W crossed river to PA. Need a service centre handy of course to sharpen that bloody knife. N to NSwampC where the L3 Exosaur & Combibo copped a battering for several days until I outpaced them. Crossed river & ran back to Icarus but only got half way & L7 Argonaut kindly Td me there. Back to NSCamp more slaughter then ran to OrthosWM via a revival at Lus Nus? Then S from OWM to Oil field & Wasteland Camp & so to Icarus. Did plenty Daikiba Stampeding in b/bw all this.

    Then Fort Troy &L3 Kerbaros & Aleph? L18 at the beach. So ran N hunting/exploring & must have got half way when a L10 Drone took no prisoners & sent me to Osere. Great place – full service inc Auc & TP + for me plenty of L3-7 Kerbaros & Caudergatus so spent several days whacking them – all with the knife, except a shot to bring ‘em out of the herd. Also explored all about – noting Robot Troopers to W near lake.

    When I got to L6 Kfighter(H) took off to NW making for TwinP – found a track going EW so went E to coast (figured might be another TP whatever) but ran into & away from L18 Atrox but a L9 Atrax had spotted me altho I gave it whatfor was not quite enough so wound up at – Outpost?? Which doesn’t have TP – msg sed somwthing about adding to map but I missed it, There does appear to be a dot there (Lon: 80424, Lat:74512). Know anything about it – is the ‘dot’ the map entry? I mean you wouldn’t spot it if didn’t know where it was.

    And there you go!
    That is a true record of my exploits as related to my mentor – incidentally, if you are serious in playing get a Mentor – you will learn a lot faster & graduation prizes, really valuable stuff – great Armour & a randy Red Vehicle!

    Dirk took me on a Grad road trip to Space – spent a week on TOULAN! Fabulous!!!

  21. Been playing in EU since 29th Dec 2013! So what do I think of this game?


    BUT as the first post says – not for kids! – of all ages!!
    This is a Gamers Game. If you are not experienced or at least confident of your abilities – DO NOT ENTER!
    If you reckon that you can handle it – go for it full bore.

    Now there has been much blather above concerning cost/casino blah blah blah. Heat, kitchen stay out of – get the picture?

    As it happens I have extensive experience of Casinos – BlackJack, Craps, etc. get real – if you want to gamble go to a real ripoff joint. There are plenty about – I could tell you how to have a good time there – BUT not how to win. Because you CANNOT – they are games of NEGATIVE expectation. (look it up)

    EU is NOT a casino. EU is NOT a game of negative expectation. You can actually make a profit in EU. It IS a game of real money. I am making US$100+ per month (I shall NOT tell you how). This is paying for a quite handsome style of play. Yippee! No cost – don’t kid me.

    OK I have spent US$450 to establish + US$800 for my business – which is turning a profit as mentioned. I estimate that the business will fund future play + perhaps more – we shall see.

    • this games been a major known rip off for many years, changing its name etc ,, you sound like a child whose clueless or, like one said, paid to promote a fail game

    • You’re obviously either a staff member or a paid player to say all of that nonsense…

      What’s hilarious is that you’re trying to make all of the comments that have criticized this game seem like trolling material(which without doubt consists of 85% of the comments).
      So please just get a life and stop spreading lies about this abomination…

  22. In RL I am a retired physics academic/software eng. & turned 68 last april . I have a reasonable income sufficient to indulge my whims which include a lifetime of gaming. I perused the info at Planet Calypso, Entropedia, EntropiaForum, some EU Socs, Wiki, various gaming review sites, including this one in Dec 2013.

    I have been gaming since 1970 – some tactical but preferred strategic WWII. All sorts subsequently but mainly strategic or non-combative logical. However, I started playing D&D in 74, developed a dungeon, ran a group, developed my own computer turn generated FRPs & ran a PBM gaming business for ~12yrs – great little loss maker, wrote my computer upgrades off tax! Played ‘Adventure’ on the ARPnet (research science tool – precursor of internet). Then got into strategic computer based space games Starweb, Stars turn based server processed. Then logic/exploration such as Myst & Riven from CYAN. Last few years MOUL (Myst Online – Uru Live) which I completed solo – no mean trick. I backed their next on Kickstarter. It is called Obduction (sic) to the tune of ~A$1k – they will build an ‘Easter Egg’ for me in the game – going to immortalise my dog.

    Been playing in EU since 29th Dec 2013! So what do I think of this game?

    • Sadly, the videos that I have seen for this game show me very little of the game play, battles, etc. The video included in THIS review shows nothing but marketing hype (planets zipping past in space, a lone soldier standing on a hill …. sheesh). Your review has given me some interest in researching a bit more, but if it was not for you – I would be returning this to the shelf…

  23. Entropia was super fun in 2002 2003 – you could kill little mobs that coughed up stuff like hawaii pattern undies. Mobs used to attack one another! It was awesome. Then loot was more or less removed.

    However, it turned into a huge cash sink.
    It went with CRYENGINE. Friend who works for crytek thinks that’s rather insane. You should see how the game loads on an average computer and lowest settings while still threatening to overheat. Yuck.
    It would cost me perhaps 1k euro in upgrades to play the game choppily on medium settings.

    The comment about sinking cash into the game — you can invest and invest but don’t you dare leave the game for more than a year, they delete your stuff and leave you with TT value (in my case imp mk2). When they say Sink Money into the game, we’re not talking about a few hundred ero. We’re talking tens of thousands of euro, ruined lives and a couple of success stories. It is like a slot machine that only pays out once a year and only if you buy the machine first so the money you put in each time to have a chance at all is less and less — you upgrade gear to be more cost efficient and you pay and you pay and it cashes out for someone else. That is the game.

    That said it’s beautiful, you can zoom in to view the texture of a jacket. Cool! Also, it has a terribad and selfish community unless you happen to have spent 50k euro or more.

  24. I definitely think games of the future should include ways for the player to earn real time money, it brings a great sense of realness to the game and of course it makes the player happy =).

    • Thats the lamest thing I have ever on a forum… “I definitely think games of the future should include ways for the player to earn real time money, it brings a great sense of realness to the game and of course it makes the player happy =).”

      So basically, what I get from this is “I think games should include real money making so my lazy fat ass doesn’t have to get off the computer and get a real working job like most of the world.” GTFO! stop being an idiot. REALNESS?!? How about putting a real gun controlled by your computer with live ammo in front of you, then whenever you get shot you can FEEL how real it is. Games are meant to be a fantasy world for people to escape into, not another reality where someone goes to make money instead of having any real social skills or responsibility for that matter. Idiots like you should be euthanized to prevent further retardation in the world.

      We really don’t need a REAL “Idiocracy”…

      • Already got Second life and people make a living actually selling stuff on there. You hardly ever hear about any of that stuff though. Though there was a Second Life documentary that was made couple years ago.

  25. You can play this game for $15/month, or even for free. But problem is most people dont have the Patience to play at such a low level, they want to move on the the bigger stuff as soon as possible.

    So they get weapons they cant afford, or are skilled enough to use properly. Then they hunt mobs that are to big for them. Then the result is the loose their months deposit in 2 hours. Then cry on websites like this that the game is a rip off.

    This is a game for mature players, if you cant be financially responsible for yourself, then this game is not for you.

    But if you are level headed. Have a lot of patience, then you will find this very rewarding, and once you are hooked no other game can compare.

  26. I have been playing this game now for only 1 wk. In that time, I have spent a lot of money in this game. I have very little to show for it. The game is very hard on noobs, and as a noob, I don’t think a person stands ANY chance of making a profit – period. Even if you spend a whole lot of money. Some reviewers (a very few, I noted) say there’s possibility of making money after you’ve been at it for years – that speaks for itself.

    I will try the game a little longer, maybe get a mentor. I want to see how I fee after a few months of playing. I suspect I am making a poor decision now, but I will see if those few above who give this game good reviews have even a little truth to what they say.

    Percz Perzivahl Vahlia

  27. well this has changed a lot over the past 5 years….
    Now it s a bit less expensive of what it used to be, but the couterpart is small mobs don’t give jackpot anymore (you could win at least 1000$ on any monster before,now it s gone, loots are “capped”) so it s less interesting cause you need high level gear to earn big ….
    the higher the level the more you have to invest … to play “at level” cost 10$ for a day at lv 1 for ex. then it s 20$,30$ ,100$ etc so soon you reach your wallet limit and cannot progress, or at VERY VERY slow rate ….if you have no life (and buddha patience) or a big wallet it s a good game…. but everything in beeween ( tons of cash or thousands of hours) = 95% fail and quit

    • Well Tribal, here is my response. Play at your level. You can’t expect to win 1000 dollars on an investment of a 10 cents weapon and a 5 cents suit of armor. To get the big peds you need the big guns. But once again it all comes down to money. And for that I must say this, this is a game first and foremost. Yes you can win money at it, but first it is a game, and you must go into it for the pleasure of playing the game rather than winning money, because if you are looking just to win money you are on a quick trip to nowhere’s ville. But understand this, 90 percent of all games, or any entertainment period cost some type of money, so that is what you are paying for, entertainment. If you want to make money, best to just get a job.

  28. I see a lot of people have caught on as to what this “game” really is about, but it seems a few are still deluded :).

    This is not really a MMORPG, but an online casino that pretends to be one. In this casino, there are three slot machines you can play. They are called “hunting”, “mining”, and “crafting”.

    Each of them features win rate that is actually LOWER what you will get on slots in any semi-reputable online (or live, for that matter) casino. And each spin (i.e. click of he mouse – be it firing a shot, or scanning for resources) costs you real money.

    Whatever you deposit, don’t expect to get it back. And some people have reportedly sunk thousands of dollars into this game, chasing their “Hall of Fame” jackpots, not unlike people with gambling addition in actual casinos.

    What I find most repugnant about this whole concept is that all this happens under the guise of “playing a game”. When you walk into a casino, you make a conscious decision…you know what you are getting into. Not here.

    According to it’s creators it’s a “unique” game that features “real cash economy”.

    What they don’t mention is that this “unique economy” closely mirrors what the gambling industry has been doing for years to grab as much of your cash as possible.

    The psychological trick of displaying lucky hits by other payers in chat (you CAN’T turn these messages off), and marketing stunts publicizing “success stories” are all designed to strike your gambling gene and make you deposit. The mission design (so called IRON challenges – kill 10,000+(!) of a given mob) is clearly meant to persuade you to play the “hunting” slots more an more.. whatever the virtual reward may be (usually some sort of skill increase) keep in mind that completing some these missions – at higher end – will in fact cost you the equivalent of thousands of real US dollars.

    To top it all off though, there is one simple fact: there’s absolutely no reward in terms of your win rate or success ratio as you progress in the game and develop your avatar. In fact it only grants you the dubious “privilege” of being able to gamble at higher stakes.

    In other words: to hunt a bigger mob, you obviously need a better (i.e. more expensive!) gun and armor.. and it costs you more ammo to kill it.. but remember, your expected win rate (in the form of loot drops) still sits at the same, NEGATIVE value…can you see where that leads…?

    Yeas. well, oops… Congratulations, sucker, you’ve just been duped into sending yet more money MA’s way ;).

    There will obviously be people, mostly long-time players defending the game (well I am sure it holds a lot of “real cash” value to them ;). One of the things they’ll tell you is that it’s possible to get by on a small budget, equivalent to a monthly subscriptions to other games. Well, this is actually true. There are two problems with this line of thought though.

    A little money will get you by at low levels for a fair bit of time, if you spend it very judiciously. However, it won’t be able to support your of advancement beyond a certain point, meaning you just won’t get to hunt these big mobs and chase those big “HoFs”… yes ( – you got it – :), unless you keep on increasing your weekly/monthly deposit. In other words, there’s really no point in spending that first $10 if you are not planning on depositing at least hundreds of dollars in the future.

    The second problem is: there are literally dozens of excellent games nowadays that will get you far more entertainment value for your buck. I dare say, for whatever aspect of Entropia you like, there’s a game out there that does it better. Be it sheer complexity, open world, PvP, engaging crafting, space warfare, trading.. you name it – I can name a game.

    And if it’s the “real cash” gambling aspect that you like, there are tons of online casinos that offer you better odds of winning. And most of them don’t delay processing of your withdrawals for months, as MindArk reportedly does.

    Finally: in terms of pure MMO experience (just remember you won’t get to “experience” much at all unless you deposit) the game is actually decent. For a long time gamer like me, it has some of the old-school charm and atmopsphere reminiscent of the classics like Asheron’s Call and Anarchy Online. The skill advancement system is similar to Ultima Online. The visuals are nice. Yet even after being 10 years in development the game, there are some pretty horrific bugs and problems (egg. relatively frequent client crashes, falling through the ground and getting stuck in terrain etc.).

    To sum it all up. If you are filthy rich and don’t appreciate advice on how not to part with your money, this may actually be a game for you ;). However, if you are normal person that prefers to get good value for their money, look the other way.. there are tons of of better and less expensive alternatives.

    It may be a harsh statement, but in my eyes this “game” is borderline scam, and while I am not a lawyer – I wonder if a closer look by an expert in the gambling field could result in some interesting findings.

    • Dear vvex, I must admit that was a very eloquent and well put together review. However, there are several stages at which I must disagree. Yes it is like a casino, but whether the odds are as good or not as a casino, is very debatable, and so is the concept of whether you can lose as much here as you could at a casino, or online gambling. In fact I feel this game is an excellent alternative to gambling for several reasons. First is money factor, you can walk into a casino or online gambling and drop 10,000 dollars on the table and lose it within 3 seconds. That is not going to happen here. First of all your initial deposit is limited, meaning you can only deposit so much, I think either 20 or 100 dollars and after that there are more limits, including monthly limits. Second the weapon you use, and the animal you hunt is limited by your skills, which means that you are not going to just walk in the door Hunting an animal that will cost you a ton of cash to kill, in fact that animal will kill you before you can even get off 3 shots at it. Not only that but people who have been playing for years still are not hunting animals that cost more than about 5 dollars to hunt, which is a 50 ped animal. A 50 ped animal is for the highly advanced, and I do mean highly. Third you can immediately buy land shares in the game. Land shares give you a percentage of what Planet Calypso makes on a weekly basis, meaning you get paid every week whether you play or not, so what casino does that? Then you can use that income from the land shares to play the game, with no money out of pocket (Like I do), you can at any point sell the land shares and put the money right back into your account (I just withdrew 10,000 peds equaling 1000 us.) Next is the fun factor. I get nothing out of sitting in front of a slot machine, or throwing dice, from an entertainment standpoint, doing that is a joke. This game allows you to use your brain and negotiation skills to trade with other players, make and sell weapons and clothes, join an army and compete for land areas that pay the winners a weekly income for 4 weeks after the win, meet people from all over the world and talk, play, have parties, buy your own shop to sell items, or trade for free at twin peaks, buy an apartment for socializing or socialize freely out in the open at no charge, fly to different planets, become a friend to the newbies or a pirate to ransack ships of real money. Need I go on? Stone

      • A few points in response to this:

        1. Basically what you are advocating is “gambling responsibly” in the game. Well – it’s still gambling. And my *very major* gripe – one that you have not addressed at all – is that MindArk is dishonest when they advertise the game as F2P (it’s anything but), and tout their “Real Cash Economy” without as little as a mention that it’s luck / chance based. In my opinion this is just not acceptable.

        When you walk into a casino, go on a tilt and blow $1k (or whatever amount is significant enough to you) on slots, you’ve only got yourself to blame. When you know nothing about gambling, and find yourself drawn into a gambling scenario while playing a “game”, it’s a different thing altogether.

        2. I am glad that you’re actually making profit, but I am pretty sure you know where that money comes from. It’s not a zero-sum game by any stretch, money gets taken out all the time by MindArk and (I assume) a few profitable players.

        So, it follows that the money you earn comes from losing players, whom you have found a way of directly – or indirectly – exploiting (such as by trading, for example). And the vast majority of players, (and that includes very close 100% of new players) lose money while playing Entropia, there’s just now way around this.

        3. While I agree the odds point is a bit moot, both blackjack and roulette obviously give you better odds than whatever MindArk are able to put on the table (they need to keep the game going after all).

        In some casinos even slot machines offer 87%-90+% win rates, which is as good as you can get in EU (and most players will fall well below that figure).

        And remember, MindArk are free to manipulate these win rates without as much as a notice to the players.

      • There is one negative point about this game which seems to always “disappear”. This game is actually so “close” to reality that it even bring out its dark side.

        This game is literally the result of what mankind would become if there weren’t any laws except for the law of physics and if human were able to automatically clone themselves upon death. Where am I going? At a simple point : Crime syndicate.

        This game is literally RUN by something we can officially call a crime syndicate. I’m not speaking about the developers, but about the players. In this game, all is game so people can shoot each other and wage war as they want. In this game, resources worth real money. In this game, recognized resources points are limited. Add those 3 facts and you get exactly what this game and its predecessor (it’s the 2nd project from the same company) which involve the fact that every points which are known to be abundant in resources are monopolized by groups that shoot anything on site with a 10km radius around those soils.

        The unique side of the game which involve real money value directly transferable within the game in both direction is also the weak point of the game because it add the only thing that make the game not a game anymore : the ability of gain. So this game is not really a game, but a sport in which the athlete or teams are digital figures.

        One major point in this concept that is also another weakness. Players are more prompt to bad things because they feel protected by the anonymity given by the fact that this is a game. Kill, loot, own and be as much as a d*ck as you like, nobody in real life will ever give you any trouble. Back stab people, steal them and make a little fortune and the only thing that might happen will be that you will have you nickname appear in some video game blogs and maybe even in the news and nobody will ever come to arrest you. That is why I’m saying that this game is like a crime syndicate.

  29. Ive been playing this game for a long time now, and like the comments on this page, yes you do need three critical things;

    1- Maturity- this gameing community is made up of mainly 20+ year olds. I even have a friend online who is 76 years of age. No one online likes young players mainly due to the run and gun mentality and whining. This game defeats that run and gun mentality though. You could buy the biggest gun ever and only deal 1 point of dmg with it. Damage is determined by how long youve used the series of weapons, not the weapon itself.

    2- Money- This game has a real world Economy. yes you can make lots of money but honestly only if you have been playing for years like me and others. You dont just walk in and make money, you lose your butt. and ive watched more players go into debt with no returns in this game then anything else. Ive only seen two people make a living in the game. Please do not go into this without a buisness mindset, that is what this game is. Very serious, lots of fun, but dangerous if you do not understand that this is no ordinary gameing world. it is a buisness game.

    3- patience- You wont be able to do much without money. Hunting, mining and crafting are not only very expensive, but very time consuming. You’ll be stuck hunting lv 0-10 the first 2 months of hard gaming.

    Overall however, this game is simply amazing with its game play, social interaction and graphics. If your a hardcore gamer and thinker, then i invite you to come into a world of ultimate potential. good luck if you get in, the learning curve is up the roof and the challenge here is near impossible without a brilliant mind. You cant go solo. you have to make friends and business partners to even flirt with making money.

    Online my name is Uber William Soldat. Dont abuse it. If you need some help, look me up. ill be more then happy to “mentor” you in the game.


  30. I just realized that although I gave my thoughts on the game, I really didn’t explain the game itself, also I will respond to some of the comments made by other players. The game starts off as what seems to be a rather simplistic first person shooter. You are given a basic set of clothes, and after a tutorial or two, a weapon, some ammo, crafting supplies and mining equipment. Once you learn the basics, which with respect to using the gun is fairly simple-just shoot the animal before it kills you- then you are allowed to transport to the planet of Calypso. When you enter the world of Calypso you will be immediately recognizable as a newbie, affectionately known as “noob” by your crappy clothes and clueless knowledge of the planet. Most likely someone will take pity on you and ask you to join their society and sign them up as a mentor. This does not cost anything, in fact you are doing them a favor, because, besides the prestige of having a society with the most members, if you finish your mentorship, you, as well as your teacher get some free valuable equipment. If you run out of ammo or a gun, many times another member will give you a gun or some ammo, so you can keep going in the game. If you care to do things on your own, you can join what they call a sweat group, in which you (with a free tool provided to you by the game) can go out and extract sweat from various animals. This sweat can then very easily be sold to other members of the game in exchange for money or items. At this point you still have not spent a penny of your own money. You can explore, meet new people, fly or walk to different parts of the planet, or bum rides around town or even to different planets where you may be able to obtain other free items. All of the whole time that you are doing this you will basically be a nobody, just a lowly noob, begging for help around the game. However what you will notice is that there are other people driving fancy vehicles, flying space ships and wearing fantastic outfits, looking great. People will have their cars and boats, and even flying brooms parked here and there, and the whole time you will notice news flashes going across the bottom of the screen saying that Member X or Member Z just won 2000 peds or 50 peds, or 100 peds. This is a constant every 3 seconds someone won some money. And all you need was 3 peds to buy a weapon and some ammo. Now don’t believe what the stupid people above say about having to constantly buy new weapons because the old ones break, because from the very start of the game, or any time in between, you are allowed to buy a very cheap unlimited weapon called an opallo. It only cost about 30 cents and you can get it just from selling sweat alone. And you still have not spent one penny of your own money. Now here comes the bad part. Lets say you are not satisfied just being a noob and begging here and there and hunting little puny creatures. Lets say you want to be an “Uber” with spaceships and cars and a whole legion of followers ready to team up with you and go into battle. That is where pure moolay comes into play (Money). If you want the major skills and the major weapons, and the fine clothes, then it costs. But here is the payoff. All it takes is 1 and I mean just 1 major find or major loot from an animal or from crafting the right item, and you will get it all back in triple. Early on in my career I killed an itty bitty animal that was worth 700 dollars, and in the game that is 7 thousand peds. Do you know what you can buy with 7000 peds? You have the choice to either withdraw it from the game, straight into your bank account or spend it on lavish guns and armor and skills and vehicles. So the whole point of all the reviews above is, that if you are in las vegas playing penny slots and walking around with no shoes on begging, quite naturally you are not going to have a good time, and you will leave a review similar to what is above. But if you come to las vegas with a decent amount of cash, sit down on one of the big tables and put down a big bet and win, next thing you know you have your own suite on the top floor and you down at the shop buying diamond rings, with show girls on each arm. Same thing.

    • Major problem is they are stating the game is free to play which isn’t the case at all. They are trying to prier to people who want to spend loads of money on a game to be a Pro to say and have control over everything. I am disappointed by the way they wanted to make the game like SecondLife. Cool that its free but your basically a nobody in there and that’s how they want you to be.

    • lol sweat for 10 cents a day this game is ponzi scheme garbage and its a shame a actual “real cash economy” term is now tied to it forever when it could have been great they -2m in 2010 out of pure greed you would make more in a 3rd world country sweat shop then playing this game. You sound like indian outsourced MA/Caly rep lol

  31. I learned about this game right on this web site around 3 years ago and have been playing it ever since. I pretty much gave up all other video games after I started this one, and coming from a gamer that has played hundreds, maybe even thousands of video games for the past 40 years ever since Pong was invented, that is saying a lot. After I started playing this game it was very difficult to go back to a normal video game because they all started to seem like kid stuff compared to this. Most video games have cartoon type animation with computer controlled characters, or they are an online game where a computer either controls who you are teamed up against or you choose from your limited friend list. This game is completely different. The characters in this game are real people, each with their own hidden agenda. Not an agenda that dictated by some story driven plot set out by the game, but an agenda that is dictated by their own personalities and strategy to succeed in the game. And when I say succeed, I don’t mean win, because there is no real winning or losing in the game, what there is, is people who can move ahead of other people in terms of generating money, skills, or social status, just as in real life. The money you are dealing with in this game is real money, and therefore the stakes and decisions you make in the game can affect you not only in the game, but in real life. We are talking about thousands and even hundreds of thousands that can be made or lost in this game. You can buy a gun that cost 10 cents, or 10,000.00 dollars (for real), it just depends on whether you want to hunt a animal that is worth 1 cents, or 20,000 dollars. As a result the game takes on new meaning, almost as if life decisions are being made. As a result when you wake up and start playing the game there is a higher purpose than just entertainment, and suddenly other games pale in comparison. Also you start to know the people in the game, people from different countries all over the world. Each of them able, and many times willing to teach you something about the game. You can develop friendships even love interests in the game. You can take a friend swimming at a secluded beach, or put on your best armor and fight a animal that might give 100,000 peds, which amounts to 10,000.00 US, or get in a space ship and fly to a different planet. There are robbers, bandits, sweet loveable people, and people seeking social glory as CEOs or Generals. This game is like non other in the history of the world, at least not to my knowledge.

    • “This game is like non other in the history of the world, at least not to my knowledge.” then you should check out EVE Online. EVE is truly the only game that is like no other.

  32. Lawl these people prolly played the game to make money off of the creators of the game, such as mining, or hunting. Thats not where you make the money, I put 25 bucks in 4 months ago, which gave me a decent starting amount. Since then I lost it all trying to hunt and mine… but I figured it out and now I am almost back to even 😀 4 months for 3 bucks is worth it in my opinion not to mention one day I shall become a space pilot :d Second life is ok, but no space element which kinda sucks. I play eve online, another one where it pays to make a lot of isk(ingame money) to pay for my membership. This game has a very high learning curve, and you have to be willing to break some morals to make it in this game, but you can easily make money. I dont want to give away how, because then more people will start doing it, and then I wont make as much off of the newbs 😛 Just remember one thing, if you were a game creator, would you make the easiest thing to do pay out the highest? I think not .

  33. Im downloading the game right now and i have some experience with the game and i must say that u reallly need to pay for something but u can play it with 10dollars per month just need to be smart and calculate things u buy dont be scared (as i was :)) at the beginning because u need to pay ,,a lot” its just few dollars per month game is OK and for me best i played till now 😛 i love the game andi bet you will love it too 🙂 and graphics (i cant believe i forgot them o.o”) are STUNNINGLY BEAUTYFUL!

  34. Im downloading the game right now and i have some experience with the game and i must say that u reallly need to pay for something but u can play it with 10dollars per month just need to be smart and calculate things u buy dont be scared (as i was :)) at the beginning because u need to pay ,,a lot” its just few dollars per month game is OK and for me best i played till now 😛 i love the game andi bet you will love it too 🙂

  35. Want to deposit – money will be taken from your bank instantly.

    Want to withdrawal – expect a HUGE delay.

    Last (only) withdrawal I did – requested it in February, finally received the funds in bank account a few days ago at end of May… sad for a game that says it’s a ‘real cash economy’. It a real cash drain is what it really is.

  36. Mindark are VERY VERY rich.

    A few of their SELECT players are ‘quite’ well off.

    MOST of the people who gamble at this are poor…or about to become poor.

    Enjoy…the world needs more poor westerners 🙂

  37. first of all this is not a F2P its free to explore,playing the game as in actually hunting,mining,crafting,and such requires money to be deposited although theres is the method of sweating to get free ped your better off doing a extra hour at your workplace and depositing it in game,second of all, all of these bad reviews former players leave that’ its a waste of money is false whether they managed their money wisely in this game or not is up to them they made stupid money choices and say this game sucks, think of this game as a casino theres a chance of win and a chance of loss, complaining that you didn’t win here is like complaining that you didn’t win in a game of blackjack, also even if you don’t win ped if u hunt.mine,craft the money you spent is actually invested in skill the higher the skill the better odds you have to make the success window less unsuccessful so for all those bad reviews your just mad you made poor decisions this game isn’t made for people who expect big results by just dumping tons of money its like complaining why you pay 50 bucks a month for WOW just stop playing and save everyone the drama for your complains

    • …Nobody pays $50 a month for WoW. It’s about $15 a month. With that, you get to mine, craft, hunt, PvP, do dungeons, do raids, socialize, have multiple characters, and get loot drops from literally everything you kill.
      To actually do anything but explore in this game – which is actually Entropia Universe – it costs real money. Much more than $15 a month, in fact. It shouldn’t be labelled as a “free game” if cash is required to actually play.
      The fact that you compared it to a casino – which is a gaming establishment designed to make people spend more money than they win – says a lot about it, and it’s very accurate.

  38. This game was the most regrettable waste of time and money, in my entire life.
    I have warned everyone I know off of this casino. Now I’m warning you!

  39. lol this game is good btw and also for whos saying this game not for kid ok then what about wow any baby at 6 years old can join and piss alot ppls.!’lol

  40. Raul you sound like a huge dumbass, half of your sentences dont even make sense. Why would i believe anything you say when you sound like a complete idiot.

  41. here i got i gues so i put some hours in to it and talked to some long time pros basically if your looking for a free to play game this is not it you will likely not be able to do much that is fun for free i will type more as i get a better grasp but this game is so vast that really i think that the people who will play it are going to have to put money in to it to enjoy it.

  42. well i am not going to lie these comments make this game very intimidating but i am going to push throw it and give a comment about the game so look forward to it ^^

  43. The game is not free. You get 1 gun and when it runs out, you have to pay real money to recharge it. They even charge you $10 just to quit the game!!!

    It is virtually impossible to earn enough money in game to actually play it and to do that you have to play a single glass and work full time grinding. This is a pay to grind game with mediocre graphics and poor combat and largely uninteresting quests.

    I really wanted to like this game and wasted an entire weekend trying to find something valuable in it. Not worth the time or bandwidth to download.

  44. This game suck if you don’t buy credits
    If you want to play for free whit no buying PED’s you will sweet 90% of the time and the other 10% you will kill mobs 😀 😀

  45. not a game for kids. let me correct that. this is not a game. i played it when its still new the website its like a corporate website i dont know where to begin. but now. i love it as i got older. but yeah. its a social game. even you see laser guns and armor in video in youtube or wherever. its not an action game. its a social game. and a very profitable social game if you know how to do it. hell you can buy a house from it. a real house. true story.

  46. So you’d say it’s viable for a new player to succeed at the game without paying loads of cash in order to do so?
    I’ve always had a soft spot for sci-fi and I’m on the look for a new MMO to play so this one seemed interesting, but I was put off by all the other comments.

  47. This game is just awsome, when you sink into it you will play it for many years. The biggest + of this game is its community, so mature and helpfull. And no, you dont have to spend a lot of money to have fun… It always depends only on you.

  48. It’s a game full of shame.
    And who’s to blame for that name? Like a tame flame goin round the same train where I used to have fame with the lame loot to claim.
    The terrain goes miles before the rain drops tear the frame off the roots of superficial grain.

  49. ok are there games like this that where you DON’T have to put money in for things i am searching for a game like this but that also looks like dayZ if someone got an idea for me let me now

    • Well I have 2 suggestions of some nice games you can play that doesn’t need money to play but you can put in a small amount of money to get alot of money in them but anyway:

      Second Life, you can do basically anything,be anybody and such and so forth but then theres a thing must be 18+ cuz it got some XXX stuff in there but you gotta verify account to have access to that other wise it’s all ok.You make good frendz good enemies and all that in-world. You can fly or buy ( if u have enough linden ” L ” ) a plane of helicopter or get freebies and such to do travel but other then that it’s safe to play. I give Second-Life 4 1/2 stars cuz well it’s almost an actual Second Life.

      IMVU, it’s not my type of Social mmo must click to move and such to me very tacky and in retrospect it’s most a mmo for chatting only not really for messing around in but the style is safe to be good for the market is good just pricy you get in-game promo credits ( game currency ) to buy your clothes,etc and such like most mmos but in the end it’s only mmo for chatting but it’s good. I give IMVU 3stars cuz it’s not really my type but its good for making frendz and having a chat almost like FaceBook but with avatars.

      • They got rid of promo credits for IMVU. As for SL, is there anything you can do for free? I mean, the good stuff costs a ton of money (which I do not have).

  50. Emm….it’s not Planet Calypso. It’s Entropia Universe. I mean we’re talking about games and not elements of a game right?

    • They do that because they have such a horrible past. It’s bad when you want to disassociate yourself with the name of your game to increase your acceptance.

      • lmao so true. they added so called “dungeons” recently, and I played the lowest level on on rocktropia and had my butt handed to me. you get no loot if you don’t finish so you can lose pretty big. I lost about 60 ped in ammo. the game is a joke. they’re greedy and there is really no content. just cheap feeling almost quests here and there that usually cost real money to complete. so many games out there now. not sure how this one still exists.

  51. A huge money pit. Enemy drops are few and far between, Mining is super expensive with you spending a ton of PED for very small reward, Weapons break easy and use a ton of ammo for 1 shot when they do work. If your Donald Trump and don’t mind dumping a few million dollars into a online game than sure, go for it, but for the rest of us, forget it and find a cheaper game

  52. Beutiful game, and massive. Problem is the CRYengine makes the game a graphics hog. I do not have top of the line PC Graphics, but I am close to it, and the game warns me, mostly when I get in new areas that I have to lower graphics down, or upgrade PC. If I lower them to medium, sometimes I still get the warning, when new areas are loading. So be prepaired to upgrade, or lower settings constantly.

    Also, the game is not to newb friendly, when it comes to weapons and stuff. If these items are marked with an “L” right after the name of item, you can not repair them. They degrade fast, and you have to sell the items for scrap, which gives very little PED IE 0.2 average on degraded stuff(game currency) To buy new items you need more then 1.40 PED for a half ass weapon that you can not repair which will degrade quickly when useing it.

    So very little reward of PED on degraded weapons and loot drops that you have to sell do to them being unpairable, and degrade fast. Weapons that can not repair=buying new weapons all the time, which are pretty pricey. Basicly it will take forever to get just enough PED for a crappy weapon that you can not repair. So the devs force you to throw real life cash in the game just to get some PED. 10 PED=1 us dollar

  53. Im Going to use a engine to make a game but CryEngine was on ModDB,i want to use it too,i was going to make a game named VectoR

  54. This game is NOT for kids, (no kidding they ban you acc and burn it with everything in it if they find out that you are under age 18) this game you can make an living from if you spend real money in it, ALOT of real money. if you don’t you maybe can have so much profit from it that you can buy a gun after a week or so.
    I have been playing this game since 2004 and have a success in ATH and HoF’s (All time High loot, and Hall of fame list) place 45 or so with 40770 ped lyst back in 2008.

    But what i have spend in real money in this game i will never tell, but maybe im brake even or huge loss, but how cares, i have the money and pay for a quality time in there, so if you don’t….. don’t start.
    But this game should NOT been here at this site at all.


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