Epic Games has just announced it’s bringing back the Unreal Tournament franchise in a big way. The cult classic FPS series hasn’t seen a new entry since 2007, but with the recent introduction of the Unreal 4 engine, Epic has once again found an opportunity to revitalize the franchise using its latest tech. While the community isn’t new to Epic bundling a new Unreal Tournament with major engine releases, they may be a bit surprised to hear the latest Unreal Tournament will be completely free not free to play, just free.

In the news announcement, Epic laid out its vision behind UT’s development. With development officially starting today, the small team of UT veterans are approaching the project with a focus on creating a “true to its roots” competitive FPS in collaboration with both Unreal fans and other Unreal Engine 4 developers. The open collaboration means fans can regularly join in on Twitch and the official forums to view and discuss the game’s progress. Those who are already working with the Unreal 4 engine will even be able to download all code and content for use in custom content they can then share with the community.

To do this Epic plans on implementing a marketplace where budding community developers can freely share their mods, models and other custom content with other fellow players. They may also choose to charge money for their content with the earnings being split between the content developer, and Epic. In this way, Epic plans on paying for the game’s development.

The studio did admit its new to the process, with some things still in a state of flux. Due to this Epic expects to make mistakes along the way, with things “definitely go wrong from time to time” at which point the studio plans to “work through them together” with the community. Epic plans to develop the FPS for both Windows, Mac and Linux. Since development is beginning from the ground up, the studio expects players will have to wait several months before the game is playable.

For more information check out the full news release here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. dude… you dont even know what ur talking about ,you jsut say some random stuff like the release dates of UT …people dont listen to this guy he just dont know what to say

    • What’s your problem? He was making a correction because the article originally said the last released UT game was released in 2003, which was incorrect. Not only has there have been two UT games since then, but UT2003 was actually released in late 2002.

  2. “Epic Games has just announced it’s bringing back the Unreal Tournament franchise in a big way. The cult classic FPS series hasn’t seen a new entry since 2003”

    Wrong, first Unreal Tournament 2004, that is already past that and than second Unreal Tournament 3 was Released in late 2007.

    But back to Topic, it became Quiet around Epic Games, really Quiet and than they announces something this big, i mean there is Hope on the Modding Horizon ! Finally a game is back which is not a dick to the community, unlike BF3/4.

  3. I hope they build it how UT2K4 but better. UT3 was a wash out in my opinion but I know a very small few who liked it. If they could make it compatible with rpg game mod would be great too. All in all, I love UT and have been hoping for a new version to come out.

  4. Awesome news. I don’t even care that much if the game is free or not, what I find awesome is that not only are they supported the modding community, they are full steam ahead with making the modding community an integral part of the game and paving the way for modders to get paid.

    IF this becomes a trend I personally expect some epic [pun not intended :-)] pc games to emerge. After all, some of the greatest games of the past decade or so were originally mods.


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