Epic Games Banning Fortnite Players For Creating Maps Like Call Of Duty And Mario Kart

“Those who create violating content ... will face content takedowns and enforcement actions, up to and including permanent account bans.”

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Apparently Fortnite Creative 2.0 isn’t as limitless as we thought, because Epic Games is banning players who recreate others’ intellectual property.

“All content in Fortnite must adhere to Fortnite’s game rating, Fortnite Island Creator Rules and intellectual property and DMCA guidelines,” the developer and publisher wrote in an official blog post on March 24. “Those who create violating content in UEFN – even if they never intend to publish it in Fortnite – or share violating content on social media, will face content takedowns and enforcement actions, up to and including permanent account bans.”

Epic Games just released Unreal Engine for Fortnite on March 22. The new suite of tools allows players to take it to the next level when making experiences.

For example, Rust from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

And Toad Harbor from Mario Kart.

At the State of Unreal 2023 presentation, the company showed off the new PC application. Fortnite’s Creative mode launched back in 2018 and allows creators to actually make some decent money for injecting more experiences into the game. A recent leak even showed that Epic Games could be boosting that revenue, allowing creators to get paid based on the number of engagements their islands receive.

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