The new Monolith update for Epic Games’ Paragon seems to be bringing in the bodies. In an interview with Polygon, Executive Producer John Wasilczyk dropped several stats indicating the MOBA’s greater acceptance among its player base since the update went live on Dec. 6:

  • New and weekly active users are both up 44%
  • People who play more than four days a week are up 13%
  • Average play time is up 16%
  • Average game length is down 7%
  • Drops from a game in progress are down 40%
  • There are over five million active players
  • Returning players since Monolith’s launch have gone up by over 200%
  • (The first five points are from the interview; the last two come to us from Epic Games’ PR.)

    According to the article writer, post-Monolith matches are “more competitive” and deliver “a lot more nail-biting moments.” We’ve also heard some not-as-shining comments about the update. In particular, match length is still an issue for some players; when you get right down to it, a 7% decrease is only about two minutes off a 30-minute match.

    To his credit, Wasilczyk realizes the games still has its shortcomings and admits that there’s still “a lot of work ahead.” What do you think of the changes to Paragon, and what else should Epic change about the game?

    Jason Winter is a veteran gaming journalist, he brings a wide range of experience to MMOBomb, including two years with Beckett Media where he served as the editor of the leading gaming magazine Massive Online Gamer. He has also written professionally for several gaming websites.


    1. Don’t hate it but don’t love it either. Mid lane is a bit more fun now with the river buffs. However the side lanes are rather boring both with the 2 v 1 meta and the absence of the platform in the middle of the lane. It was fun trying to goad your opponents into going off the ledge as well as juking around around the side harvester area. Additionally the Offlane doesn’t have multiple paths for the Offlaner to maneuver and flank after returning from a jungle camp like DotA 2’s offlane. Those options don’t even become really available until your first tower falls in that lane.

      The jungle itself is rather boring as it’s almost as open as mid, no longer having the high risk/reward of fighting in narrow corridors that Legacy’s jungle provided. The raptor camp is by far the most boring neutral objective in the game as it requires too much effort for a reward that can be acquired in other parts of the map as well as just plain old killing other players. On top of that the way it is distributed is more for practiced teams instead of pick up games as it is divided between whoever gets each last hit instead of giving the entire team a bonus.

      The combat changes are alright, I don’t mind the faster pace however I felt the slower pace and deciding of whether to continue pursuit or gain distance to get into Travel Mode made Paragon a different from other mobas. I do lament the lack of CDR and disagree with EPIC’s assessment that it’s a “boring” stat. But it makes sense to remove it as cooldowns in general have come way way down. Before you had to make the choice of either your ability hitting harder or using it more frequently. Now it can be used more frequently leaving you with points to spend to make it hit harder.

      I kinda fear EPIC is going down the “LoL/DotA/Smite Killer” route of chasing what other mobas do and attempting to do them “better” instead of focusing on what it brings differently to the table. I’ll continue to play because there is some fun to be had though maybe not as much as it was previously. If some day someone actually makes a MechWarrior MOBA I will be all over that.

      • looks like they removed almost all the unique aspects about the map, which imo is completely wrong direction to go, I agree with making game faster, no idea why they made jungle much more shallow though, it was pretty meh even before now its just plain boring, haven’t played it for couple months now and this for sure doesnt make me want to try it again, if I want dota2/lol i will go play that instead since the que times are way better and in general more polished. They should have improved on the diffrences more rather than becoming more alike.

    2. I tried Monolith, The game length is still the same. They just nerf the tower, small the map so there is a possibility to finish the game around 30-40 mins. But the whole level system remains the same. You still need about 60 mins to max card points. Everyone still building damage + attack speed/tank, no one use crit/life steal/penetration/CDR build, Mana cards and special effect cards are still useless. Mage’s ability dmg still a joke and have to rely on their auto attack. I don’t know how can they do so wrong on those MOBA’s basic mechanics.

      • You are actually crazy and I don’t think you’ve played monolith. CRIT builds are the most viable builds and most common. Ability damage on casters is insanely strong. Howitzer and Gideon and gadget are in the top 6 heroes. There are hardly any tanks. Attack speed is unnecessary because base att speed increased. Mama cards are useless but unique effects are important and strong and used. Go back and play the game. Or if you are, get Elo up so you aren’t so ignorant of the majority.

        • Ok, Maybe you are right about the crit, but from about 10 games I played after patch, I didn’t see a single one finish in 30 mins and like 6 games finish after 50. That’s still one of the major problem.

          And life steal/penetration, I don’t see anyone use those from those 10 games. Gideon is in top list because of his mobility, it makes him so hard to be ganked in lane. Mage dmg is still a joke without their left click. (I didn’t see any mage can take down a melee with 1 full combo in late game).

    3. Bullshit, hard to find even pve team now, and its so easy and boring, every builds ar almost the same, most of cards are useless, new map looks meh and easy to lost, nothing new just copy paste moba.


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