Epic Games wants to give Fortnite players more ways to win — ways that don’t come down to “just build lol”. Yesterday, the Fortnite Team published a post on the game’s site informing players that they will continue to evolve the game in order to offer more variety in gameplay.

With this as their focus, the dev team has already made some changes that will give players more options to counter each other in late game combat. They are also working on changes to some of the game’s systems — including the ever important weapon balance.

Of course, this is just the beginning. As time goes on, they hope to give players more ways to achieve Victory Royales — without having to build each other into submission every time. Of course, this means the Fortnite team will be doing some experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t — and that they’ll be looking for players to offer feedback through social networks.

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      • huh? u do realise this game was originally inteded as a PVE game and they’re still working on the PVE version too?? lol…

        • And yet, which one is more popular at the moment? Fortnite save the world didn’t make much of an impact compared to battle royale. Sorry to say, but this won’t be a dead game for a while.

          • noone claimed, that BR is going to die anytime soon, they just wanted PvE news, which is a different team for the game, so it doesn’tt even effect you. So please use common sense before you open your mouth

          • The people lacking common sense are the ones claiming PVE is the “real gamemode” of Fortnite just because it came first.

            I don’t know anyone who played the PVE past a week its a nice distraction at best.


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