Valve has just announced a new partnership with ESPN to broadcast The International Dota 2 Championships across its network. Having just wrapped up its peliminary playoffs, the 10 million dollar tournament will have its championship games streamed live via ESPN3, with an additional exclusive 30-minute preview show covering the final match being presented on ESPN2 live this Sunday.

Viewers who tune into ESPN3 starting at 12 pm PST on Friday will be able to watch the entirety of the championship including every match, interview and analysis. While some might wonder why you wouldn’t just watch the stream through Twitch or the Dota 2 client itself, ESPN3 will also be broadcasting the tournament through its apps on mobile devices and other streaming outlets including Apple Tv, Roku and Xbox consoles.

Meanwhile on Sunday at 8:30 pm PST, the ESPN2 network will televise a special pre-game show featuring highlights from past games, additional analysis and an interview with Gabe Newell himself.

The move to cable television is yet another sign of eSports continuing to gain a firmer grasp on western audiences. Last year the US government approved League of Legends as a nationally recognized sport and in June ESPN partnered with MLG to cover the first ever Call of Duty MLG tournament at the X Games in Austin, Texas.

Those interested in watching ESPN’s online coverage of Dota 2 can check out the site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I agree that it shouldn’t be considered a sport, but neither should poker.


    1. an activity involving PHYSICAL EXERTION and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

    Say what you like that is the definition. No one cares what ESPN shows on their channel I.E. poker/ chess/ video games are not considered sports just because it was shown on ESPN.

  2. Why not? I think video games are more balanced then most sports. You can’t look me in the eye and tell me that Kobe doesn’t need to be nerfed.

    • in physical sports, age = nerf xD
      sometimes injuries too, like my poor tmac >_<

      in a sense, age is also a nerf for games like how dk got owned last night 🙁 new players = new playstyle

    • Simple and sweet? read the last line in the bottom…

      What do you consider a sport? is it the ability to use your physical skills to kick a ball or hit a ball with a bat, is it running 50 miles without stopping, how about swimming 5 miles int he arctic ocean. you pretty much have your eyes set on sports which involves physical activities which limited your view on what is a sport which, in-fact, its one of many.

      Arm Wrestling — big biceps competition.
      Austus — hybrid sport of American football and Australian rules football.
      Basque Pelota — quick handball.
      Beard & Mustache Championships — nice facial hair
      Bed Racing — racing in your sleep.
      Beer Can Regatta — recycling empties.
      Beer Pong — combining drinking and ping pong
      Beer Sculling — get it down fast. gonna pulling-pig racing
      Bicycle Polo — another version of polo.
      Birdman Rallies — taking to the sky.
      Bog Snorkeling — fancy some bog diving?
      Boomerang Throwing — don’t come back.
      Bossaball — hybrid trampoline based sport
      Camel races — speed boats of the desert.
      Camel Wrestling — two male camels up against each other.
      Canal Jumping — vaulting over a dutch canal.
      Cane Toad Racing — jump to it.
      Canine Freestyle Dancing — doggy dancing.
      Cheese Rolling — get yourself and the cheese to the bottom of a hill.
      Chess Boxing — mixing brains and brawn.

      Gaming competition can be considered a sport because there is a lot of practice involved and competitive play, which ALL sports are AND that if its taken at a tournament level. So if you aren’t with your team building strategies, practicing, signing up for a tournament and looking for a sponsor, you aren’t playing a sport…

    • lol as much as I love gaming I have to agree this is bordering on retarded. What next national coverage of Finger Football? The only thing physical in this is fetching energy drinks and cheetos, will never be a real sport even if espn sells out.

  3. hmm i love gaming but counting this as a sport ? Great example for kids , sit home and play games all day long , get fat and use ur hand instead finding a girl . Way to go

    • Oh really? I sit at home and play video games all day and eat nothing but junk food. And end I ended up losing 4lbs. And this is eating regularly.

      • Playing games itself isnt sporting at all, i agree. But neither is playing improvised soccer on a grassplot with some of your neighbour’s kids.

        Delve into professional gaming to reconcider your opinion please. These guys train hours a day, have special trainingschemes, even special diets. Professional gaming is far beyond what most people think it is, the sacrifices you have to make are way higher then in regular sports. There’s no certainty you’ll ever get payed what you fight for.

        To just give you a hint in the right direction, watch this documentary called Free to Play: The movie, about some of the professional gaming teams in Dota. (

    • So if i’m home playing chess with my dog all day, what am I doing? getting lazy and fat? how about domino’s? you do know they have those at a tournament level right, hence, sport…

      • You have this image where, if a person plays video games 40 hours a week, he has no life. I’ll give you an example of my best friend because, hes a perfect example. I put in a lot of hours as well and i’m established. Ray is two years younger than me, at 27, he occasionally travels to Tekken Tag 2 tournaments. Diggs is a very good Devil-Jin/Jin player and does a lot of videos on youtube. This USA Marine with a wife and daughter works as a 911 dispatch dedicates a lot of time gaming, when he isn’t going over with his kids homework, he is a taking care of business with other family matters. a house, two cares and takes family vacations like traveling to a different country or a cruise. So what does that tell me when I read your comment? you’re ignorant LOL

    • I know you’re a troll, but you realize there are plenty of non-physical sports, correct? An easy example you might can understand, chess.

    • Get on my level lol… go back to the showers and check out your teammates kiddo. BTW why the fk are you on this website if you’re a jock? I bet you are the fattest motherfker that has been on this site to date…

      • Just in-case you were puzzled by what I wrote. Gamers who you classified as nerds, no life losers and fgt’s are splitting 10 million dollars between 5 people in a team. You ain’t never going to see 2 million in your bank account L M F A O.


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