The developers at X-Legend certainly know their market. The Taiwan-based studio have a proven track record, being responsible for both Grand Fantasia and Eden Eternal, two widely popular anime styled MMOs. Not ones to stray too far from their roots, X-Legend has announced yet another anime MMO called, Aura Kingdom.

The MMO’s main angle lies in its interactive companions. Like traditional pet systems found in other MMOs, Aura Kingdom’s companions can level up, unlocking new abilities and even joining the player in special combo attacks. However, in Aura Kingdom companions remember past conquests and frequently reminisce with the player about previous events.

Combat looks to be a mix of tab-target style aiming, but with extremely mobile attacks. Players initially get to choose from one of the eight classes in-game, but later on they can opt to use a second class’s weapon type as well. Diversity among classes was a big theme in Eden Eternal and X-Legend has continued this practice in Aura Kingdom. Players are encouraged to swap skills often, experimenting with different strategies and finding ones that fit their play style.

X-Legend will be once again teaming up with Aeria Games to publish Aura Kingdom, with closed beta signups now live on the official site.

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  1. ppl who complains that much about aeria games must be the ones unlucky to get stuff from gachas or donst have the money to buy stuff from the cash shop,if the games are free to play they have to make profit from somewhere and u can complain about pay 2 win,but if pay 2 win its a fail for u then how come those games always live long XD? anyways.. at the end of the day once the game come out even the ppl with complains will download the game and try it and some of them they are gonna stay my personal opinion i like anime style mmos/mmorpg and there is not that many as i wish,and i dont care if they are pay to win i play them for fun cuz i like those games and cash shop advantages and stuff well i leave them for end game or i bought them with in game money from the market/auction house 😀

  2. Not exactly sure why people love saying AeriaGames always make their games p2w.(Besides the fact you have to “gamble” for most items) I have played 3-4 Aeriagames games for at least 1-2 years each and i have nvr had that issue. Most of the cash items are cosmetics and it doesn’t really affect gameplay.(True, some of it gives stats but they really arent that hard to get with in-game money). As for Aura Kingdom, looking forward to it. Seeing as how X-Legends has grown over the years in terms of their game quality.

    • the hell do you mean? I’m very very very sure there are people who would be playing this game even with all the crap other people are talking about, I bet my ass that those same people would try this game just to give it a shot regardless of what they said. Though I’m gonna lower my expectation because its Aeria but I’m trying it out thats for sure unlike you.

  3. man. :c yeah Aeriagames is bad but I’ve seen worse companies to publish games. Likenexonandgpotatocough. I played an aeriagames game for 5 years until it closed down– and honestly, people should be glad it isn’t p2p. At least Item malls are options, and you can still buy the items ingame from other people who don’t have a problem with paying aeriagames for IM items. Dang guys, hold your nuts.

  4. How about just waiting for the game to be released without prejudices?

    I’m excited and can’t wait for the closed beta to begin. So why spoiling the excitement with predictions of Aeria’s Greed or any other crap that MIGHT COULD happen?

    • It’s to reduce the dissapointment of people like you who get so excited about the game. The more excited and happy you are because of this game, the more disappointed you’ll be once the Aeria turns it into p2w, adds bunch of limitations for free players and ruins it completely.

      • Well but Closed Beta hasn’t started yet so lets just wait for it. Everything discussed here is just speculation 😉

  5. Aeria! I’m warning YOU! Don’t ruin this for me! goddammit why such an awesome game gets translated and get sent to hell!?

  6. Eh,looks like it might be decent, but I can’t really judge one way or the other until more details are released. I’m a sucker for a game with a good pet system, though I’m admittedly not automatically drawn to cutesy anime/manga artwork.That being said,on general principle I tend to avoid Aeria games. I doubt they’ll manage it very well,and I’m through giving them the benefit of the doubt; they don’t deserve it.

  7. Aeria Games..therefore it’ll be ruined horribly. They have a habit of turning anything remotely decent into complete dog$hit. Y’see what I did there? The s is a $..yeah. I explained my lame joke because I have to cater to the lowest common denominator, just like Aeria does with pay2win.

  8. ill be honest i loved EE, and seeing this makes me really happy, ofc, i will play it and look forward to it, i hope it wont die like EE, would be sad ;/

  9. Stop thinking about other things while you review your articles. You wrote X-Split (the name of a streaming program) instead of X-Legend (the name of the game company) on the 2nd-to-last sentence of the third paragraph.

    “Diversity among classes was a big theme in Eden Eternal and X-Split has continued this practice in Aura Kingdom.”

  10. Its looks okay, but AreiaGames….that company….ruin several games, a this wont show us something original, we wrote 2013 and still nobody who have a great idea, just they give us games like gundog and this chibistyle idkrpg….make a horrorrpg like requiem or something

  11. if you want to see gameplay of this game “Kitsu saga” to youtube this game looks grindy as hell gear vs gear pvp style

    • isnt that what all games are ? add aeria to that then you need to pay shit loads of money to get even some experience…. i do remember playing Last chaos back in the day when 1 level cost 60 euro (110-111) (think they changed it but yeh ) 😛

  12. Ughhh….the genericness….it HURTS!

    And even if it weren’t as generic as it looks,it’s gonna be published by Aeria Games.If you don’t have an idea who Aeria Games are,let me give you one-Aeria Games are the LJN of MMOs.

  13. The Taiwan version just hited open beta so I may record some videos for this game … maybe do a first look (kind of) … anyways I’m excited about this game XD

    • Kool, I’d take a look at the video. Since this video doesn’t really show much. I want to see what the game really looks like.

  14. I’m actually looking forward to this. I played Eden Eternal for 1.5 years and while people were buying cosmetics and mounts, etc I rarely spent any real money and was extremely well built on classes. I have the patients to grind for cash and then craft my stuff and upgrade them to +10 till I got bored. Having this in a Third person view with dash mobility seems great! i’m playing this.

    • Anime-Hater spotted, theres always one in every post of anime mmos on mmobomb or any mmosite for that matter, judging a game because its anime or a cartoon which is not anime and mistakenly thinks its one like a noob, its just childish(or anime racisim??), wonder when people should grow up.

    • Yep, can’t agree more. The game will probably start as really fun and great and once a lot of people get hooked Aeria will turn it into p2w.


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