Because It Just Screams “The Year Of The Rabbit” Hellbugs Return In Rift’s Lunar New Year Event

There’s a reskinned companion.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Rift Hellbugs

Because it is that time of year and everyone’s running a Lunar New Year event, it only makes sense that gamigo would do something for Rift. It may make less sense that it’s bringing the Hellbug event back for a few days.

But, the bugs are, in fact, back, and will be here between now and January 22. During that time, players can pick up daily and other quests that will earn them Chaos Motes. These can then be exchanged at the Hellbug Merchant in-game or via the in-game item shop for things like mounts, companions, and pet skins. There’s also a reskinned version of Erebos.

In additional news, a website is now up detailing how to apply for game data transfers for both Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia. Both games will be on X-Legend Entertainment’s servers going forward, and current players of the game will need to make the shift. To get things started they’ll need to check their email for a data transfer code from Gamigo. From there, it’s a matter of going to the X-Legend site and following the instructions.

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