If you were hoping to hop into MMO Eternal Magic this week, you’ll be saddened to learn that the English closed beta for the game has been delayed until September 4. Then again, maybe you shouldn’t be sad — better that the devs take the time to properly localize the game and clean up translations (not to mention technical issues) and present their best possible product, right?

In the Facebook post announcing the delay, developer 101xp said that the delay was indeed “necessary to fine-tune existing systems, optimize servers and improve localization.” Players who opted into the beta this week will receive additional items when the open beta starts. If you bought an Early Access Pack, you’ll receive additional in-game currency equal to the cost of the pack.

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  1. LOL these guys are stupid. They had one chance … one chance – to do CBT on July 17 and do OBT in the first days of August and get players to play their game, but after WoW Classic launches on August 27, it’s over for them, nobody will play this cheap Asian trash over WoW Classic.


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